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Best Sword and Shield Builds in Monster Hunter Now 2024


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

monster hunter now logo

Although released in September 2023, Monster Hunter Now is already one of the most popular mobile augmented reality games. There are over 10 million players worldwide, all looking to master the required skills and become the best in the community.

If you’re one of such players, you may look for the best sword and shield builds in Monster Hunter Now to make you resistant and strong during gameplay. We’ve prepared a detailed guide to the sword and shield essentials to boost your experience and become invincible.

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Why Is the Sword and Shield a Viable Build?

Since Monster Hunter Now includes fighting with all sorts of monsters with different strengths, you’ll need proper armor to protect yourself from their hits. That is where shields come into play. If you have a strong enough shield, you can maintain your in-game health and stay alive while killing the enemies. Thus, consider getting the best protection when starting your monster-eliminating quest.

Once you’re protected and tucked away from harm, it’s time to consider elements that will do the damage and, inevitably, kill the monsters. Swords are the most reliable items since they’ll have the most impact, helping you become stronger. Choosing proper swords and shields in Monster Hunter Now is crucial for the best gameplay experience and fewer deaths.

More About Sword and Shield

The sword and shield can be a complex build, so read ahead to learn more.

Characteristics and Unique Aspects of the Sword and Shield Playstyle

The main characteristic of swords and shields in the Monster Hunter Now game is to protect you from enemies while increasing your power and damage. That ultimately means that your character will become stronger and more resistant.

Aside from their different stats, there isn’t much to discuss about swords in the game. On the other hand, quite a few characteristics can make or break your shield. For instance, there’s a shield for different body parts, and you must purchase separate items for each.

One of the best, most unique aspects of playing Monster Hunter Now with the sword and shield build is that you don’t have to sheath your armor. That means you can return to the game faster without prepping your weapons.

Another unique aspect is that the sword and shield will provide a realistic and adrenaline-rushing gameplay experience since you’ll have to be close to the target to take it down.

You’ll have to combine defensive and offensive skills, which makes the sword and shield experience very exciting.

Why Are Mobility and Adaptability Crucial?

monster hunter now gameplay

Monster Hunter Now is a complicated game where you must rely on your skills and build to become the greatest and beat the enemies.

Some of the most crucial skills include mobility and adaptability. Mobility will allow you to move around the target and avoid their attacks. That will keep your health levels high while fighting the enemies.

Adaptability will help you navigate your way around the target, change the weapons, and create mobile game strategies to win. You can make the monsters kneel before you with adaptability and fast reflexes.

Critical Skills to Use for Sword and Shield Builds

Monster Hunter Now is not just about getting the best build and expecting excellent results; builds help enhance your monster-fighting skills. Thus, check out some tips below to help you improve your gameplay and master the art of Monster Hunter Now.

Offensive Skills to Get

You can try the following offensive skills to take your monster-fighting experience to the next level.

1. The Endless Combo

This skill allows you to create consistent damage while not moving. It’s ideal for scenarios where you’ve immobilized or knocked down a monster. To unlock the skill, use the following commands:

Chop (X), Side Slash (X), Twin Blade Combo (X), Lateral Slash (A), Return Stroke (A), Twin Blade Combo (X), Lateral Slash (A), Return Stroke (A), repeat from Twin Blade Combo.

2. Aerial Attacks

Aerial attacks are entertaining yet very damaging skills to have. You can inflict most damage on the enemy while in the air but get little to no health taken away. You can get into the aerial mode by performing a backhop and holding A. Then, you can press X to slice downwards with your sword.

Defensive Skills to Get

After learning how to do the most damage, you should learn how to defend yourself in critical scenarios. You can try the following tips and skills.

1. Try Additional Items

Purchase items that will increase your defense levels, such as gloves, mail, belts, etc. Moreover, opt for items with the most defensive points for the best experience. With a bit of skill and proper equipment, you’ll become invincible.

2. Repositioning Combination

As the term suggests, the repositioning combination will allow you to move around the target, avoiding damage. You can still attack the monster during this process, but keep your health high.

You can enable this move by positioning yourself in aerial mode, inputting the desired direction during Lateral Slash and Return Stroke, and turning them into Shield Attack and Shield Bash.

Raw Damage vs. Elemental Sword and Shield Builds

monster hunter now elemental damage

Every monster in the Monster Hunter Now game has some weak elemental points. For instance, some monsters cannot survive water or fire damage, which can help you take things to your advantage and build weapons accordingly. Elemental damage will help you take the enemy down faster, so consider such builds for a seamless win.

