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Understanding the Impact of Spoofing in Monster Hunter Now


Mar 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

how to spoof monster hunter now

Niantic’s latest release, Monster Hunter Now, has recently become a massive hit in mobile gaming. The game uses AR to create exciting monster battles around the player’s location. However, these GPS-based features are also one of the game’s weaknesses, as players must move around to trigger monster hunts.

The gaming community has, fortunately, found a way to bypass this barrier in GPS spoofing apps, which let gamers change their virtual location. Still, these Monster Hunter Now spoofing apps pose a few questions. Is it okay to spoof a location in Monster Hunter Now, and what is the impact of this practice?

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What Is Spoofing in Monster Hunter Now?

Location spoofing in Monster Hunter Now refers to manually changing your mobile device’s GPS location to trick the game into thinking you’re moving around and letting you experience various exciting monster encounters from the comfort of your home.

How Players Manipulate Locations

Thousands of monster hunters are looking for ways to manipulate their virtual location and trick the mobile-based hunting game. The goal is to avoid downtime and move in the game without moving in real life.

These players find solutions in virtual private networks (VPNs) and GPS-spoofing apps, which let them simulate location changes, tricking the game into throwing monster encounters and valuable resources at them.

Common Spoofing Techniques

Now that we know what Monster Hunter Now spoofing is and the goal of this practice, let’s dive deeper into the most common spoofing techniques. Below is a list of the top five Monster Hunter Now spoofer apps, and we’ve also included a guide that can teach you how to spoof Monster Hunter Now.

1. Wondershare Dr.Fone

dr.fone monster hunter now spoofer

Players looking for a dedicated and undetectable Monster Hunter Now spoofer app should look no further than Wondershare Dr.Fone. This Windows and macOS app lets users effortlessly change their mobile device’s GPS location in a few steps, and the app includes various practical features, such as:

  • The ability to teleport to a new GPS location in one click;
  • Fone lets users create a route and simulate movement along it;
  • It allows players to use a joystick to simulate movement in AR games;
  • The app works great with the latest iOS and Android versions.

Players who can’t afford to move each time they want to enjoy Monster Hunter Now will love Dr.Fone’s location simulation and teleportation features. These abilities can be activated in a single click, making them perfect for location spoofing in Monster Hunter Now.

They’re also incredibly straightforward to set up, and here’s how you can do that:

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    1. Download the Dr.Fone app from Wondershare’s website and launch it.
    2. Navigate to Toolbox > Virtual Location and connect your mobile device via USB or Wi-Fi.

dr.fone’s virtual location changer

    1. Select the first icon in the top right corner – Teleport Mode.

click the teleport mode button

    1. Choose a GPS location and add it to the Dr.Fone app by hitting Enter to activate it.

add a new virtual location

    1. Click the Move Here button to change your mobile device’s GPS location.

change your device’s gps location

Once you change your virtual location inside the computer app version of Dr.Fone, pick up your mobile device and check its location through an app such as Google Maps. It should have changed to your chosen location, so open the Monster Hunter Now app and enjoy the hunt.

You can also simulate movement along a route with the Dr.Fone app, which requires using the Jump Teleport Mode. Below are a few short steps for using it:

    1. Relaunch the app and click the second button in the top right corner – the Jump Teleport Mode button.

use the jump teleport mode

    1. Add a few locations to create a route and hit the Start Moving button.

simulate movement along a route

    1. You can use the Next Point or Last Point buttons to travel between these locations and simulate movement quickly.

teleport along your route’s stops

Wondershare Dr.Fone is undoubtedly one of the best Monster Hunter Now spoofer apps. It’s easy to use, undetectable, and provides excellent features for quick resource gathering and exciting monster hunts. You’ll be able to quickly level up your character and fight monster bosses in no time.

2. VPNa – Fake GPS Location Go

vpna monster hunter now spoofer app

VPNa is another fantastic solution for players who want to set custom GPS locations and use a VPN service alongside. This Android-based app works without users needing to root their mobile devices and provides a quick way to change your phone’s location.

On top of spoofing your GPS location, VPNa can save previously used locations for easier access in the future. The app sometimes resets the location without user input, making it an excellent option for location-based games.

Unfortunately, since it’s a free app, you’ll frequently encounter ads – some users will undoubtedly find these annoying. The joystick feature is also missing, as the app focuses solely on GPS locations and VPN functionality.

3. Fake GPS Location – Hola

location spoofing with hola

If you’re looking for a dedicated Android GPS spoofer for all operating system versions, look no further than Hola. This advanced Android GPS-spoofing app lets players quickly change their location and use location-restricted apps from their homes.

Setting it up is relatively complex since Hola is an Android-only app you won’t find on Google’s Play Store. You’ll need to find its APK file on the web and install it manually. This action will likely require enabling Developer Options and Unknown Sources on your Android device, so it’s not beginner-friendly.

