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Pokemon Go Error 12 Failed to Detect Location


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Pokémon Go has been on the nerves of its players and this is all because of the AR notion that it presents. The failed to detect location 12 is one of the most common errors that are faced by the players while playing this game. You might not believe but the GPS signals and the location settings on iPhone or Android are the two main reasons for this error. It can be resolved with ease and this article has been written to get the work done with ease. Applying the methods explained will ensure that you get the best results overall.

Part 1: Why is Location Important in Pokémon Go?

The best part of this game is that it has been compiled keeping in view the location mechanics. The location analytics of the game has made sure that it becomes the overnight sensation. Three main attributes are associated with the location framework of the game. These attributes also show how important the location is for the game. Understanding these attributes will also make sure that the user can overcome the errors such as failed to detect location 12 GPS joystick 2019.

i. Physical World Attribute

The best part of this attribute is that it is the center of the user experience of the game. The second part is the fact that this map has evolved and there are no shortcuts to its success. Ingress was the previous game that was developed by Niantic and the crowdsourcing of this map started with the evolution of this application. This was developed by the same team that is working on the core of Google Earth.

ii. Real World Gestures

The augmented reality is another important aspect that is related to Pokemon Go and this also means that the location services are relied on when it comes to this application. The android and the iOS location services are continuously used by the game to provide the pinpoint locations as well as the game features that are not found in other applications. The use of location through GPS satellites even becomes more important for such gestures. Especially when the player is outdoors it becomes too important to deal with using GPS location.

iii. Place Attribution

The system within the system that has been designed by the game developers makes sure that the location inaccuracies are accounted for. This also means that the 4-meter accuracy of the GPS is further enhanced to deal with the perfect location identification of each player.

Part 2: Ways to Fix Error 12 on Pokémon Go

Several ways can be used to make sure that the subject error is resolved with ease. This section of the article will deal with all such ways that can be used to get the work done with ease and perfection.

Method 1: Enable Mock Locations

As the name suggests it is to set the fake location using the build-in iPhone feature. It will also make sure that the feature of the game continues to work perfectly.

Step 1. Go to the developer options of your device. To get to the developer options simply head over to the settings > About Phone > Software Info > Build number and tap it 7 times to enable the mock locations.

pokemon error 12 1

Step 2. Install the Fake GPS that is a free application and can easily be found on the Play Store.

pokemon error 12 2

Step 3. Launch the application and you can easily enjoy Pokémon Go without any hassle and trouble and resolve the Pokémon go failed to detect location 12 fake GPS error.

pokemon error 12 3

Method 2: Location Activation

This is another important and easy way to make sure that the Pokémon failed to detect location 12 error is resolved with ease and perfection. To execute the process the steps are mentioned as follows:

Step 1. Open the settings on your Phone to start with:

pokemon error 12 4

Step 2. Tap on the passwords and security to proceed with the process:

pokemon error 12 5

Step 3. Tap to turn on the location to finish the process and eliminate the failed to detect location 12 Pokémon Go errors.

pokemon error 12 6

Method 3: Reboot the device

This might seems weird but this trick has been working to quiet some time now and has been proven to eliminate the failed location 12 Pokémon Go issue. There is a possibility that the server location is not synced with the device. Restarting the device will make sure that both the locations are sync and the problem is resolved with ease.

Just long-press the power button and choose the reboot option from the menu that appears to complete the process in full.

pokemon error 12 7

Part 3: Best Way to Overcome Location Error 12 on Pokémon Go for iOS Devices 

Dr. Fone Virtual location is the best tool to overcome issues such as failure to detect location 12 Pokémon go on iPhone. The program has been designed to make sure that the GPS location is spoofed and you get the perfect outcome in resolving the error under discussion.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

The Process

Step 1: Program Installation

To begin the process, download and install the program to get going with the process.

drfone home

Step 2: Enable Virtual Location

Connect your iPhone and enable virtual location from the options of the program. Hit get started to begin the spoof.

virtual location 01

Step 3: Locate yourself

The center on the button on the next screen is to be clicked to get the accurate location.

virtual location 03

Step 4: Teleportation

On the upper right corner click the icon on the third to begin teleportation or spoofing to be precise. Enter the name of the place where you want to teleport to.

virtual location 04

Step 5: Move to the teleported location

Click on move here and the system will move you to the location that has been entered.

virtual location 05

Step 6: Validate and Completion

The location will be locked by the program and your iPhone will also show the same location as on Dr. Fone. This also completes the process in full:

virtual location 06
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Dr.Fone - Virtual Location is the best and the state-of-the-art program to overcome Pokémon go unable to detect location 12 on iOS devices. It has an intuitive interface and it also allows the users to overcome the issues that traditional spoofing programs present. It is being updated constantly which also means that you will be able to get the best results. There is no program on the internet that can resolve the error that failed to detect location 12 in Pokémon go as easily as this one does.

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