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Top 15 Augmented Reality Games Like Pokémon GO To Play in 2024


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

There was a big craze that made a fuzz with game enthusiasts and fans alike back in 2016. This was the year when the game Pokémon Go was released to the public. For some players, this was a show that they grew up watching and having that built into a game where they, themselves, can also catch and collect creatures. People made sure that they downloaded it to their phone and went outside to catch their very own Pokémon creatures to collect and train. Even in 2023, Pokémon Go is still popular with around 333,000 active daily users.

For some, Pokémon Go is probably not a game that piques their interest but wants similar games where you can also go to a location and play some challenge or game. Aside from the fact that it encourages people to walk or move, it also has game incentives that push the players to win the game. For those of you who want other games to play similar to Pokémon Go, we have searched the interest for the list and will share them with all of you so you can download and try which games will suit your interests more.

Part 1: AR Games

AR gaming, or augmented reality gaming, is a type of gaming that blends virtual elements with the real world. Using advanced technologies, such as smartphones or dedicated AR devices, you can interact with virtual objects and characters within your physical environment. By overlaying digital content onto the real world, AR gaming creates immersive and interactive experiences. You can explore your surroundings, complete quests, solve puzzles, and even engage in multiplayer battles. AR gaming offers a unique and engaging way to experience games, bridging the gap between reality and fantasy. It continues to evolve and provide innovative gameplay possibilities, captivating players of all ages.

Pokémon Go is an AR mobile game that merges the real world with virtual Pokémon. Players explore real-world locations, capturing Pokémon and engaging in battles. The game promotes physical activity and social interaction. With its innovative use of AR, Pokémon Go has gained a massive following worldwide. If you are finding games similar to pokemon go, keep reading the following parts.

Part 2: Play Location-Based AR Games Like Pokémon Go Without Walking/Moving

If you want to play Pokémon Go or any of the games we have listed but are not motivated to go out and take a walk yourself, you can try our product “Dr. Fone - Virtual Location”. Our product allows you to teleport to any place in the world and unlock worlds that you would have never discovered unless you fly to that location. Using Dr. Fone - Virtual Location is easy and just requires a few steps that you can follow.

Step 1: Download Dr. Fone - Virtual Location on your computer.

Step 2: Open the program and you can connect your phone to your computer or laptop via USB. Then, you can click on “Get Started”.

start the virtual location feature

Step 3:  On the screen, they will show your current location.

locate yourself

Step 4: To go to another location, you can click on “Teleport Mode” which is the 1st icon on the upper right and you can type the place you want to go to. If you want to simulate GPS movement in AR games, you can also choose the "Multi-Stop Mode".

one stop teleport mode

Step 5: It will then take you to the place that you want, and you can click on “Move Here”.

teleport to desired location

Step 6: Finally, it will show you that chosen location that you typed and you can then check your current location on your phone which shows the same place.

current location in program

Here is a video for you to learn how to teleport your iPhone GPS location:

Part 3: Best AR Games like Pokémon GO

If you want a game like Pokémon Go but want a different storyline and characters, we will list down AR games that you can try to play yourself. In addition, you can check other similar AR games below.

15. The Walking Dead: Our World

If you like zombie movies, this game is the right one to download. “The Walking Dead: Our World” is a game where you can play as a zombie hunter, explore the environment, and save the world. This game uses the player’s GPS location, where they release new challenges that can be found in your town or area. This game also allows users to play and shoot zombies with their friends or group where you can reap big rewards.

the walking dead: our world

  • App Download for Android: Link
  • App Download for iOS: Link

14. Dragon Quest Walk

Dragon Quest Walk is a game for those people who love watching or reading about magical adventures. In this game, you embarge on different quests where you fight off different magical creatures. As you win more battles, your character levels up, and you can access more parts of the game. In addition, you can find different quests in different locations that you need to win and even some collectibles that you can use.

dragon quest walk

  • App Download for Android: Link

13. Pokémon Sword And Shield

After Pokémon Go’s popularity, they created another game with a different storyline called Pokémon Sword and Shield. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, the game introduces you to the Galar region and you will need to beat the Pokémon League Champion, Leon. Like Pokémon Go, you must also catch and train the Pokémon that you have so they can level up. You can also form teams that you can use to beat different gym leaders in different locations.

pokémon sword and shield

  • Official Website: Link

12. Jurassic World Alive

If you have watched and loved watching the Jurassic Park movies and just love dinosaurs in general, then the game Jurassic World Alive is the perfect game for you to download. In this game, you explore your area to collect DNA samples of different dinosaurs and just see the dinosaurs roaming around your location. It is a unique game where you can play against your friends or even just experiment with different DNA samples and create your dinosaur.