4. Fly GPS – Location Fake / Fake GPS

location spoofing with fly gps

Despite its 3/5 star rating on Google’s Play Store, Fly GPS is a worthy solution for your GPS-spoofing needs. The app’s straightforward user interface makes setting a fixed or moving location a piece of cake, and you can also save these locations to use again.

FlyGPS will work on any Android device from the past decade, and you can even use the joystick feature to move in location-based games like Monster Hunter Now or Pokemon GO.

Unfortunately, not everything is rainbows and sunshine with Fly GPS. This GPS spoofer is riddled with ads, and its lower rating on the Play Store is a consequence of Fly GPS not playing nicely with other location-based apps.

5. Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer

fake gps go location spoofer app

If you’re after some essential GPS-spoofing features, look no further than Fake GPS Go. With a simple yet unique user interface and a straightforward GPS setup, Fake GPS Go can quickly become one of your favorite spoofing apps.

It allows users to change GPS locations, create custom routes, and modify the frequency of their movements with a few simple clicks. At the same time, it works on any Android device that runs on Android 6.0 or higher and plays well with location-based apps and games.

Sadly, Fake GPS Go also has some disadvantages. One of these cons is the app’s battery drainage, as users report it significantly affects the mobile device’s battery life. Its GPS location features also fail occasionally.

The Consequences of Spoofing in Monster Hunter Now

Now that we know more about the top Monster Hunter Now spoofers, let’s also examine the effects of this practice. After all, understanding the consequences of spoofing locations is vital before using such applications for your gaming needs.

Terms of Service Violation

According to Niantic’s Terms of Service, the company defines cheating as any practice that violates these terms. Falsifying your location, also known as GPS location spoofing, is one of the terms on Niantic’s policy page, meaning the abovementioned practice is considered cheating.

On the other hand, location spoofing isn’t as severe of an offense as various other terms on Niantic’s page, and the company uses a three-strike discipline policy. The first strike means you’ll be issued a warning that lasts for a week, possibly limiting your gameplay experience.

Account Suspension

While the first strike is harmless and won’t affect your gameplay, continuing and using unreliable GPS-spoofing tools will likely get the developers to detect your falsified location. This action will lead to a second strike, and you’ll probably be temporarily suspended, which might last up to a month.

Fair Play Disruption

Using GPS spoofing apps allows players to level quicker and get more resources without downtime. Niantic argues that such apps put other users behind, and Monster Hunter Now developers regard it as disrupting fair play. Although there are far worse offenses in Monster Hunter Now, location spoofing is classified as cheating by Niantic.

How Spoofing Impacts Gameplay

Spoofing a location in Monster Hunter Now falls into a morally gray area. Your location affects the number of monsters you encounter, and the more monsters you slay, the more experience and valuable loot you get. But does this practice affect other players, and how?

You’re still battling the same monsters, receiving the same loot, and getting the same experience for the monsters you slay. These facts prove that GPS spoofing doesn’t impact the gameplay but only allows users to move without moving. After all, others are free to move wherever and whenever they want to.

Anti-spoofing Methods Used by Developers

Since Niantic doesn’t allow GPS spoofing, the developers have included a few anti-spoofing mechanisms that detect when players falsify their location. Some players have encountered network errors when faking their GPS location, but this is likely due to using unverified and unreliable GPS spoofers that don’t have a cooldown or any other anti-detection measure.

Can Spoofing Be Used Ethically?

Exploring your neighborhood and simultaneously playing an exciting monster-hunting game is undoubtedly innovative. It may even feel like a light workout. However, not all players can afford to be on their feet constantly, so many are turning to GPS spoofing apps.

After all, you’re not harming anyone if you want to relax after a long workday and play your favorite game from home. Therefore, one could argue that using a Monster Hunter Now spoofer to enjoy the single-player experience is a valid strategy.

Reporting Spoofing

If you’re firmly against using GPS spoofers and feel like they impact the quality of your gaming experience, you can always report players abusing such tools. Niantic provides an effortless method for doing so, and the company urges you to use the system regardless of the various automated systems that already deal with such users.


The vast Monster Hunter universe provides countless hours of fun, proven by Niantic’s latest release – Monster Hunter Now. This mobile-based AR game lets players hunt monsters around their neighborhood by adding AR visual elements to the player’s actual surroundings.

However, the game requires movement to encounter monsters, and many players can’t or don’t want to walk after a long workday. These players find solutions in various Monster Hunter Now spoofer apps, which fall in a gray area as the community isn’t sure whether they should be considered cheating.

Niantic, the company behind Monster Hunter Now, regards GPS spoofing as a violation of its terms and understanding these is vital before you proceed with such apps.

Once you know the rules, you can decide whether to use apps like Wondershare Dr.Fone, VPNa, Hola, Fly GPS, and Fake Location Go, which reign supreme due to their anti-detection systems and cooldown features.

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