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Huawei Secret Code: Full List and What They Do

Alice MJ

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Huawei secret code list.

Are you a Huawei user? If so, you might be intrigued to learn about some hidden tricks within your smartphone. This is especially useful if you want to troubleshoot any potential issues like a pro.

Huawei devices come with secret built-in codes and menus that can unlock some hidden features and diagnostic tests you never knew before. All you need to do is enter the Huawei secret code into the dialer to reveal this menu.

If you are curious, let us show you how these little tricks work.

Part 1. What Are Huawei Secret Codes?

Many Huawei smartphone users might not be aware of the existence of these Huawei secret codes. These codes essentially act as shortcuts to access hidden features or perform specific functions on their devices.

The types of information and settings accessible through these secret codes can vary, but they often include diagnostic tools, network information, and additional system configurations. For instance, dialing # #2846579 ## can enable the engineering mode code for Huawei so users can test hardware components and access advanced settings that are usually restricted in normal usage.

However, since these codes are primarily intended for debugging and engineering purposes, you should exercise caution when using them.

Part 2. Examples of Huawei Secret Codes and What Can They Do

To unlock the hidden features and access diagnostic tools on your Huawei device, you only need to enter specific codes into the dialer. These secret codes, though not widely advertised, can be used as a shortcut to access various settings and features.

Here are examples of Huawei's secret codes list and what they can do:

Information and Device Status

1. About Phone: ##0000##

Displays detailed information about the phone, such as model number, software version, etc. It's useful for identifying the specifications of the device.

2. IMEI: #06#

Displays the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number that is unique to each mobile device without going to Settings.

3. Usage statistics and Wireless Information: ##6130##

Displays usage statistics and information related to wireless connections.

4. Complete Software and Hardware Info: #12580369#

Retrieves comprehensive information about both the software and hardware components of the device, including details about the processor, memory, and software version.

5. Backup All Media Files: ##273282255663282##

Entering this code initiates a backup process for all media files stored on the device. It's a convenient way to safeguard personal data before performing actions like a factory reset or software update.

6. WiFi MAC address ##232338##

Dialing this code displays the MAC address of the device's WiFi interface. The MAC address uniquely identifies the device's network interface, which can help troubleshoot network connectivity issues or configure network access control lists.

7. View Phone Lock Status: #7465625#

This code displays the phone's lock status, indicating whether features like SIM lock, network lock, or other security measures are enabled or disabled.

Huawei secret code to show device status.

Project-related Settings and Diagnostics

1. Project Menu: ##2846579##

Accesses a hidden menu for project-related settings or diagnostics. These include debugging options, testing features, and various configurations not typically accessible from the phone's standard settings menu.

2. FCM Diagnostics: ##426##

FCM stands for Firebase Cloud Messaging. This code likely accesses diagnostic tools or information related to FCM, which is a platform developed by Google for sending notifications and messages to devices.

3. Background Settings, Software Upgrade, Restore Factory, and Battery Charge information: ##2846579##

Access to various settings and information related to software and hardware management.

4. Diagnostic Configuration: #9090#

Accessing this code likely enables diagnostic configurations, allowing users or technicians to adjust settings for diagnostic purposes.

5. USB Logging Control: #872564#

allows users to control USB logging settings, which can be useful for developers and technicians for debugging purposes.

6: System Dump Mode: #9900#

System dump mode can be used to gather diagnostic information and troubleshoot system issues.

7. Enter Service Menu: #0#

This code typically grants access to a service menu where users can perform various tests and diagnostics on the device's hardware and software components.

Huawei secret code for diagnostic test.

Huawei Phone Test Code

Huawei secret codes can also perform several diagnostic tests on the device. These Huawei hardware test codes are designed to check the hardware components and system functionalities to ensure the device is operating optimally.

1. Enable Test Mode for Service: ##197328640##

2. Back-light test: ##0842##

3. Touchscreen test: ##2664##

4. Vibration test: ##0842##

5. GPS test: ##1472365## or ##1575##

6. Bluetooth test: ##232331##

7. Touch screen test: ##2664##

8. Wireless LAN test: ##232339##

9. MMI Audio Simple test: ##2846##

10. MMI Menu Normal test: #2846#

Huawei phone test code.

