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Ultimate Guide: How to Get Pokémon GO Incubators in 2024


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Starting a journey to catch 'em all in Pokemon GO often involves strategic planning and resource management. Additionally, it involves a talent for maximizing the use of in-game items. Among a trainer's most sought-after and precious resources are incubators, crucial for hatching Pokemon Eggs. Mastering how to get Pokemon GO incubators can significantly enhance a trainer's experience.

The guide serves as a compass, navigating the game's current dynamics. Understanding the avenues to get incubators in Pokemon GO can elevate your gameplay. We will shed light on the most efficient methods to secure incubators. From free-to-obtain options to premium acquisitions, our detailed guide covers a range of approaches.

pokemon go incubators

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Part 1: 5 Ways To Receive Free Incubators in Pokemon GO

Obtaining valuable resources such as the Pokemon GO egg incubator has become vital to Pokemon GO. These items are often available for purchase, but the best trainers know the way to get incubators without spending money. The following are the 5 methods that allow trainers to receive free incubators in Pokemon GO:

Way 1. Increase Your Level

Increasing your trainer level is fundamental to unlocking various perks and rewards in Pokemon GO. This is also true for getting a free Pokemon GO incubator. As trainers progress, they're rewarded with valuable items. These also include free incubators as level-up rewards. You have the opportunity to advance by capturing Pokemon, joining raids, finishing research tasks, and spinning PokéStops. Engage in these activities to accumulate experience points (XP) crucial for leveling up.

These points boost your level and unlock coveted incubators as milestone rewards. Upon reaching levels 6, 10, 15, 25, and 35, you'll earn a single egg incubator. Once you hit level twenty, you'll receive 2 incubators, and at level thirty, you'll unlock 3. At level 40, you will get 4 Pokemon GO incubators, followed by 1 incubator with each level from 41 to 49. When you reach level 50, you will get 5 super incubators as a level-up reward.

increase level for incubators

Way 2. Earn Coins Through Gyms

When it comes to how do you get incubators on Pokemon GO, a convenient approach is to buy them. You can buy them with PokeCoins from the in-app store. This method proves especially beneficial for seasoned trainers. Engaging in gym events enables the accumulation of PokeCoins by defending a gym with your Pokemon. To swiftly increase your coin count, target gyms with high turnover rates.

The opportunity to earn up to 50 coins daily exists. The longer your Pokemon guards a gym, the more coins you can earn. For example, placing your Pokemon in gyms situated far from your usual play area heightens the likelihood of them remaining in the gym for an extended period. As for how much an incubator costs, it is available for 150 coins and can be used 3 times before breaking.

earn coins for incubators

Way 3. Look for Limited Shop Offers

Keeping a vigilant eye on the in-game shop for limited-time offers can be rewarding. It allows you to get Pokemon GO egg incubators in Pokemon GO by spending real currency. Niantic frequently introduces special promotions, events, or bundles. There is a chance that these include incubators as part of their offerings. These limited-time deals allow users the opportunity to get incubators at discounted prices.

Regularly check the shop's featured section for special promotions, event-exclusive or limited-time bundles. These offers may coincide with in-game events, community days, or seasonal celebrations. They provide a chance to get incubators through helpful deals or exclusive packages. By staying alert, trainers can get more incubators.

avail limited time incubator offers

Way 4. Gifts From Friends

In Pokemon GO, trainers foster a sense of unity by sharing gifts among themselves. This increases friendships and presents an opportunity to receive valuable items. One of the items that can be gifted is Pokemon incubators, without any cost. Trainers can send and receive gifts by spinning PokéStops and Gyms. Then, they can share these gifts with friends from their friend list.

Gifts have the potential to contain a variety of items. The incubators are among the possible rewards that can be found within them. Cultivating a network of friends within the game and regularly exchanging gifts is highly recommended.

incubators as gifts from friends

Way 5. Participate in Events To Earn Rewards

Engaging in special events organized within Pokemon GO can be an avenue for acquiring free incubators. Niantic frequently hosts various events, including Community Days, Spotlight Hours, and themed events. These events often feature tasks, challenges, or milestones, offering a way for how to get incubators in Pokemon GO. Upon completion, they reward trainers with incubators, among other valuable items.

By participating and fulfilling event-specific objectives, trainers can earn incubators as rewards. Tasks might involve catching a certain number of Pokemon or completing event-themed research tasks. Keep an eye on the in-game news and event notifications to stay updated on the latest events. Moreover, dedicate your efforts during these events to complete the designated tasks and earn incubators.

pokemon go community events

Part 2: The Most Efficient and Powerful Way To Hatch Eggs Without Walking

Hatching eggs is vital to striving to become the ultimate Pokemon Trainer. Pokemon GO actively promotes exploration of the surroundings to aid players in this pursuit. That's why users must walk distances ranging from 2 km to 12 km to hatch eggs in the game. However, for many users, this might not be a realistic option due to many reasons.

