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Best Methods for Google Pixel Won’t Turn On

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


The Google Pixel 3 boasts numerous impressive features, making it a desirable phone. However, occasional malfunctions can result in the Google Pixel 3 won't turn on issue. This issue can be incredibly frustrating. Don't panic if you encounter this issue! There exist solutions to rectify it. This comprehensive guide aims to assist you in diagnosing and resolving the problem.

It will offer both basic steps and advanced techniques. With clear instructions and insightful tips, we'll help troubleshoot your Pixel 3. Should you encounter this setback, follow this guide diligently to revive your Pixel 3 and have it up and running again.

Scenario 1. Phone Not Charged

A Google Pixel 4 not turning on might simply be a victim of a drained battery due to lack of charging. Several factors could lead to this, including a damaged charging cable or adapter. Moreover, issues with the power source or a malfunctioning charging port can be the issue.

Reason 1. Damaged Charging Cable or Adapter

Solution: Replace the charging cable or adapter with a known working one. Try using a different USB-C cable and adapter to ensure it's not a faulty connection.

damaged charging cable

Reason 2. Faulty Power Source

Solution: Verify the power source by trying different outlets or USB ports. Ensure the power source is functional by testing it with another device.

power source issues

Reason 3. Charging Port Issues

Solution: Check the charging port thoroughly to identify any dirt, debris, or signs of damage. Gently clean the port using compressed air or a small brush. If there's visible damage, consider professional repair services.

charging port issues google pixel

Scenario 2. Check for Damages

Sometimes, a Google Pixel 3 might not turn on due to physical damage incurred by the device. Instances such as accidental drops, exposure to water or moisture, or even hardware malfunctions can be the reason. These can cause visible or invisible damage, leading to Google Pixel 4 won’t turn on.

Reason 1. Physical Impact or Dropping

Solution: If the Pixel 3 has experienced a significant impact or drop, inspect the exterior for any visible damage. A cracked screen or internal hardware issue might prevent the device from turning on. Consider professional repair services if necessary.

google pixel physical damage

Reason 2. Water or Moisture Exposure

Solution: If the Pixel 3 has been exposed to water or moisture, immediately turn it off. Moreover, do not attempt to power it on. Place the device in a bowl of uncooked rice or silica gel packets to help absorb moisture. Alternatively, use a vacuum or hairdryer in a cool setting to draw out moisture. It's crucial to let the device dry completely before attempting to power it on.

google pixel water damage

Reason 3. Hardware Malfunction

Solution: Check for any hardware malfunction symptoms such as overheating, unusual sounds, or a burnt smell. If any such signs are evident, refrain from attempting to turn on the device. You should seek professional assistance from authorized service centers.

google pixel hardware malfunction

Scenario 3. Buggy Android Smartphone

An Android smartphone, including the Google Pixel 3 XL, can encounter situations where the OS becomes extremely buggy. It leads to various issues, such as the Google Pixel 3 XL won’t turn on or getting stuck in a boot loop. Software glitches, corrupted system files, or incompatible apps can contribute to such problems.

Reason 1. Device Stuck in the Boot Loop

Solution: Try initiating a force restart to help fix this issue. You can do that by pressing and holding the "Power" and "Volume Up" keys at the same time for 10 seconds.

google pixel device stuck boot loop

Reason 2. Software Glitches or System Crash

Solution: If encountering issues with the device not powering on because of software glitches or a system crash, try initiating Safe Mode by simultaneously pressing and holding the 'Power' button along with a Volume key. This action will cause the Power menu to be displayed. Here, tap and hold the "Power off" for a while and tap "OK" once the Safe Mode prompt appears.

put google pixel in safe mode

Scenario 4. System Glitches? Try Wondershare Dr.Fone as a Prioritized Solution

If you have attempted the solutions mentioned above without success, it is essential to explore a more robust option. This is important if the issue seems to be a major software problem that cannot be resolved using basic troubleshooting methods. In such cases, Wondershare Dr.Fone – System Repair emerges as a viable solution. Besides, It is a perfect fit to address the "Google Pixel 4 Not Turning On" issue effectively.

Dr.Fone is designed to tackle various repairing problems that occur in Android devices. With its comprehensive setup, it can effectively address errors related to the Google Pixel. These measures are aligned to meet the specific requirements of your device. This is helpful in minimizing the time needed for troubleshooting.

Key Features of Wondershare Dr.Fone

  1. Fone allows you to repair the Android device with just a few clicks. By following the on-screen instructions, you can complete the whole process conveniently.
  2. It fixes all Android-related problems, including the Black screen of death, the Play Store not working, and more.
  3. This tool is compatible with all the mainstream Samsung models, including the latest ones.

Steps Required To Resolve System Glitches via Wondershare Dr.Fone – System Repair

Now, we’ll provide you with a guide to resolve the Not Turning On issue of your Google Pixel. Go through the steps mentioned below to use Dr.Fone for the repair process.

