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Monster Hunter Now Referral Codes - Everything You Need to Know


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

monster hunter now game

Technically, you can play Monster Hunter Now by your lonesome. Some tasks, missions, and objectives would be harder, though it’s still possible to do it solo. But where’s the fun in that?

This game is best experienced with friends, especially considering that you can collect valuable bonuses and rewards and take full advantage of the Monster Hunter Now referral codes available to you.

If you want to try out MH Now, learn how to use your Monster Hunter referral code and collect fantastic rewards.

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Defining and Explaining Referral Codes

monster hunter now referral code

Monster Hunter Now referral code is an identification code unique to each individual player that’s used for assigning bonuses and rewards associated with the game’s referral program.

You can use your referral code to expand your friends list, unlock exclusive content, and gain access to valuable rewards that can help you complete tasks and missions much faster, thus accelerating your game progression.

Monster Hunter Now Referral Code List

monster hunter now logo

Virtually every game nowadays has unique codes you can redeem for various fantastic prizes – from weapons to skins, coins, equipment, and more. However, considering that every game is different, it’s no surprise that every referral code system is different. So, even if you’ve used referral codes in other games, that doesn’t mean you should expect the same experience in Monster Hunter Now.

Take a look below to learn how Monster Hunter Now codes work and how you can take full advantage of them.

Explaining the Referral Code System of Monster Hunter

Once you reach Hunter Rank 6, you’ll get an invitation code you can share with others. When another player uses your invitation code to create their account on Monster Hunter Now, and when they reach Hunter Rank 11, both you and they will be rewarded.

You can only collect rewards on up to 20 people a month. This count will reset at the beginning of every month until you hit 400 friends in MH Now.

How Players Can Get and Share Referral Codes

monster hunter now referral code

To get your referral code in Monster Hunter Now, you’ll need to reach Hunter Rank 6. In the beginning, ranking up is quite easy. All you have to do is play the game – defeat monsters, complete daily quests, and advance along your main quest.

Some of the referral codes available in Monster Hunter Now include:

  • FT4J6YMN;
  • TDTTK5F6;
  • F5WC6JE8;
  • T5KYC9YE;
  • 59M9K945;
  • X88VM9HX;
  • T65C28MJ;
  • RFCNHM22;
  • JV5CY469;
  • 8V698MPJ;
  • 6V2K3FXM;
  • 9VDDDK6X;
  • FEF84HH4;
  • JKWM8HJ3;

The first 20 people who use these codes in a month will receive their rewards. This count resets at the beginning of every month.

You’ll automatically get your referral code once you’ve reached Hunter Rank 6. To access it, you’ll want to:

  1. Go to the main screen and tap on your hunter’s icon;
  2. Go to Friends > Add Friends;
  3. Scroll all the way down.

You’ll see your referral code at the bottom of the screen. You can share your code via any method you’d like – text message, social media, email, etc.

To share the code by itself, you’ll want to tap on the icon in the middle:

share monster hunter now referral code

You can then share it using whichever method you’d like.

To share your code alongside a message using a registered social media account, you’ll want to tap the icon at the far right:

share monster hunter now referral code using social media

You’ll notice that there’s also a refresh icon by your referral code. You’ll want to be careful with it and only tap it if you truly need to change your referral code. Taping this icon will change your referral code and render the previous one invalid. If you’ve provided a friend with an invalid code, neither you nor they will be able to receive any rewards from this referral program.

Therefore, make sure that you give your friends only the newest, valid referral code you have.

Benefits of Referrals for New Players and Referrers

Monster Hunter Now offers quite appealing rewards through its referral program. However, the benefits are different for the player who is inviting others and for those who are being invited.

If you are inviting new players to the community using your referral code, you can receive:

  • 3x Paintballs;
  • 5x Potions;
  • 300x Zenny.

Of course, you will receive the rewards only after the new player has reached Hunter Rank 11. Moreover, these rewards are per new player. Since you can be rewarded for up to 20 invitees a month, you can potentially earn 20x these rewards each month until you reach 400 friends in your account.

If you are being invited as a new member and are using another’s referral code to create your Monster Hunter Now account, you can receive:

  • 2x Paintballs;
  • 3x Potions;
  • 1,000x Zenny.

As mentioned, your rewards won’t be available instantaneously. If you’ve put in the referral code when creating your account, you will receive the rewards automatically once you reach Hunter Rank 11.

As the invitee, you will receive these rewards just once. However, you can then start earning rewards by using your referral code and inviting others to play.

How to Redeem a Referral Code

To redeem the code in Monster Hunter Now, you’ll need to input the code while you’re creating your account. You’ll need to be a brand-new player, as existing players cannot redeem these codes.

If you’re brand new to Monster Hunter Now, follow these steps to activate the referral code you have access to:

  1. Download Monster Hunter Now to your Android/iOS device;
  2. Provide your birthdate;
  3. Tap New Playerand follow the on-screen instructions to create your account;
  4. When you get to the referral code screen, input the code you have.

enter monster hunter now referral code

Remember that neither you nor the person who gave you their referral code will receive the rewards immediately. You must first reach Hunter Rank 11 before you two can get your prizes.

Other Rewards and Incentives

expired amazon prime monster hunter now reward

While Monster Hunter Now referral codes are the most popular way to collect free rewards, they’re only available for new players and those who have less than 400 friends on their accounts.

Fortunately, other promo codes, rewards, and incentives are available to players occasionally, and they don’t require you to input their codes when you’re creating your account. As long as the required code is active, you can collect your rewards at any time.

Currently, there are no active redemption codes you can use, so you should keep an eye out for any news of rewards programs on Monster Hunter Now’s website and social media pages.

Of course, you can also get valuable rewards just by playing the game and leveling up. For instance, simply leveling up to Hunter Rank 4 will get you 300 Zenny and equipment upgrading capabilities. Reaching Hunter Rank 11 will get you 1,000 Zenny, 300 gems, 1x Machalite Ore, 1x Great Jagras Mane, and 3 Great Jagras Claw, among other things.

Therefore, while promo codes are useful, and you should take advantage of them whenever they’re available, they’re not necessary to get great bonuses.

Bonus Tip: How to Play Monster Hunter Now Without Going Out

wondershare dr.fone virtual location changer homepage

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Referral programs, promotional offers, bonuses, redemption codes, and more are all great ways to improve your gaming experience on Monster Hunter Now. However, if you truly want to take things to the next level, you’ll need the help of something else – a virtual location changer.

Monster Hunter Now is a location-based game requiring you to get outside and wander around your neighborhood to encounter higher-level monsters and find better resources. However, if you can’t leave your home or simply want to stay seated while you play, you’ll need a tool like Wondershare Dr.Fone.

Wondershare Dr.Fone lets you spoof your location and use its virtual joystick to simulate walking around at any speed you’d prefer. It can make the game believe you’re walking around your neighborhood while you’re actually just sitting in the comfort of your home. It can even make the game believe you’re in an entirely different city, country, or even continent.

You can use it to customize your route, create a one-stop or multi-stop route, or even teleport to another location. It’s convenient and easy to use and can improve your Monster Hunter Now experience.


You'll need to join Monster Hunter Now's referral program to gain access to more Paintballs, Zenny, and other rewards. It will get you excellent rewards, connect you with players worldwide, and make the game all the more enjoyable. If you want to improve the overall experience and make the game more convenient, you’ll need to get Wondershare Dr.Fone’s virtual location changer and get access to high-value locations in every corner of the world.

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