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Top 10 Pokemon in Pokemon Go [2023 Updated]


Nov 23, 2022 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Pokemon Go is a mobile game involving augmented reality to form a real-life experience of Pokemon. People can capture their favorite top Pokemon in Pokemon Go in the real world with the help of technology. With Pokemon Go, you can connect to your real-life friends and interact with them in different exciting ways.

You can play with your friends by spinning a photo disc and giving gifts to someone on your friend list. The article will teach you how to catch the best Pokemon in the Pokemon Go PVP to play excitingly. For this cause, the article has discussed the following points:

Part 1: 10 Top-Notch and Commendable Pokemon in Pokemon Go

We will discuss the top 10 Pokemon in the Pokemon Go and acknowledge the strengths, weaknesses, and best moves of the best Pokemon in the Pokemon Go:

1. MewTwo

MewTwo is considered a psychic-type legendary Pokemon are originating from the Kanto. It cannot evolve into any other Pokemon or from any other Pokemon other than the Kanto. It is one of the most powerful Pokemon having giant attack stats to boot.

This Pokemon will reward you as it is a great all-rounder and a plus point for any team. In addition, this powerful Pokemon in the Pokemon Go is known for its stunning psychic moves.

mewtwo pokemon

Type Psychic
Strength Fighting, Psychic
Weaknesses Dark, Ghost, and Bug
Best Moves Psystrike and Confusion

2. Machamp

A giant, four-armed humanoid Pokemon, Machamp is a Pokemon with a similar physical appearance to Machoke. Its color is bluish-gray, which is purple is pre-evolution. Machamps have a fierce and strong behavior as they can throw about 1000 punches within 2 seconds. The natural ability of Machamp is to punch the opponents clear over the horizon.

This fighter Pokemon makes other Pokemon extremely defensive towards its attacks and beats them with its dynamic punch moves.

machamp pokemon

Type Fighting
Strength Ice, Rock, and Steel
Weaknesses Flying, Fire, and Psychic
Best Moves Dynamic Punch and Counter

3. Rayquaza

A long green serpentine Pokemon, Rayquaza, has beautiful yellow eyes. The mega form of Rayquaza has a delta-shaped jaw and a long body. The mega Rayquaza is the most aggressive one, and the shiny Rayquaza replaces the green with black.

The natural ability of the Rayquaza is to control the speed, altitude, and direction as well as it can float. Therefore, this Pokemon is only available through legendary raids.

rayquaza pokemon

Type Dragon/Flying
Strength Grass, Fighting, and Bug
Weaknesses Rock, Fairy, and Electric
Best Moves Outrage and Dragon Tail

4. Tyranitar

A large, bipedal dinosaurian Pokemon, Tyranitar has a gray-blue color and a diamond-shaped scale. The Pokemon has sharp and pointed teeth on both the jaws and a powerful tail. It is naturally able to summon a sandstorm that lasts for some time. It is durable for special attacks and quickly damages the Pokemon, which is not immune to it.

tyraniter pokemon

Type Dark/Rock
Strength Fire, Flying, and Bug
Weaknesses Water and Grass
Best Moves Stone Edge and Bite

5. Salamence

Salamence is a blue and red dragon-like Pokemon. It has huge red wings and eyebrows. Moreover, This Pokemon contains large blue ears on the front side and red wings that grow due to cell mutation. When the Pokemon starts flying, it flies in the sky and spouts hot flames that eat away mountains and fields, expressing its joy.

salamence pokemon

Type Dragon/Flying Type
Strength Grass, Bugs, and Fighting
Weaknesses Ice, Rock, Fairy, and Dragon Moves
Best Moves Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor

6. Rampardos

With a large, dinosaur-like, and bipedal shape, Rampardos is based on a real-life Pachycephalosaurus. It has long hindlimbs and short forelimbs. The skull roof is very thick with dark eyes and a blue dome on the top of the head. The Rampardos Pokemon has a large amount of power. The main attacks involve its head which it uses to hit the opponents.

rampardos pokemon

Type Rock
Strength Flying, Ice, and Fire
Weaknesses Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water
Best Moves Smack Down and Rock Slide