This leads to a question of how to enjoy the game without going through physical distances. That's where tools like Wondershare Dr.Fone - Virtual Location comes into play. This toolkit allows users to spoof their location and simulate realistic movement without walking. It also enables you to virtually explore designated spots and engage in exclusive events and timed research activities.

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Distinctive Features of Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

  1. It supports movement-simulated modes such as one-stop route, multi-stop route, and jump teleport mode.
  2. Users can avoid tracking by websites and apps by spoofing their location through Dr.Fone - Virtual Location.
  3. This tool allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and access the content of different streaming services, such as Netflix, without any boundaries.

Steps To Hatch Eggs Without Walking via Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

With Dr.Fone - Virtual Location, you no longer have to travel tens of kilometers to hatch a single egg. You can use the following steps to hatch eggs without walking:

  • Step 1: Hatching Pokemon Eggs with Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

In Pokemon GO, go to “Map View,” tap the “Main Menu,” choose "Pokemon," and then select "Eggs." Following this, you have to pick an egg, choose "Incubate," and choose an “Incubator.” Now, you need to walk the required distance to hatch the egg. That's where Dr.Fone - Virtual Location comes into play. Launch this toolkit on your computer and establish a connection with your smartphone.

connect your device to dr.fone

  • Step 2: Setting Destination and Teleporting in One-Stop Route

Now access the “One-Stop Route” feature located in the top-right corner. It is identifiable as the third icon from the left. Ensure you have teleported to your desired location using the "Teleport" feature. Once there, tap anywhere on the map to set your destination.

teleport your location

  • Step 3: Configuring Movement Parameters and Initiating Simulation

Here, input a number to determine the repetitions for your back-and-forth movements. Choose between a Round trip or a Loop trip, and adjust the speed slider to set your preferred walking pace. Then, click "Move Here" at the bottom to initiate the movement simulation. Watch as the simulation begins, tracking your position on the map at your selected speed.

adjust one stop route parameters

Part 3: What Are the Benefits of Getting an Incubator in Pokemon GO?

Acquiring an egg incubator Pokemon GO serves as a vital asset. It elevates a trainer's gameplay experience and offers many advantages within the world of Pokemon GO. Here are some of the significant benefits associated with obtaining an incubator:

1. Incubating Eggs

The primary purpose of an incubator is to hatch Pokemon eggs. They can be acquired from PokéStops or obtained as rewards from different sources. These eggs are placed within the incubators for the hatching process to occur.

As trainers cover specific distances by walking, the eggs gradually hatch. It reveals new Pokemon, including rare and region-specific species. This contributes to the expansion and diversification of one's Pokemon collection.

incubate eggs

2. Acquiring Rare Pokemon

Incubators present a pathway to get rare and uncommon Pokemon species that may not be available in the wild. Certain Pokemon are exclusively found in eggs. This means utilizing incubators is the only way of obtaining these elusive creatures.

acquire rare pokemon

3. Stardust and Candy Accumulation

Hatching eggs through incubators rewards trainers with Stardust and Candy. These are vital resources for powering up and evolving Pokemon. This process aids in strengthening existing Pokemon and facilitates their evolution. It enables trainers to build formidable teams for battles, raids, and gym challenges.

accumulate stardust and candy

4. Efficient Resource Management

By strategically utilizing incubators, trainers can efficiently manage their resources. Incubators, especially limited-use ones, encourage thoughtful planning. This encourages a balanced approach to resource allocation. It also ensures the optimized use of incubators while maximizing their benefits.

manage resources to get incubators

5. Game Progression and Experience

The act of hatching eggs aligns with Pokemon GO's core gameplay mechanics and encourages physical activity and exploration. This fosters an interactive and healthy gaming experience. It rewards trainers not only with new Pokemon but also with a sense of accomplishment.

increase exp level

6. Participation in Events and Challenges

Certain events and challenges in Pokemon GO specifically focus on Egg hatching. Having incubators readily available allows trainers to actively participate in these events. It allows them to complete related tasks and potentially earn exclusive rewards.

join events to get incubators

Frequently Asked Questions

A super incubator is a specialized type of incubator in Pokémon GO. It operates similarly to regular incubators but with a significant difference in hatching speed. Typically, a super incubator reduces the distance needed for egg hatching by 1/3 or 33%, compared to standard incubators.
Super incubators are periodically available for purchase in the in-game shop. This is especially the case during specific events, celebrations, or limited-time promotions. Other ways to get super incubators are event rewards, special research tasks, and limited-time offers.
Super incubators are specialized incubators that hasten the egg-hatching process. They do that by reducing the distance required to hatch Eggs. Super incubators usually cost more than regular incubators, often priced at 200 PokéCoins each.


In summary, acquiring incubators in Pokemon GO proves vital for enhancing gameplay. These invaluable tools enable trainers to hatch eggs, obtain rare Pokemon, and efficiently progress within the game. When looking for ways to hatch eggs without walking, Dr.Fone - Virtual Location stands out as the best choice. It allows users to simulate realistic movement across one-stop or multi-stop routes.

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