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Get To Know About Gotcha for Pokemon Go and How to Spoof Your Location Successfully


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

If you are an avid Pokemon Go player, then you might be wondering about Gotcha. It is one of the most popular wearable devices related to Pokemon Go that lets us catch Pokemons pretty easily – without using our smartphones. Though, a lot of players still have doubts about Gotcha for Pokemon Go and how to use it. In this post, I will make you familiar with the functioning of Datel Gotcha and would also provide some smart tips to do Pokemon Go spoofing without Gotcha.

gotcha for pokemon go

Part 1: What is Gotcha for Pokemon Go?

Since playing Pokemon Go on smartphones all the time is not feasible, devices like Gotcha and Gotcha Ranger were developed. For instance, Gotcha for Pokemon Go is a popular wearable device that you can use to catch Pokemons on the go. The Gotcha Ranger works in the same way, but it is a keychain instead of a wristband.

All you need to do is connect Gotcha with your Pokemon Go account using the app. Now, just wear the Pokemon Gotcha wristband and step out the usual way. Whenever it will encounter a Pokestop or Pokemon nearby, it will notify and let you know. You can just catch the Pokemon or collect inventory from the Pokestop.

pokemon go gotcha features

If you want, you can also use its Android or iOS app to further customize it. Apart from syncing Gotcha with your Pokemon Go account, you can also make changes in its settings on how you wish to use the device.

Download on Android:


Download on iOS:


gotcha pokemon go app

Part 2: Can Gotcha Get Your Pokemon Go Account Banned?

While Pokemon Gotcha and Pokemon Gotcha Ranger are pretty useful, they can get your account banned. This is because they are not the authorized accessories that are developed by Niantic and are considered third-party devices instead. For instance, Datel Gotcha is not an authorized accessory from Niantic. In fact, Niantic has also issued a statement regarding the negative impacts of using Datel Gotcha.

niantic gotcha warning

According to Niantic, Pokemon Go Plus is the only authorized accessory. Using any other accessory like Gotcha for Pokemon Go can have your account banned and even terminated. To avoid this, keep the cooldown duration for your account in mind. Also, don’t solely rely on the device and avoid implementing any Pokemon Go Gotcha hack that can get your account banned.

You can also do your bit your research to know the safety measures for spoofing Pokemon Go location to avoid any unwanted account ban.

Part 3: How to Set Virtual Location for your iOS Devices?

As you can see, using Gotcha for Pokemon Go can get your account banned. To avoid this, you can consider using some of the best Pokemon Go location spoofing tools instead. One of the most reliable applications is dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) that can teleport your device location with a single click. You can also simulate your device movement realistically without jailbreaking it. Since dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is super-easy to use, you won’t encounter any issue to spoof your iPhone location on Pokemon Go.

Download for PCDownload for Mac

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Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the system

Firstly, just connect your iPhone to the computer and launch dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) on it. Now, go to the “Virtual Location” feature from its home, agree to the terms, and click on the “Get Started” button.

virtual location 01

Step 2: Teleport your iPhone location

Eventually, the application will detect your present location that would be displayed. To change your location, click on the Teleport Mode icon (the third option from the top-right banner).

virtual location 03

Now, you can enter the name, address, or coordinates of any other location on the search bar and load it.

virtual location 04

That’s it! You can move the pin around on the map and zoom in/out the way you like. In the end, just drop the pin to the target location, and click on the “Move Here” button. This will also spoof the location on your iPhone and Pokemon Go (or any other installed app).

virtual location 05

Step 3: Simulate your device movement

Sometimes, changing the device location is not enough as we need to simulate its movement. For this, go to the one-stop or multi-stop mode and drop the pins on the map to form a route. Also, enter the number of times you wish to cover the route and select a preferred speed.

virtual location 12

There is also a GPS joystick that would be enabled at the bottom-left corner. You can use its buttons to move your device in a realistic way so that you won’t get your account banned.

virtual location 15
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4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Part 4: How to Spoof Your Location on an Android?

While iPhone users can take the assistance of dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS), Android users can also try any reliable location spoofer app. Since location spoofing for Android is easier than iPhone, you would not encounter any issue doing the same. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to spoof your Android phone’s location.

Step 1: Unlock Developer Options on Android

Firstly, you have to unlock Developer Options on your device. To do that, go to its Settings > About Phone and tap on the Build Number 7 consecutive times.

android developer options

Step 2: Download a mock location app

Afterward, just go to the Play Store and install any reliable location spoofer app on your device. Some of these trusted apps are Fake GPS Go, Lexa Fake GPS, GPS Joystick, Hola Fake GPS, etc.

Once the fake GPS app has been downloaded, go to your phone’s Settings > Developer Options and enable the mock location feature. Also, set the installed app as a default choice for the mock location app.

fake gps go settings

Step 3: Spoof your Android’s location

That’s it! Now you can just launch the fake GPS app and search for any target location to set. Once you have spoofed your location, you can launch Pokemon Go to check it.

fake gps pokemon go

I’m sure that after reading this guide, you would know more about Pokemon Gotcha and Gotcha Ranger. Since the constant use of Datel Gotcha or implementing any Pokemon Go Gotcha hack can get your account banned, you can consider any other option. I would recommend using Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) that can instantly spoof your iPhone location without jailbreaking it. The application also has a GPS joystick, letting you simulate your movement realistically and protecting your account from any unforeseen ban.

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