7. Metagros

Metagross resembles a robotic spider having a light blue disc-shaped body. The fusion of two Metang forms a Metagross. Therefore, it has four linked brains resulting in a complex neural network and high intelligence. It can solve highly complex equations. Metagross has a clear body that prevents its stats from being lowered. While evolving, the Pokemon gains tough claws.

metagros pokemon

Type Psychic/Steel
Strength Defense
Weaknesses Fire, Ghost, and Dark
Best Moves Meteor Mash and Bullet Punch

8. Lucario

Lucario resembles a dog, wolf, and jackal and possesses a few raccoon-like characteristics. Lucario has redder eyes than Riolu, with black paws and large pointed spikes. The mega evolution of Lucario transforms it into slimmer thighs and yellow-colored fur. Lucario is prideful and a serious Pokemon and extremely loyal to their trainer and friendly to strangers.

lucario pokemon

Type Fighting/Steel
Strength Ice, Rock, Steel, Fairy, and Normal
Weaknesses Fighting, Fire, and Ground
Best Moves Aura Sphere and Counter

9. Grachomp

Grachomp is a hammerhead and shark-like Pokemon with red and dark blue colors. When it undergoes mega-evolution, the claws of Grachomp are replaced with red scythes. In addition, it covers its arms, and the chin also becomes bulkier. The natural ability of Grachomp is to fly with a high velocity while folding and stretching its wings.

grachomp pokemon

Type Ground
Strength Rock, Steel, Poison, and Fire
Weaknesses Ice, Grass, and Bug
Best Moves Dragon Tail and Outrage

10. Mamoswine

Mamoswine is a chubby mammoth with two tusks and a curved humped back. The Mamoswine has a blue-colored face mask and a white rim around the eyes. The fur of Mamoswine mostly has a brown color. This Pokemon has a big size but is not very aggressive. However, they don't interact with people. Therefore, it frightens them the contact causes them to attack.

mamoswine pokemon

Type Ground/Ice
Strength Electric and Poison
Weaknesses Fighting, Fire, Steel, and Water
Best Moves Mud Slap and Avalanche

Part 2: [Bonus Tip] Catch More Pokemon Without Going Outside

We have explained the strengths, best moves, and natural abilities of the 10 best Pokemon in the Pokemon Go. Now, we will help you learn how to catch these Pokemon with the help of Dr.Fone – Virtual Location.

Dr.Fone is an iOS and Android-supported software that assists in faking a GPS location to any other location in work instantly. You can avail of this feature to catch your favorite Pokemon. The application enables people to create a customized route on a map and customize the speed yourself. Therefore, you can teleport to where you want to go to find more Pokemons without going outside.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

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  • Compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
  • Work with location-based apps, like Pokemon Go, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
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How to Catch More Pokemon with Dr.Fone – Virtual Location?

Here, let’s learn the steps involved in catching the strongest Pokemon in the Pokemon Go with Dr.Fone without changing your actual location:

Note: Dr.Fone only supports changing location on Pokemon Go on iOS devices.

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone Virtual Location

The first step is to download the Dr.Fone – Virtual Location on your device and install it. Now, launch the application.

Step 2: Connect your Phone

From the interface, click on the "Virtual Location" option and connect the phone to your computer with the help of any lightning or USB cable. Now, press the "Get Started" button.

open virtual location tool

Step 3: Check your Current Location

A new window will pop up. Find your current location by pressing on the “Center On” icon on the right side to display the location.

check real location

Step 4: Activate the Teleport Mode

You can activate the “Teleport Mode” by clicking on the first icon in the upper right corner. First, provide the name of the target place where you want to teleport to. Then, click the “Go” icon.

activate the teleport mode

Step 5: Move the Location

When the system understands where you want to teleport, click on the “Move Here” button in the popup box. Now, your location will be set to the desired place on your Android or iOS device. You can now catch the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go and enjoy the game.

place where you want to teleport to. Then, click the “Go” icon.

move to fake location

Safe downloadsafe & secure


The article has concluded with a sufficient description of the top 10 Pokemon in Pokemon Go. There are a bunch of Pokemon that are the best attackers and defenders, as well as showing their best moves and strengths. Later, we have an easy method to catch the popular Pokemon without changing your actual location.

Moreover, Pokemon can also be caught by the one-stop feature and joystick feature of Dr.Fone that enable you to change and repeat your movements across two points.


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