  • Step 1: Open Dr.Fone and Access System Repair Tool

Starting with, you will have to activate Dr.Fone on your computer and head to the "Toolbar" panel on the left of the window. From there, navigate to the "System Repair" tool and continue with the "Android" device to proceed with the repair process.

launch dr fone android repair

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  • Step 2: Start Android System Repair

In the next step, choose the "Start" button that appears, by which your device will be recognized. You have to put in the "Name, Model, Country, and Carrier" details of the device and hit the "Next" option. Then, you need to put your Android device on Download Mode following the on-screen instructions.

set device properties and proceed

  • Step 3: Utilize the Firmware

Afterward, the firmware will start to download automatically once the device enters a Download Mode. You need to select the "Fix Now" button and continue typing in a "000000" code. Then, proceed with the "Confirm" option to install the firmware on your device.

confirm firmware installation

  • Step 4: End the System Repair of Android

Lastly, the repair process will get started and can be viewed in a progress bar. Once it ends, hit the "Done" button to conclude the activity, and check your device to see if it starts properly.

repair android device successfully

Scenario 5. Need for a Power Cycle

At times, an Android device, including the Google Pixel 3/4, might benefit from a power cycle procedure. This process involves completely refreshing the device's system. It potentially my Google Pixel 3 won’t turn on issues, temporary bugs, or system hang-ups. These issues prevent the device from turning on or functioning properly.

Reason 1. System Freeze or Unresponsive Device

Solution: If the Pixel 3/4 is unresponsive or frozen, perform a forced restart by holding down the "Power" and "Volume Up" for about 10 seconds. This action should force the device to shut down and reboot, potentially resolving the issue.

perform power cycle google pixel

Reason 2. Battery Optimization and Refreshment

Solution: Sometimes, a power cycle helps optimize the device's battery performance and refreshes the system. Allow the Pixel 3/4 to completely power down, charge it for at least 30 minutes, then attempt to turn it on.

Reason 3. Software Hang-Up or Temporary Glitch

Solution. To shut down your Google Pixel 3/4, press and hold the power button, then choose 'Power Off' from the menu that appears. After the device powers down, wait for about 30 seconds to 1 minute to ensure it has fully shut down before moving forward. Subsequently, press and hold the power button until the Google logo displays to restart your device.

Scenario 6. Software Damaged? Restore Immediately!

When an Android device experiences severe software damage, it can lead to major issues like the Google Pixel 3 won't turn on. This can hinder the functionality of the device. It also includes the inability to turn on or persistent system malfunctions. In such cases, performing a complete phone restore becomes a necessary solution:

Reason 1. Corrupted System Files or Firmware Issues

Solution. In cases of severe software damage or corruption of system files, performing a settings reset becomes imperative. It is to restore the device to its default settings and resolve underlying issues.

reset settings google pixel

Reason 2. Factory Reset as a Solution

Performing a factory reset serves as the ultimate solution. This is true when facing critical software damage that leads to a non-responsive Google Pixel 3/4. This process erases all user data, apps, settings, and files stored on the device, reverting it to its original factory state.

Steps To Perform a Factory Reset on Google Pixel 3/4
  • Step 1. Access the "Settings" application on your Pixel 3/4. Then, navigate through the menu until you locate the "System" category located further down the list. Within the "System" settings, tap the last option named "Reset Options."

open system settings google pixel

  • Step 2. On the following screen, press the "Erase All Data (Factory Reset)" option. Afterward, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

factory reset google pixel

Scenario 7. Phone Hangs on Installed App

There are scenarios where a phone, like the Google Pixel 3, hangs or gets stuck on a specific installed app. It happens during the startup process, and it can prevent the device from turning on properly. This issue often arises due to a malfunctioning or poorly coded app. This app disrupts the device's startup routine, causing Google Pixel 4 won’t turn on.

Reason 1. Third-Party Apps Interference

Solution: Start by booting the Google Pixel 3 into Safe Mode. This mode disables third-party apps, allowing you to access the device without interference from downloaded applications.

reboot google pixel to safe mode

Reason 2. Problematic App

Solution: While in Safe Mode, observe if the device boots up properly. If it successfully boots, it suggests that a third-party application is causing the problem. To pinpoint the problematic app, uninstall recently added apps individually and restart the device after each removal. This process helps pinpoint the problematic app causing the hang during startup.

uninstall app in google pixel

Reason 3. Stacked Up App Cache and Data

Solution: If the problematic app is identified, try clearing its cache and data. Go to Settings and then access "Apps." Within "Apps," find the Problematic App and tap "Storage & cache." On the subsequent display, select "Clear cache" and "Clear storage" to restore the application to its original settings. After restarting the device, verify whether the problem persists.

clear storage and cache

Reason 4. Outdated Application

Solution: If the application is essential, ensure to seek updates within the Google Play Store. Updating the app to its latest version could potentially resolve any compatibility issues. Alternatively, if updates are not available or don’t resolve the problem, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

update app to latest version


In conclusion, this article has aimed to address the perplexing issue of a Google Pixel 3 won't turn on. It offered a range of solutions depending on different underlying reasons. The guide included basic methods like checking for charging issues and examining hardware damage. Moreover, it included advanced techniques like software repair tools such as Wondershare Dr.Fone.

Users are encouraged to follow the step-by-step instructions outlined here. These solutions can serve as effective remedies for resolving the problem. For more in-depth and advanced solutions, considering Dr.Fone stands as a significant option. It offers a robust system repair feature for resolving intricate software-related issues.

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