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Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS - Should You Use It or Not?


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

gps spoofing in monster hunter now

Monster Hunter Now is a relatively new, Pokemon GO-inspired mobile game that lets you fight colossal monstrosities on your phone with the help of augmented reality (AR) technology. The game requires GPS on your mobile device, prompting players to walk around their neighborhoods to play.

For someone tired after work and wanting to relax after a long day, having to walk to enjoy the game can be a massive downside. However, there’s a solution to enjoying the game without leaving the comfort of your home, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to do that with Monster Hunter Now fake GPS.

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Part 1. How Location-Based Features Work in Monster Hunter Now

As mentioned above, the Monster Hunter Now game uses the player’s geographical location, throwing rarer monsters at them the more they walk.

These features determine the number and types of monsters you encounter and affect the drop rates of game resources necessary for leveling and upgrades. The game requires walking or commuting to put monsters on your map.

What Is Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS

Hunters that, for whatever reason, can’t or don’t want to walk miles and miles in the hopes of encountering rare monsters can use a Monster Hunter Now fake GPS app, which spoofs the user’s geographical location and tricks the game into thinking that the player is moving.

Part 2. How Using Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS Works

GPS spoofers for Monster Hunter Now trick the game into reading the mobile device’s virtual location instead of its actual physical one. That allows gamers to move without moving and enjoy the game from the couch, all while Monster Hunter Now believes the players are walking or commuting and throws countless monster encounters at them.

How the Game Tries to Detect Fake GPS Usage

Unfortunately for many GPS spoofing users, the game has a built-in mechanism that detects location-spoofing apps, which can get you in trouble and might get your account temporarily or permanently banned.

Part 3. Should You Use It or Not?

Although the concept of walking and gaming is fantastic and can feel like a light and healthy workout, not all Monster Hunter Now players will want to move around whenever they feel like playing the game. In that case, using a fake GPS for Monster Hunter Now is entirely justified and will allow you to enjoy some quality gaming time even if you’re tired after a long day of working.

Part 4. Top 3 Fake GPS Tools For Monster Hunter Now

Unlike unreliable GPS tools that can get you banned for spoofing your location, dedicated Monster Hunter Now GPS spoofers have numerous anti-detection features, and we’ve included a list of the top five such apps.

They include the following:

1. Wondershare Dr.Fone

dr.fone gps spoofer app

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Dr.Fone is a Windows and macOS app that allows users to change their mobile device’s virtual location in just a few steps. It’s a top choice for GPS spoofing in Monster Hunter Now due to its excellent features, such as:

  • Teleport to a GPS location in a single click;
  • Draw a route and simulate GPS movement along it;
  • Simulate GPS movement with a joystick in AR games;
  • Support for the latest Android and iOS versions.

Monster Hunter Now players will love its teleport and simulate location features, as they let users move without moving. Setting these features up is incredibly straightforward, and they can later be activated with a single click.

Here’s how you can do that:

    1. Download Dr.Fone from the official websiteand launch the app on your computer.
    2. Click on Toolboxin the top left corner and then choose Virtual Location.

wondershare dr.fone application interface

    1. Connect your phone or tablet through a USB cable or Wi-Fi.
    2. Click the Teleport Modebutton in the top right corner.

choose the teleport mode option

    1. Select and add a location by hitting Enterto activate it.

select and add a virtual location

    1. When ready, tap the Move Herebutton to confirm the location change.

move to a new virtual location

The Wondershare Dr.Fone app on your computer will now display your new virtual location, and you can check that on your mobile device by opening a location app such as Google Maps to verify it has been changed. It also lets you use the Jump Teleport Mode, which simulates movement by quickly jumping between multiple virtual locations.

Here’s how to use it:

    1. Click the Jump Teleport Modebutton in the Dr.Fone app.

choose the jump teleport mode

    1. Add multiple virtual locations, then tap Start Moving.

move between multiple virtual

  1. Move between these locations with the Next Pointor Last Point

move between multiple locations

The Jump Teleport Mode is one of the best features for GPS spoofing in Monster Hunter Now. It lets you instantaneously move between multiple virtual locations, making it perfect for quick monster encounters and rapid leveling in this thrilling game.

