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Pokémon Go Special Trade: What You Should Know


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

After the release date of Pokémon Go in 2016, a lot of the players have requested to add the ability to trade within the game. Two years passed and the developers of Pokémon Go listened and added the feature of trading Pokémons in the game. These features garnered more users for the game and now, people have been trading their Pokémons with other trainers. There is however requirements if you want to trade such as the trading distance should not exceed more than 100 meters, and your trainer needs to be on level 10 or above. Once you have locked these in, you can start trading.

Some of you might be interested in trading some of the Legendary Pokémon or Shiny Pokémon, they have a special trade for these kinds of Pokémon and in this article, we will talk about what you can do in a special trade.

special trade

Part 1: What are Pokémon GO Special Trades?

There are two types of trading in Pokémon Go, the standard trade or the special trade. Standard trade is when you just do the basic trading with your basic Pokémons and a certain amount of your stardust to be able to complete the transaction of trading Pokémons.

special trade

Special Trades, on the other hand, is trading where you involve rare Pokémon such as the shiny Pokémon, and legendary Pokémon in the transaction. This special trade is only allowed to be done once a day as you would not want to trade these rare Pokémon as often. Aside from that, the other trainer that will be trading with you should be on the top two highest levels of friendship in the game, great or best friend status.

Part 2: What is the difference between Standard and Special Trade?

When it comes to these two trades in Pokémon Go, there are only a few factors that we can consider on how to differentiate the two. One difference that we will point out is the type of  Pokémon that you will trade. Rare Pokémon can only be done on a special trade unlike the standard trade with covers the other lower-tier Pokémon.

Another thing that makes them different is the amount of stardust needed for these trades. With standard trade, the amount of stardust needed is not as much as compared to special trade. But if you have a higher level of friendship status with the other train, that can lessen the required amount of stardust.

Part 3: How Do Special Trades Work in Pokémon Go?

The steps on how to do special trades in Pokémon Go are very similar to the standard trade. First, you will need to ensure that the other trainer is within the maximum 100-meter coverage area of each other. Next, you can now proceed to do a special trade with the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Pokémon Go application and go to “Friends List”.

Step 2: You can now select the player that you want to trade with from your list.

participate in a special trade

Step 3: Then, you will be redirected to choose the Pokémon that you want to trade.

Step 4: Finally, once you have selected the Pokémon, both players will be alerted and will show the stardust that is needed for the trade.

Part 4: The Fastest Way to do a special trade-in Pokémon Go

We all know that there are trade restrictions in Pokémon Go and what if we told you that there is a way for you to trade Pokémons with someone that is physically far from you? You can trade from afar by using our product “Dr.Fone - Virtual Location”. You probably know someone that is located more than 100 meters away from you but if you would like to do a special trade of Pokémons with them, you can do that by using Dr. Fone - Virtual Location.

Our product allows you to teleport to any place in the world and unlock worlds that you would have never discovered unless you fly to that location. Using Dr. Fone - Virtual Location is easy and just requires a few steps that you can follow.

Step 1: Download Dr. Fone - Virtual Location on your computrt.

Step 2: Open the program and you can connect your phone to your computer or laptop via USB. Then, you can click on “Get Started”.

start the virtual location feature

Step 3:  On the screen, they will show your current location.

locate yourself

Step 4: To go to another location, you can click on “Teleport Mode” which is the 1st icon on the upper right and you can type the place you want to go to. 

one stop teleport mode

Step 5: It will then take you to the place that you want, and you can click on “Move Here”.

teleport to desired location

Step 6: Finally, it will show you that chosen location that you typed and you can then check your current location on your phone which shows the same place.

current location in program </p

Part 5: FAQs about Pokémon GO Special Trades

1. Can Special Trades be Lucky?

It has been known that special trades can be lucky in Pokémon Go and you can read more about this in our article, “Lucky Pokémon Lucky Trade: What You Should Know”.

2. Are purified Pokémon Special Trades?

 Yes, any trades involving purified Pokémons are a special trade.

3. Is Meltan a Special Trade?

As Meltan is labeled and considered a mythical Pokémon so any trade involving Meltan is called a legendary trade.

4. How much are Special Trades in Pokémon GO?

The cost of special trades in Pokémon Go is 40,000 stardust for each trade and this can only be done once a day.


We understand the excitement you must have felt when they incorporated the trading feature in Pokémon Go. We know that these tips that we shared will greatly help you to start doing either a standard trade or even a special trade. Take note, special trades are those trades that involve shiny Pokémon or Legendary Pokémons and this trade can only be done once a day. So collect that stardust and start building up your friendship level status with other trainers to be able to do smooth special trading.

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