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Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Catch and Evolve Dreepy


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

dreepy in pokemon sword and shield

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield may have a fraction of all the Pokémon but were the first to introduce the pseudo-legendary Dreepy. This cute, elusive Pokémon makes the gameplay more thrilling (if not patience-testing) because finding it can be challenging.

However, your efforts pay off because Dreepy eventually becomes a mighty attacker with excellent offensive power. What does Dreepy evolve into? How and at what level does Dreepy evolve? Most importantly, how can you catch it? Read on to find out.

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Part 1. About the Dreepy Pokémon

dreepy in the pokedex

Dreepy is a dual-type, lingering pseudo-legendary Pokémon. He was a dragon in prehistoric times but now wanders the Galar region as a ghost, roaming the areas it once called home.

It’s among the rarest Pokémon, with a 1% chance of spawning in overcast weather and a 2% chance in a fog or thunderstorm. As if that finicky behavior wasn’t enough, Dreepy likes to hide in tall grass, making spotting it seem impossible.

It’s also immune to Normal and Fighting moves, but Dragon, Ghost, Ice, Dark, and Fairy moves can weaken it, enabling you to catch the Pocket Monster.

Part 2. What Does Dreepy Evolve Into?

dreepy’s evolutions

Dreepy evolves into Drakloak, a caretaker Pokémon that can fly faster than 120 mph and pass through its opponents’ strikes and barriers. You’ll never see it without Dreepy, its loyal companion whom Drakloak cares for obsessively to ensure it grows up safely.

Drakolak evolves into Dragapult, a stealth Pokémon that can become transparent and launch the two Dreepy Pokémon from its horns like supersonic missiles. However, they don’t mind, especially when Dragapult makes them invisible.

At what level does Dreepy evolve? It becomes Drakloak at level 50 and turns into the mighty Dragapult at level 60.

Part 3. Where to Find Dreepy in Pokémon Sword and Shield

You can find Dreepy in Pokémon Sword and Shield by crossing the Lake of Outrage in the northern Wild Area, just east of Hammerlocke Hills and north of the Giant’s Cap. You’ll see tall grass patches where Dreepy resides in its preferred weather conditions (when it’s not sunny).

dreepy’s habitat

However, you can only cross the Lake of Outrage with a Rotom Bike. Once you obtain it on Route 5, you must defeat Gordie, the Circhester gym’s leader, thus getting your sixth gym badge. Then, head to Route 9 to upgrade the bike, enabling it to ride on the water.

Once you meet these prerequisites, you can embark on a mission to catch Dreepy between levels 50 and 52. Here’s how.

Part 4. How to Get Dreepy in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Dreepy’s habitat isn’t the only place to catch this highly sought-after Pocket Monster in Pokémon Sword and Shield. You can also get it in raid dens and breed it in a nursery. Here’s how to add it to your Pokédex with all three methods.

Catch Dreepy in Its Habitat

Dreepy may be a pseudo-legendary Pokémon (you can find it multiple times), but its picky nature regarding weather conditions can test your patience. However, you can change the weather to catch Dreepy in its habitat faster.

Here’s how to find and catch Dreepy in Pokémon Sword and Shield:

  1. Open the Town Mapand hit the Plus button on your Joy-Con to toggle on the weather.

lake of outrage

  1. Check if the Lake of Outrageweather is cloudy, foggy, or stormy. Dreepy won’t spawn if it’s sunny outside.

lake of outrage weather

  1. Go to System Settingson your Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch system settings

  1. Turn off Wi-Fiunder Airplane Mode.

turn off wi-fi

  1. Go to System > Date and Time.

date and time settings

  1. Turn off the Synchronize Clock via the Internet

turn off internet clock synchronization

  1. Pick any future date and time and return to the game.

change the date and time

  1. Hop on your Rotom Bike, cross the Lake of Outrage, and explore the grassy areas to locate Dreepy.

dreepy on the lake of outrage

  1. Once you encounter a wild Dreepy, hit Fightand use Dragon, Ghost, Ice, Dark, and Fairy moves to weaken it.

find the dreepy

  1. The best Poké Ball to catch Dreepy is the Ultra Ball, so go to Bag > Paralyze Heal > Ultra Ball > Use this item.

use the ultra ball

Congratulations! You caught Dreepy! The Pocket Monster will automatically go to your Pokédex.

dreepy caught in a poke ball

Breed Dreepy in a Pokémon Nursery

Another way to get Dreepy is to breed it in a Pokémon Nursery. That requires one male and one female Drakloak, which you can find on the Lake of Outrage between levels 55 and 58.

Fortunately, they aren’t picky about the weather, but their spawn rates are identical to Dreepy’s. As for the sunny weather, you have a 1% chance of locating them.

Here’s how to breed and hatch Dreepy in Pokémon Sword and Shield:

  1. Explore the Lake of Outrageand Old Cemetery to find one male and one female Drakloak.

drakloak on the lake of outrage

  1. Once you catch them, go to the Pokémon Nursery on Route 5.

pokemon nursery on route 5

Alternatively, take your Drakloak couple to the Pokémon Nursery in Bridge Field. However, pack gym badges beforehand because mighty Pokémon might appear after the first bridge.

pokemon nursery in bridge field

  1. Leave the couple with the lovely lady.

pokemon nursery

  1. Return to the daycare after 5–10 minutes and interact with the lady. She’ll inform you about your Pokémon holding an egg, so take it.

the egg at pokemon nursery

Your Dreepy will instantly hatch from the egg.

dreepy hatched from the egg

Visit Pokémon Dens

Pokémon dens are locations where you can join forces with three Trainers to fight Dynamax or Gigantamax Pokémon. Winning a Max Raid Battle provides valuable items like Rare and Experience Candies, Berries, Treasures, TRs (Technical Records), and Nuggets. You also have a 10% chance of encountering Dreepy and Drakloak and a 5% chance of getting Dragapult.