On the other hand, raw damage refers to the physical damage you’ll do to the monster with your sword and shield. Aside from finding the monster’s weak elemental spots, you can boost your raw attacks through your build for the best results. You can choose which of these builds to prioritize during gameplay.

Armors to Use for Sword and Shield Builds

Choosing which armor to use will depend on the monster you’re fighting. However, we’ll present some of the best armors currently available to help you enhance your gameplay and beat your enemies. Check out the list below:

  • Luma Hat– this small accessory will help fill your Special Gauge faster.
  • Girros Mail– once you reach level six, you’ll unlock the Sneak Attack feature, boosting the damage levels.
  • Barroth Mail– the armor piece comes with an offensive guard, which will produce damage while you’re taking an attack.
  • Barroth Helm– you’ll get Defense Boost, which will increase your power if you successfully prevent an attack.

These are just some armor pieces that will help you with your gameplay.

barroth helm from monster hunter now

Weapons and Augmentations for Sword and Shield Builds

You’re in the right place if you don’t know which weapons to choose for your Monster Hunter Now journey. We’ll present some of the best weapons and augmentations to boost your gameplay. However, you can explore more and find elements that fit your gameplay preferences best. Here’s a list of top weapons and augmentations:

  • Blazing Edge– this fire-based sword will increase your attack and damage levels. With each new sword level, you’ll get more power, enabling you to take down even the strongest enemies.
  • Girros Knife– don’t let the small blade fool you; the Girros Knife comes with a Sneak Attack that deals the most damage once you reach level 8. However, you may need more skills to work with this sword as it requires a smaller distance from the target.
  • Blooming Knife– similar to the Girros Knife, the Blooming Knife also comes with a Sneak Attack feature that will increase 30% once you reach level 5. That may be your ideal choice if you want an aesthetically pleasing sword that delivers significant damage.

Once you choose your weapon, you can select specific augmentations created for it to unlock its full potential and go super Saiyan.

blooming knife level 3

Additional Tips and Combos to Use

After selecting your blade in Monster Hunter Now, research its capabilities and combos to increase damage. Every blade has different combos to help you take down the target, so check out some of the most interesting below:

  • Demon Sky Dance Combo– you can perform this combination with a dual blade. The hunter will go into the air and slash the monster multiple times while avoiding damage.
  • Perfect Rush Combo– this combination is available for all swords. The hunter will attack the target with the shield and the sword, making it an ideal attack without compromising HP.
  • Heavenly Blade Dance– similar to Demon Sky Dance, the hunter will ascend into the air, but this time, you’ll perform a series of deadly strokes, which will last until your target is defeated.

Mastering these combos may be difficult, especially if you’re a first-time player. Thus, we have prepared some additional tips to help you beat the monsters faster before trying the combos above.

  • Always go for the monster’s head– if the monster receives multiple strikes on the head, it’ll start losing more and more power and become too weak to defend itself.
  • Learn when to guard– the monsters will have powerful attacks, so you must learn to go into defensive mode when things don’t seem too bright.
  • Practice– you must practice to become powerful enough to take down your enemies. So, if you play daily and try new combos and weapons, you’ll become indestructible.

Bonus: How to Quickly Reach Your Sword and Shield Build

Since Monster Hunter Now is an augmented reality game, you may be unable to create your perfect build if you don’t visit the required physical locations. Such games rely on “collecting” items in certain places, thus boosting your performance and gameplay. If you don’t have the time to move around the city and get the ultimate build, we’re here to help.

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You can use a program that can take you anywhere from the comfort of your home. Wondershare Dr.Fone can help you manage and control your device’s features and elements, including the physical location. Thus, you can teleport anywhere in the world with this app and collect the items accordingly.

As soon as you see that there’s an item you can collect, you can download Wondershare Dr.Fone – Virtual Location to your desktop device and follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your phone to the desktop using a USB cable.

connecting the phone to the desktop

  1. Choose the desired mode to change your GPS location (Teleport, Simulate, Fluctuation, etc.).
  2. Search for the desired location in the top bar and press Enter.

adding the location

  1. Confirm the location by clicking the Move Here

confirming the location

Once you complete all these steps, you’ll appear at the location without taking an actual step. Then, you can check your phone and its location and start playing Monster Hunter Now to get your perfect build.


Monster Hunter Now is one of the most entertaining and visually pleasing augmented reality games. Its enhanced graphics and real-time experiences make it stand out. If you want to master the game, you’ll need proper weapons and armor, which was the topic of this article. We’ve explored this game’s best swords, shields, and additional items and presented those that will enhance your experience.

If you’re having issues getting your desired build, get Wondershare Dr.Fone to change your virtual location. It’ll allow you to be virtually anywhere worldwide and access all the goodies you need to become the mightiest player.

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