jurassic world alive

  • App Download for Android: Link
  • App Download for iOS: Link

11. Ghost Busters World

Ghost Busters World is a game that was created and inspired by the Ghost Busters movies that we used to watch as kids. This is also perfect for gamers who love ghosts and catching them. In this game, you play as a ghost hunter where you roam around to look for ghosts to catch and trap them. You can also collect treasures that you found along the way. You can also customize your character and meet other notable characters from the movie itself in the game.

ghost busters world

  • App Download for Android: Link 

10. Geocaching

If you love searching and hunting for treasure, then Geocaching is the perfect game for you. Geocaching is known to be the “world’s largest treasure hunt” where you search for treasures that were hidden by other enthusiasts such as yourself. This game was created way before Pokémon Go was released back in 2000 and has created a generation of geocachers. Players will need to solve puzzles to be able to get the treasure which makes your treasure hunting more exciting.


  • App Download for Android: Link
  • App Download for iOS: Link

9. Zombies, Run!

For those players who are into running or are physically fit, you playing the game Zombies, Run! is the right game for you. In Zombies, Run!, players are encouraged to run as you are running away from zombies in the game. You will be given missions that you have to complete in the zombie apocalypse and listen to the narrations from the game to know their challenges. They track your every movement and then reward you with different gifts.

zombies, run

  • App Download for Android: Link
  • App Download for iOS: Link

8. Orna

Orna is a role-playing game where you battle different creatures, explore dungeons, and defeat dragons. Your character will need to complete different quests while exploring different areas and become their location’s Duke. You can also play with other players if you want to test your character’s ability.


  • App Download for Android: Link
  • App Download for iOS: Link

7. Sharks in the Park

If you love anything underwater, then Sharks in the Park is the game that you should play. Sharks in the Park allows its users to explore the world of the sea. This game is best played in a big area with a clear view of the sky. This game is best suited for kids so they can also enjoy and learn about the creatures we have under the sea. This game also tracks all of your movements, and if you want to immerse yourself in the underwater world, you can also use augmented reality equipment to elevate the experience.

sharks in the park

  • App Download for Android: Link

6. The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a game that will be a big hit for gamers who like adventure games. In this game, you play as a Witcher, where you have to slay different monsters from different locations using their extraordinary skills. You will also need to complete different tasks, and when you have completed them, you will reap rewards that you can use to level up your character.

the witcher: monster slayer

  • App Download for Android: Link
  • App Download for iOS: Link

5. The Walk

If you love going for walks, then The Walk is the game that you should try to elevate your walking experience. In this game, you are given different goals per day that you must complete gaining rewards. This game will change your boring daily walks and make them more exciting, unique, and interesting.

the walk

  • App Download for Android: Link

4. Minecraft Earth

If you have played Minecraft or just have the knack for creating worlds, then you should download the game Minecraft Earth. Minecraft Earth is a spinoff of the game Minecraft. In this game, you can create new worlds, explore the vast world of Minecraft and collect resources that you can use to build your world. Aside from that, you can also collaborate with different builders in the game to create magical and even models of different landmarks in the world. It is a free and fun game to play and they track your location and show you the different worlds that were created in your area.

minecraft earth

  • App Download for Android: Link

3. Pikmin Bloom

If you love creating and designing, you can try Pikmin Bloom game. This game allows all of its users to change and decorate their surroundings. You also have to take care of your own Pikmin character and grow petals, which you can do by simply walking. The game tracks your location and counts the steps that you make and if you hit any goals or tasks,  you are then given a reward. This game can be played by all ages as it is easy to play and requires only the simple act of walking to get ahead in the game.

pikmin bloom

  • App Download for Android: Link
  • App Download for iOS: Link

2. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

If you grew up watching Harry Potter and would love to be a wizard, you should download the game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. In this world, you are a wizard where you can cast spells, interact with different notable characters from the movie franchise, defeat creatures, and explore the wizardly world of Harry Potter. You will also need to complete tasks to be able to level up and improve as a wizard. It is a unique game that will leave you wanting to play more.

harry potter: wizards unite

  • App Download for Android: Link

1. Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime is best suited for players who like the concept of playing Pokémon Go but for those who want a different storyline. In this game, you also explore different worlds based on the location that they track you in and you interact with different worlds. When you play, you will be asked to choose between two teams, the Resistance and the Enlightened, which will show you different options on how to play the game. 

ingress prime

  • App Download for Android: Link
  • App Downloads for iOS: Link


These are all the games that are similar to Pokémon Go and something that you can try on your own time to see the different concepts of how AR is integrated into this game. Though the games require you to walk and track your GPS, it will motivate you to move a little and get out of the room. If you are not keen on doing that, Dr.Fone - Virtual Location, can also help you to virtually go to any place on the earth without having to get up from your couch. These games will surely entertain not only you but also the friends that you can play with.

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