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Master Pokémon GO with iPogo: Ultimate Tips & Strategies Guide

James Davis

May 20, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

If you own an iOS device and would like to spoof your location on Pokemon Go, then iPogo could be an option. While the iPogo iOS app has gained a lot of popularity, it also suffers from security and accessibility issues. Therefore, in this post, I will let you know how to use iPogo for Pokemon Go and would also make you familiar with a better alternative for Pokemon Go location spoofing.

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Dr.Fone Virtual Location
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  • okTeleport GPS location to anywhere.
  • okFake GPS Location on iOS and Android in one click.
  • okSimulate GPS movement along the route you draw and with different simulated speeds.
  • okUsing Jump Teleport mode, you can easily jump to rare and legendary Pokémon.
  • okEnable you to use a joystick or keyboard to simulate GPS movement flexibly in Pokémon Go.
  • okBesides Pokémon GO, it also works smoothly with location-based apps and games, like Jurassic World Alive, Minecraft Earth, Snapchat, etc.

Part 1: What is iPogo and How can it help you?

Ideally, iPogo is a dedicated iOS app that can help you play Pokemon Go remotely from anywhere you like. It is a modified version of Pokemon Go that includes numerous hacks and cheats that would let you level up in the game.

  • To install iPogo on your iOS device, you must have to jailbreak your iPhone (it doesn’t support standard devices).
  • The iPogo iOS app can spoof your iPhone location to anywhere you like and reflect it on Pokemon Go.
  • There is also a provision to simulate the device movement of your iPhone on Pokemon Go.
  • Other features of the iPogo iOS app are feeds for raids and quests, enhanced throws, fast catch, and more.
iPogo iOS App

Price: The basic version of iPogo is available for free that would let you teleport your location in Pokemon Go. To access more features of iPogo for Pokemon Go, you can get its premium subscription for $4.99 per month.

Part 2: How to Use iPogo to Improve your Pokemon Go Gameplay?

If you also want to use the iPogo iOS app, then you first need to jailbreak your iPhone. Also, since the use of iPogo for Pokemon Go can lead to an account ban, you can consider creating a new account before using it. Here’s how you can use the iPogo iOS app to spoof location on Pokemon Go.

Step 1: Download and Install the iPogo iOS app

At first, you can just jailbreak your device by using any freely available resource that would install Cydia Impactor on it. Later, you can go to the website of iPogo to download the IPA file and complete its installation. You can also use third-party sources like 3uTools, Rickpactor, or Signulous to install iPogo on your iOS device.

Download iPogo IPA

Step 2: Set up your Pokemon Go account

Great! Once the iPogo iOS app is installed, you can launch it and log-in to your Pokemon Go account. Afterward, you can go to its Settings and “Activate” your account. On your Pokemon Go screen, you can view various options on a floating sidebar to access its features.

Set up iPogo Account

Step 3: Spoof your location on Pokemon Go with iPogo

Now, to change your location, you can tap on a map icon, which is located at the top of the iPogo interface. This will open a map where you can look for the target location via its address or coordinates.

You can further use the filter option to search for specific Pokemons on the map and can even move the pin around. This will automatically switch your location, letting you catch Pokemons from your home.

iPogo Location Spoofing

Part 3: Why you Should Look for iPogo Alternatives?

Even though iPogo would let you access all kinds of Pokemon Go hacks, it has numerous pitfalls. Here are some of the reasons that would make you look for a better iPogo alternative instead.

  • Firstly, the iPogo iOS app would need jailbreak access on your iPhone which can compromise its security.
  • As of now, iPogo is only available for iOS devices and not Android. If you are looking for an iPogo Android alternative, then you can try PGSharp as well.
  • Ideally, iPogo for Pokemon Go is against the terms and conditions of Niantic and its constant use can cause a permanent ban on your account.
  • Since the installation process for the iPogo iOS app is a bit complicated, it would need prior technical experience.
  • Please note that iPogo is not a reliable service and it can stop working anytime (like iSpoofer). This can cause a sudden loss of your money and progress in Pokemon Go.

Part 4: How to Spoof iPhone Location without Jailbreak Using the Best iPogo Alternative?

Since iPogo needs jailbreak access and is not that reliable, a lot of players look for its alternative. For instance, you can use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location to easily spoof the location on your iPhone without jailbreaking it. The application is super easy to use and also provides a GPS joystick to stimulate your movement between multiple spots. Besides that, you can also mark any location as a favorite and can even import/export GPX files using the desktop application.

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Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

1-Click Location Changer for both iOS and Android

  • Teleport from one location to another across the world from the comfort of your home.
  • With just a few selections on your computer, you can make members of your circle believe you’re anywhere you want.
  • Stimulate and imitate movement and set the speed and stops you take along the way.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
  • Work with location-based apps, like Pokemon Go, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Connect your iPhone and launch Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

Simply connect your iPhone to the computer and launch the Dr.Fone – Virtual Location application. You can now agree to its terms and conditions and select the connected device.

Download for WinDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Step 2: Spoof your iPhone location to anywhere you like

The application will automatically detect and display the present location of your device. You can now click on the Teleport Mode feature from the top to spoof your iPhone’s location.

Afterward, you can just enter the name, address, or coordinates of the target location on the search bar and load it on the map.

virtual location 04

You can now adjust the location on the map by moving the pin around or even zoom in/out. Lastly, click on the “Move Here” button and wait as your device’s location would be updated on Pokemon Go.

virtual location 05

Step 3: Simulate your iPhone’s movement between multiple spots

Apart from that, you can also simulate the movement of your device by selecting the One-stop or Multi-stop modes from the top. This will let you drop the pins on the map to create a route for Pokemon Go.

virtual location 06

Furthermore, you can enter the number of times to cover the route and even select a preferred speed for the movement. Once you click on the “March” button, the simulation of the movement would be started. You can also access a GPS joystick at the bottom to move realistically on the map in any direction.

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4,039,074 people have downloaded it


I’m sure that after reading this post, you would be able to know more about iPogo for Pokemon Go and its use. Since the iPogo iOS app would need jailbreak access on your device, you can consider using an alternative. I would recommend using Dr.Fone - Virtual Location as it is a user-friendly solution that won’t need jailbreak access on your device. Besides spoofing your location on Pokemon Go, it can also simulate your device’s movement at a preferred speed and offers tons of features to level up in Pokemon Go, and other games.

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