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Unlocking Secrets: Step-by-Step Guide on How to See Deleted Messages on Close One's Phone

Alice MJ

Feb 29, 2024 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

You may not know what's going on outside your relationship until you recognize the sign of cheating from your partner. Most people admit that they learned about the partner’s affair many years later. Well, while it might have something to do with the trust of their partners, it might also be because they were unaware. You may sense your partner is cheating, but unless you catch them red-handed, you may not have a say on it. In most cases, if your close one is doing something fishy, they will try to destroy any evidence. This could be by deleting any text messages, photos, or videos.

Well, for you to have the evidence, you just need to recover the deleted messages or files from your close ones’ phone. To do this, Dr.Fone - Data Recovery comes to your rescue.

Part 1: Why Should You Recover Your Close One’s Deleted Messages?

Gathering information about a person without their consent can be illegal, and surveillance through a smartphone is also one of these. However, there are quite legal ways to track someone's location – anyone can install special applications for these purposes on a smartphone. 

If you suspect your husband is dating other people or if you want to know what your friends are saying behind your back, or if you want to make sure your kids don’t talk to strangers or bad influencers, then you may be interested in a tool in which you can read deleted text messages for your kids or partners phone, this way you can be up-to-date with everything. Thanks to current technology and without the need to brag or raise suspicions, reading deleted messages for your close ones is easily possible. There are specialized applications on the market to achieve this goal, whether for personal, family, or work reasons, so you will have no difficulties as long as you perform the procedure with competence.

The information you retrieve from the app may be enough to prove that your wife is lying in your relationship. It is imperative to identify this information in order to look for signs of infidelity. For example, if she talks about sex or expresses feelings for another man through their conversation. In some cases, they may talk about gifts and gifts they are exchanging or planning to exchange. You may find that she confesses to another person that she is not married. From the call history, you can identify the person with whom she talks most of the time. The amazing feature of Phone Data Recovery is that you can also recover a WhatsApp conversation. You will be able to see the people she is chatting with. Usually, fraudulent partners can save names on their phones. They could have rescued them as colleagues or relatives. You must deliberately go through all the conversations.

Part 2: How to Retrieve Deleted Files (Include Messages, Photos, etc.)

Should you have any of your partner’s texts on your phone? Text messages, as you all know, are very valuable, and they provide a great deal of information that is extremely important to everyone. Intentionally removing messages may be a sign of suspicious activity and can trigger issues. You'll need a third-party data recovery app if you want to retrieve these files from your close ones’ phone.

The recommended professional file recovery tool: Dr.Fone - Data Recovery, which allows you to recover deleted messages from kid's/ husband’s/wife’s phones easily. With the Dr.Fone - Data Recovery tool, you can recover deleted messages with one click. In addition to text messages, you can also easily recover other files such as videos and photos.

The process of restoring messages through an Android/iPhone gadget and a personal computer is almost no different from each other. All programs follow the same procedure, which is to scan the device, search for deleted data, and restore.

The recovery option via a computer is more suitable for those users whose internal memory is clogged on gadgets and cannot install new programs. Or the phone does not work correctly, the battery is quickly discharged, etc. The more chances of getting lost data back, the faster the necessary measures are taken. Overwriting information with other data reduces the possibility of recovery at times. 

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Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (Android)

World's 1st data retrieval software to recover deleted messages on Android devices or iPhones.

  • It can also be used to recover data from broken devices or devices that are damaged in any other way, such as those stuck in a reboot loop.
  • Highest retrieval rate in the industry.
  • Recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs, and more.
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices.
Available on: Windows
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Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone Data Recovery Tool and connect your phone to your PC.

Dr.Fone Data Recovery software

At the very beginning, please install Wondershare’s Dr.Fone Data Recovery tool on your personal computer and then launch it. You will see the main window on your computer screen. Then, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. If you've never enabled USB debugging on your phone before, you'll need to do a set. There are three methods, you can choose one depending on the OS installed on your device.

Step 2: Analyze your close one’s phone

Once set up, you need to reconnect your phone if asked for a discount during set up. You must make sure that your phone's battery is more than 20% charged so that you can press the Start button for Dr.Fone Data Recovery to analyze your partner’s phone.

Select file types to recover:

Dr.Fone Data Recovery software

Step 3: Scan the Phone for Lost Messages

After the data recovery tool analyzes your close one’s phone, you can scan it now, first go to the phone home screen and then click the “Allow” button. Later, please go back to your computer and click “Start Scan”.

Dr.Fone Data Recovery software

Step 4: Recover Deleted Text Messages on your partner's Phone

After scanning, you can see all recoverable files like photos, contacts, videos, and messages displayed on your computer. Before restoring, you can preview the files. Then mark the messages you want to return and click the “Recover” button.

Dr.Fone Data Recovery software

Dr.Fone - Data Recovery

Wondershare shares with the world its best file recovery software. With this software, you can detect a cheating partner and control who your kids are communicating to. Just download a free trial of the best SMS Recovery for Android and for iOS.

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Alice MJ

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Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

Best iPhone Message Recovery Tool

  • Recovers deleted messages directly, from iCloud, and from iTunes.
  • Compatible with all iOS devices (even of the latest iOS versions).
  • Allows to preview and selectively recover deleted messages and more.
  • Message recovery does not affect existing messages on iPhone.
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