Axew’s Eye in the middle of Lake Axewell and Rolling Fields just south of it are your best bet for capturing Dreepy and its evolved versions in raid dens. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Axew’s Eyein the southern Wild Area to search for Pokémon dens.

axew’s eye

  1. Extend your search to Rolling Fieldsif you see no activated dens.

rolling fields

  1. Neon light shooting from a hole in the ground indicates an activated Pokémon den. Approach it to start a Max Raid Battle.

an activated pokemon den

  1. Get your fellow Trainers and fight the Pokémon.

a max raid battle

If you win the battle, you can choose whether or not to catch the Pokémon. Either way, you’ll get many valuable rewards (hopefully, your rare Dreepy or one of its upgraded versions).

Part 5. How to Quickly Acquire Dreepy

The methods above are currently the only ways to acquire Dreepy in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Unlike Pokémon GO, these games aren’t location-based, meaning you don’t need to walk around town to find Pokémon.

However, if you play Pokémon GO, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the absence of Dreepy and its higher evolution forms. Still, there’s hope Niantic will add it to Pokémon GO because it constantly updates the Pokédex.

Once the cute Dreepy inevitably joins the party, you can change your virtual location to find it without moving. Here’s how.

Use a Location Spoofer

A location spoofer lets you virtually teleport anywhere and simulate realistic movement. It enables you to maximize your experience with location-based AR games like Pokémon GO, eliminating the need to physically visit PokéSpots and gyms and scour various areas to catch Pokémon.

Wondershare Dr. Fone Virtual Location Changer is an excellent example. It lets you pick a place or create a route and spoof your GPS, teleporting anywhere without Pokémon GO registering your progress as cheating.

Download and install it on your computer and follow these steps to change your virtual location:

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  1. Go to Toolbox > Virtual Location >Get Started, connect your smartphone to your computer, click No Device to link them, and follow the on-screen instructions for the Developer Mode.

wondershare dr.fone virtual location map

  1. Activate the Teleport Mode(the first icon in the top-right corner under the navigation bar), type the desired address, and hit Enter.

choose a location

  1. Click Move Hereto teleport.

move to the location

  1. To visit multiple PokéStops or gyms in the same area, activate the Jump Teleport Mode(the second icon), choose the desired locations, and click Start Moving.

jump teleport destinations

  1. Create a one-stop route(the third icon) to make your location-based game register your movement as realistic. Choose between loop and round trips, set the walking speed, and click Move Here.

a one-stop route

  1. A multi-stop route(the fourth icon) is the same but includes multiple locations. Set the trip type and walking speed and hit Start Moving.

a multi-stop route

Part 6. How to Evolve Dreepy Into Drakloak

Once your Dreepy reaches level 50, it will evolve into Drakloak. Leveling up requires feeding it Rare and Experience Candies, but you can also increase its battle experience.

Here’s how to evolve Dreepy in Pokémon Sword and Shield:

  1. Go to the Bag > Other Items(the candy icon), click Rare Candy (or Experience Candy), choose the amount, click Use this item, and select Dreepy.

give rare candy to dreepy

  1. Repeat the process until Dreepy grows to level 50.

dreepy reaching level 50

You don’t need to do anything else because Dreepy will automatically evolve into Drakloak.

dreepy evolving into drakloak

The screen will instantly change to your Pokédex, showcasing the new Drakloak entry.

drakloak in the pokedex

Part 7. How to Evolve Drakloak Into Dragapult

Unlike Dreepy and Drakloak, Dragapult doesn’t spawn in the wild. You can only get it by evolving Drakloak. Like with Dreepy, that requires leveling it up with battle experience and Experience and Rare Candy.

At what level does Drakloak evolve? It becomes Dragapult at level 60, shortly after transforming from Dreepy.

Here’s how to evolve Drakloak in Pokémon Sword and Shield:

  1. Go to your Bag > Other Items > Experience Candy(or Rare Candy), choose the amount, click Use this item, and select Drakloak.

give experience candy to drakloak

  1. Feed Drakloak until it grows to level 60.

drakloak leveling up

Once your Drakloak reaches level 60, you’ll witness its magnificent evolution into Dragapult.

drakloak evolving into dragapult

You’ll see a new Dragapult entry in your Pokédex within seconds.

dragapult in the pokedex


Finding, catching, and evolving Dreepy in Pokémon Sword and Shield may take time, but your efforts will pay off, manifesting as a caring Drakloak and a stealthy Dragapult.

So, grab your Nintendo Switch and catch Dreepy on the Lake of Outrage in its favorite weather. Watch for Drakloak while exploring the area to capture its male and female versions and breed Dreepy in a Pokémon Nursery. Finally, visit Pokémon dens for Max Raid Battles because winning might enrich your Pokédex with Dreepy and its evolutions.

If you’re a Pokémon GO enthusiast, monitor the latest game additions because Dreepy and its evolved relatives might join the party. Once they do, you can leverage a GPS spoofer like Wondershare Dr.Fone Virtual Location Changer to catch Pokémon worldwide without moving.

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