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How to Quickly Recover your iPhone 14 Data?

James Davis

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

Did you ever wake up one day and find all your iPhone data lost? That includes photos, contacts, emails, text messages, and more. iPhone data loss is a problematic issue that many of us face. It puts your data at risk because you cannot access them. The loss can feel more challenging if you utilize your iPhone for business needs.

The most effective way is to back up the device with iCloud or iTunes. Each time you plug your iPhone into iTunes for sync, the program backs up your iPhone data. It is very helpful when you want to restore iPhone 14 from backup without data loss.

You can attempt an iPhone data recovery tool if you don't have a backup record. A recovery tool like Wondershare Dr.Fone can answer how to iPhone 14 in recovery mode. Therefore, we highly recommend you use this software if facing such an issue.

Part 1: Some Common Types of iPhone 14 Data Loss

You might be aware of why somebody can lose files on their iPhone. We will initially find the reasons behind why you lost your iPhone. Then, we will discuss the top ways how to restore iPhone 14. However, first, understand why you lost your data:

You Just lost your iPhone:

One of the most widely identified reasons behind the issue is that you lost your iPhone. The information on that telephone will be all gone, which may be much more essential to you than the phone.

Accidentally Delete iPhone Data:

Many clients don't just own it, but this could be a reason. Many users lose data on iPhones by deleting it accidentally. Indeed, even a press of the delete key can prompt you to lose all your files. It can bring about losing everything you had put away on your device.

Physical Damage:

Dropping an iPhone in water or on the ground and causing physical damage. Physical damage is liable for any losses in iPhones.

We all have seen an iPhone with a messed-up screen, isn't that so? In some cases, you can't retrieve your files from that phone.

iOS update:

There have been numerous situations where people don't want to update their iOS. It prompts the phone to be unusable and causes a loss of data.

A simple power outage or disconnection can cause this issue. It can happen to anybody, and we will discuss what to do in such situations.


Jailbreak, particularly a flopped one, will cause the loss of your iPhone data. Jailbreaking your iPhone voids its guarantee. It has stuck many iPhone users in the DFU mode. After getting stuck in the DFU mode, you have no admittance to your data.

Part 2: 3 Best Ways to Recover your iPhone 14 Data

1. PC/iTunes Backup

One of the most utilized ways to restore iPhone 14 from backup is through a PC backup made through iTunes.

You will first need to make a backup of your device, which can later be used to restore the data. To make the backup, you should connect your iPhone to your PC and have iTunes installed. Open iTunes and pick your iPhone from the drop-down menu. Select the Summary tab from the sidebar and select Back up Now.

restore iphone from backup

Whenever you have a backup, your data uploaded by your phone will show up on your PC. To restore the data, you need to connect the device to a computer and follow the steps above.

2. Use Dr.Fone - Data Recovery


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The ideal way is to back up the iPhone with iTunes. The iTunes program naturally backs up your iPhone data. It turns out to be helpful if you have a backup.

You can use a recovery tool if you don't have a backup. A recovery tool can recover chosen data instead of getting back all the files. In that case, you can attempt the Wondershare Dr.Fone iPhone data recovery program. Dr.Fone is most certainly the best one. It gives simple and fast data recovery answers for recovering all lost documents. It can recover data from iPhone 3GS up to iPhone 14, iPad, and iPod, whether or not you have a backup. You can follow the steps below to recover your data using Dr.Fone:

Step 1. Connect iOS Device with PC

Connect your iPhone 14 and your PC using a USB cable. Then launch the Wondershare Dr.Fone on your PC and go for "Data Recovery".

wondershare drfone interface

The program will show you the following screen when it identifies your phone:

recovery objects

Step 2. Check Your Device for Lost Data on It

Just snap the "Start Scan" button to allow this program to filter your iPhone for erased data. The process might last a couple of moments, depending on your data. During the process, if you see that the data you're searching for is there, tap the "Pause" button.

device scanning

Step 3. See and Recover the Scanned Data

The process will take you some time. You can see a result created by the program after the scan. Data lost and existing on your iPhone 14 are shown in classes. You can look for a particular record by searching for it.


Tips: When you find the data you want, just put the check before its file name. After then, click the "Recover" button at the base right of the window. Naturally, your PC will save the recovered data to your iPhone.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

3. Seek Professional Help

The last thing you can try is to seek a professional's help. They know exactly how to recover your data from a wide range of issues in your iPhone. They will look for the following issues in your device:

  • iPhone's motherboard error
  • Physical damages to the body
  • Software corruption
  • Faulty backup files

The Bottom Line

This guide covers how to restore iPhone 14 and presents easy methods for the readers. All the iPhone data recovery methods recorded above have their pros and cons. Subsequently, the best data recovery method will rely upon your case. However, we recommend you use Wondershare Dr.Fone for quick and easy data recovery. This tool can recover your lost files within no time.

James Davis

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