2. Fly GPS

fly gps location changer

One of the most well-known Android and iOS apps, Fly GPS, is excellent at faking mobile device locations and bypassing Monster Hunter Now location checks. It’s free on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, taking only a few megabytes of your storage space.

The app lets users select map coordinates through multiple search engines, is compatible with joysticks, and changes your virtual location in a few steps.

The downside to this app is the many annoying ads you’ll get, as it’s free to use. Google Play users also report that the app crashes on older Android devices, which might be a dealbreaker depending on your device’s make and model.

3. PGSharp

change virtual location with pgsharp

Players needed a reliable and trustworthy GPS spoofing app when Pokemon GO launched in 2016, and PGSharp listened. They created a fantastic location-changing app that works with Niantic’s new AR game – Monster Hunter Now.

PGSharp lets monster hunters teleport between virtual locations, move in AR games with a joystick, set up autowalk, and much more. The app’s free version is filled with features for improving your AR gaming experience, but the Standard Edition takes things even further.

This premium app will set you back $5 monthly and includes various advanced GPS spoofing features. However, PGSharp is only available for Android users.

Part 5. Risks of Using Monster Hunter Now GPS Spoof

While GPS spoofing in Monster Hunter Now is justified in some cases, the practice does carry certain risks. Understanding these risks before using Monster Hunter Now fake GPS apps is vital, so let’s dive right into these.

Terms and Conditions

Whether we’re discussing Monster Hunter Now, Pokemon GO, or any other location-based game, location (GPS) spoofing is often classified as cheating, as you can see in Monster Hunter Now’s Terms of Service (section 3 – Use of the Services).

However, cheating isn’t uncommon among gamers, and spoofing your location isn’t as significant of an offense as selling or trading accounts, which many gamers also do. GPS-spoofing apps also have various anti-detection features, making them easy to use without worrying about the game’s TOS.

Consequences of Manipulating Location

Using untested or unreliable GPS-spoofing tools makes your falsified location easier to detect, and Niantic, the company behind Monster Hunter Now and Pokemon GO, can choose to temporarily or permanently ban your account.

As location-spoofing is classified as cheating in the game’s TOS, no amount of complaints will get your account back. Therefore, knowing these consequences of manipulating location is vital before proceeding with apps that alter your mobile device’s virtual location.

Getting an Advantage Over Other Players

One might argue that GPS spoofing in Monster Hunter Now also gives you an unfair advantage over players who don’t use such services, and this is true to some extent, as your account will undoubtedly be better at leveling weapons and gear or encountering more monsters.

However, one could argue that this doesn’t apply to single-player games and modes, as you’re not affecting other users but are simply choosing to play the game on your terms. Such gaming is justified if you only want to relax and enjoy the single-player campaign.

Effects on the Gaming Community

A Monster Hunter Now GPS spoofer inevitably impacts the entire gaming community as it spoils the gaming experience and negatively affects the game’s exploration aspect. As such, using such tools reinforces the stereotype of cheating gamers.

On the other hand, most games have cheaters, and that’s not something game developers will ever be able to stop, regardless of their advanced anti-cheating mechanisms.


Hunting colossal monsters in Niantic’s latest AR game, Monster Hunter Now can provide hours of fun. However, the game requires moving or commuting to encounter monsters and get valuable loot, and not all gamers have the time to walk around their neighborhoods.

That’s where solutions such as GPS-spoofing apps come in, providing players a way to enjoy the thrill of the game from the comfort of their homes. However, before you proceed with such apps, it’s vital to understand that most AR, location-based apps, including Monster Hunter Now, don’t take GPS spoofing lightly, often treating it as cheating and banning players for it.

On the other hand, reliable apps like Wondershare Dr.Fone, Tenorshare iAnyGo, Fly GPS, PGSharp, and UltFone have various anti-detection measures, making your gaming experience much better.

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