Huawei Unlock Secret Codes and SIM Unlocking

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We are going to discuss about two important things in this article. The first thing is about secret codes for your Huawei phone so that you can unlock a lot of hidden features. 

The other thing is about unlocking SIM of your Huawei phone. This is needed when you want to use your Huawei phone with SIM from any network service provider. 

So this article will mainly deal with different Huawei codes that can unlock many hidden functionalities of your phone. In addition, you will come to know how to unlock SIM on Huawei device. So read on and learn about all these things in details.

Part 1: Secret Codes for Hidden Features

Now we will talk about the secret Huawei codes. Using these codes, you could explore a lot of things on your phone.

For Showing IMEI

You may need to see the IMEI number of your Huawei device. It's not a convenient way to check on the device's body by removing its battery. Also, going for the device's packet to check the IMEI number is a waste of time. 

If you can use a Huawei code that can show your IMEI number would be great. To do so, type *#06# on the keypad of your Huawei phone. In fact, you can check the IMEI of any GSM phone typing the code. 

Monitoring Debug

Type this code:  ##3515645631

For Checking Version

Type ##1857448368

Test Mode

Type the following code: ##147852

Hard Reset / Full Restore

Type ##258741

NAM Setting & Hardware Test

Type #8746846549 


Type ##8541221619

So using the codes, you can open lot of features of your device. 

Part 2: Huawei SIM Unlocking Code Generator

If your Huawei phone is locked with a SIM card, you need a reliable SIM unlocking code generator to unlock it. Here we will show you a robust SIM unlocking code generator named Dr.Fone - SIM Unlock Service. 

Dr.Fone - SIM Unlock Service

SIM Unlock Service is a part of Dr.Fone. You can use this service to unlock your Huawei phone's SIM. 

huawei sim unlock generator

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SIM Unlock Service(Huawei Unlocker)

Unlock your phone in 3 simple steps!

  • Fast, safe and permanent.
  • 1000+ phones supported, 100+ network providers supported.
  • 60+ countries supported

This service doesn't impose any limitation to use your phone once it's unlocked by SIM Unlock Service. Also, the use of this service doesn't make your device's warranty void. The service is involved with just 3 easy steps. 

How to Use Dr.Fone - SIM Unlock Service

Now learn how to use this awesome and powerful service of Wondershhare's Dr.Fone. 

Step 1. Visit Dr.Fone - SIM Unlock Service

First of all, visit the page of Dr.Fone - SIM Unlock Service by clicking this link:

On the page, you will see that there is something about the service. Under that, there is a button named "Select Your Phone". Then you will taken to a new page for selecting your phone's brand. 

There are many brands available on the page. From there, you will have to choose the phone brand. Now it is Huawei. Click on the logo of Huawei. 

It will take you to another page where you will have to fill up required information. 

huawei sim unlock

There are two parts of information boxes. 

The first one is for choosing the phone's model, your country of stay and network of the SIM card used on your phone. So select the model of your Huawei phone. Then choose your country  and finally, the network. 

Then come to the second part of information. 

In this part, you will see three boxes where the first one is for leaving your phone's IMEI number. Type *#06# and you will get the IMEI number. You should put the first 15 digits as other characters will not be allowed. 

 The second and the third boxes are for dropping your email address twice respectively. So use your email address and confirm it giving for the second time in the second box. 

Once you complete the the information filling, check all the information again whether you have given all the things correctly or not. Once you proofread, hit the "Add to Cart" button situated at the bottom. 

huawei sim unlock

Step 2. Get the Unlocking Code

After the purchase of the service, you'll be sent the unlocking code on your email. Check your email and get the unlocking code when Dr.Fone sends it on your email. The typical delivery duration is 5 days, but you are guaranteed to get the code within 9 days. 

You should choose the special service which will cost only $20 (current offer). 

Step 3. Use the Code and Unlock Your Phone for any SIM

Once you get the unlocking code, type the code on your Huawei phone. Success! You have unlocked your phone for using any SIM out there. So you are now free for using any SIM on your Huawei phone. 

So these are the three simple steps of unlocking your SIM for Huawei device using Dr.Fone - SIM Unlock Service. It protects your privacy, so you can use it without having any confusion. 

The code delivery is guaranteed between 1 and 9 days. So you should frequently check your email for the unlocking code. This is because the service will not let you know exactly on which day, they will deliver the code. 

So far, you may have thought that unlocking SIM is a daunting task. In fact, it had been my thought before I came to know about this nice service of Dr.Fone. After using the service, I'm totally satisfied and I can say that using the service, SIM unlocking is one of the easiest tasks out there in the planet!

So why not try this service if you need to unlock SIM on your device. 

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