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How to Use Phone Clone to Migrate Your Phone Data?

Selena Lee

Dec 06, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

The rapid change in the mobile models has made it difficult for us to keep up with the trend. For some, while it might be a matter of owing only the best mobile, for others it’s a matter of enjoying the best of the world at each point of time. Thereby they try to keep up with the mobile trend by getting their hands on the latest mobile whenever possible whether iOS or Android. In such a scenario it becomes difficult to transfer data from one to another. But here is some mobile technology such as Phone Clone that will change it forever. So, let us see how you can use it to your advantage to transfer your valuable information.

Before we move on to see how to transfer data we will first see why someone would like to migrate the information from old phone to new phone:

  • - To replace the old phone with a new phone as the primary phone
  • - To back up all the info in both the phone

Moving on, in the subsequent section, we will understand how to use Phone Clone Huawei.

Part 1: How to use Phone Clone for Android?

Android has been ruling the world with its open-source technology and compatibility for a wide range of devices. As a result of which, many companies are producing the latest technology in hardware without any worry of OS support. Android phone makers such as Huawei, Samsung, HTC, and many others are at the trend of releasing flagship models at the different budget range on a regular interval. As a result, this has made people run like fans for grabbing a hand on the latest rig, to enjoy the best of the world at every point in time. In such a scenario, it becomes difficult to transfer your data from one phone to another securely. Well in this part, we will be introduced to the Huawei Phone Clone app that will help you to migrate information from one phone to another.

Here are the steps to be followed for Phone Clone Huawei to transfer your data from one phone to another:

1. First, install the app on both the phones, i.e., on both old and new mobiles

2. Open the app on the new phone. Click on the new phone button. A Wi-Fi will be created whose password will be displayed at the time of creation. You will need that password in the next step.

phone clone for android

3. Open the app on the old phone. Click on the old phone button. Select the wi-fi network created in the 2nd step and enter the password that you received in the 2nd step.

phone clone for android

4. Once connected, click the number of tabs on the old phone that you want to send to a new phone.

Part 2: How to use Phone Clone for iPhone

The best part of the Huawei Phone Clone is that it supports not only Android but it also supports the iPhone. All the things that you can do while transferring data from one Android to another, you can achieve the same feat while transferring data from one iPhone to another iPhone. It is especially useful when you get that big update to your iPhone version, and most of the apps get useless due to the drastic hardware and software change in old and new iPhones. Thinking about changing your old iPhone to a new one could have been disastrous if not catastrophic if personal data could not have been transferable from one mobile to another. Phone Clone by Huawei lets you simply achieve the task while at the same time saving you a lot of data and time

Now, let us take a look at how you can use Phone Clone Huawei app without spending a penny on expensive services and with 4 simple steps:

1. Install the Phone Clone app on old and new iPhone mobile

2. Open the app for the new iPhone. Click on the send button. A Wi-Fi hotspot will be created, displaying its name and password.

phone clone for iphone phone clone for iphone

3. Go to the wi-fi setting of the old iPhone and connect to the Wifi network mentioned in step 2. Open the app on the old iPhone and click on next to complete the connection.

4. Once connected, click on the tabs presented in the old iPhone and select the tab that you want to send to the new iPhone.

phone clone for iphone phone clone for iphone

Part 3: Best Phone Clone alternative: Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer to migrate iPhone/Android data

While Phone Clone is free of cost and is a great emergency there is still much lagging in the app. It does not connect properly; it sometimes fails to send files completely and many more. To overcome we have with you the best Huawei Phone Clone alternative, called Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer, the easiest way to migrate iPhone/Android data.

Dr.Fone provides one of the best options to switch personal data from one phone to another seamlessly. It supports mobile of all kinds of data and service carriers, so you are not restricted to any particular type of mobile set or carrier service. Enjoy the freedom of information transfer without any loss in security and fast process.

Some of the pros of Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer are as follows:

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

1-Click Phone-to-Phone Transfer

  • Easy, fast, and safe.
  • Move data between devices with different operating systems, i.e. iOS to Android.
  • Supports iOS devices that run the latest iOS version New icon
  • Transfer photos, text messages, contacts, notes, and many other file types.
  • Supports over 8000+ Android devices. Works for all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

Here is a small comparison of how data transfer from one platform to another platform fares in Dr.Fone

Now let us take a look at how to use Dr. Fone to transfer data between mobiles:

1. Launch the Dr.Fone app on the computer and select Phone Transfer.

clone phone with drfone

2. Connect both the mobile to the computer and select the send and receive side on the computer

connect two devices

3. Select the files and then click on "Start transfer" to complete the transfer process

transfer data from phone to phone

The best part of Dr.Fone is that you can try it free of cost to check if it suits your requirements. We are sure that its jaw-dropping feature will leave an impression on your mind.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

We hope that you learned some of the phone clone methods and applications that you can use to transfer your information from an old phone to a new phone. Use the methods mentioned above and be sure that you are on the safer and faster side of transferring data.

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