Disclaimer: The codes provided here offer additional info about your phone and may allow you to adjust settings that are usually inaccessible. Please be cautious and avoid making changes without understanding them first. Proceed at your own risk.

Part 3. Why The Huawei Hidden Codes Didn’t Work

To use the Huawei hidden codes, you only need to dial the provided numbers. But if the Huawei secret codes didn’t work as expected, several factors could contribute to this issue:

1. Device Model Compatibility

These hidden features and diagnostic tests are available across various Huawei models. You can use it on a flagship model like the Huawei P40 Pro or a mid-range device like the Huawei Nova series. However, different Huawei models can vary in their compatibility with hidden codes. Certain codes may only apply to specific device models or series.

2. Regional Variations

Hidden codes might also vary depending on the region or country where the device was purchased. Codes that work in one region may not necessarily work in another.

3. Incorrect Input

Double-check the code and ensure it's entered correctly. Even a small error in inputting the code could result in it not working as intended.

4. System Restrictions

Some hidden codes may be disabled or restricted by default by Huawei to prevent unauthorized access or modifications to certain settings. In such cases, accessing these codes might require rooting or other advanced procedures, which could void warranties and risk damaging the device.

Part 4. Bonus – How To Unlock Huawei Lock Screen

If you're experiencing difficulty accessing your Huawei lock screen and finding that Huawei’s secret codes aren't resolving the issue, you can use Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) instead. Many people rely on this tool to bypass any lock screen issues on Android devices, including Huawei. Wondershare Dr.Fone removes any screen locks safely without compromising data integrity.


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Here you can find how to unlock Huawei lock screen using Dr.Fone:

Step 1: Launch the Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock Tool

Install the latest version of Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer and connect your Huawei phone via USB. Once connected, navigate to Toolbox > Screen Unlock to access the unlocking tool.

Launch the Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock Tool.

Step 2: Choose Android as your device type

Once you have accessed the tool, select the Android option to proceed with unlocking your Huawei lock screen.

Choose Android for the device type.

Step 3: Select Unlock Android Screen and follow the prompts

Select 'Unlock Android Screen' from the options provided on the next screen.

Select Unlock Android Screen from the options.

Step 4: Choose Huawei and enter the specific mode

Choose Huawei as the brand of your device for screen unlock. This selection will guide you to enter a specific mode necessary for unlocking your lock screen.

Choose Huawei and enter the specific mode.

Note that the procedure for entering specific modes may vary depending on the device brand. Dr.Fone will initiate the unlocking process once you have entered the specific mode.

Step 5: Successfully unlock the Huawei screen lock

Allow the unlocking process to complete, and tap 'Done' to finish the process.

Successfully unlock the Huawei screen lock.


Huawei devices come with hidden features and diagnostic tools that are accessible through secret codes entered into the dialer. These codes can unlock various functionalities, including detailed device information, diagnostic tests, and project-related settings.

For users experiencing lock screen issues, tools like Wondershare Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) can provide an alternative solution to these codes. This tool offers a convenient solution by bypassing lock screens without risking data loss in case you can’t access your Huawei phone.

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The Huawei SIM lock code, also known as a PIN, serves as a security measure for the SIM card. Once activated, it prompts users to input the correct PIN whenever the device is powered on or switched to a new device, enhancing security by preventing unauthorized access.
If you know the password, enter it to unlock the SIM cards of your Huawei phone. If not, you can unlock the SIM with a PUK (pin unlock key) from your mobile provider. Try contacting your carrier and requesting the unlock code to get the Huawei network unlock code for free. Carriers usually have these codes or the capability to unlock the device remotely.
Activating Huawei’s SIM card lock can be a preventive measure against SIM phishing, a tactic that scammers employ to gain control of your phone's SIM card. These scammers collect personal information from various sources, such as social media and accounts using two-factor authentication. Then, they will deceive your carrier's customer service into transferring your number to a spare SIM card under their control.
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