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Monster Hunter Now Not Compatible – Everything to Know


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

monster hunter now theme screen

Monster Hunter Now is one of smartphones’ most popular geo-based video games. Capcom published and developed this action RPG game, and players can rely on this company regarding quality titles. The core gameplay of Monster Hunter Now is about hunting and defeating monsters in different locations.

Players are hunters who journey to find and defeat various mythical creatures. The game combines combat mechanics, understanding monsters, carefully planning your strategy, and character-building. It is an exciting game that has quickly gathered many players worldwide.

If you’re interested in playing this game, you must know its requirements and compatibility constraints, including Monster Hunter Now not working on some devices. We’ll discuss everything about MH Now compatibility, but let’s first overview the game itself.

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Part 1. Monster Hunter Now – General Overview

monster hunter now gameplay

The core gameplay of Monster Hunter Now is engaging in epic battles against mythical monsters. Every monster has unique weaknesses, patterns, and behaviors that require players to adjust their approach and change strategies.

There are many weapons in MH Now, all more or less suited to specific strengths or playstyles. Players can use bows, hammers, swords, and other weapons. When hunting and defeating monsters, players acquire materials that allow them to craft armor and weapons, so it’s essential to look for suitable monsters, depending on your build.

Your gear gives various defense and attack bonuses that can help you improve your combat style and defeat stronger monsters. You can also work with other players to finish quests together and experience a more challenging and strategic approach to the game.

Part 2. Monster Hunter Now Compatibility Issues

monster hunter now not compatible

Monster Hunter Now Compatibility Hardware requirements Compatible versions Network & tracking
Android Snapdragon 855 CPU or higher, 3 GB of RAM or higher, 720x1280 pixels or higher 64-bit versions, Android 7 or higher 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Location Based Services, GPS
iOS Apple A11 Bionic, 3 GB of RAM or higher, 750x1334 pixels or higher iPhone 8 or higher with iOS 1 or higher 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Location Based Services, GPS

It’s important to mention that users with rooted phones can’t play this game. At the same time, the game’s resolution is optimized for mobile devices only and doesn’t look good on tablets. The game doesn’t currently support the latest iOS version, and you can’t play Monster Hunter Now on jailbroken phones.

The game requires around 200 MB for the installation and about 750 MB for the whole thing. Remember that using a minimum requirements device doesn’t mean you can run the game smoothly and can expect limited performance and lags. However, consider changing the settings to a minimum for smoother operation.

Part 3. How to Check Compatibility

monster hunter now split screen

Checking compatibility for MH Now is similar to any other game. Start by visiting the official website and checking the current supported devices, requirements, and compatibility information.

Once you’ve done that, check your smartphone numbers and see whether they can support this video game. The best way to do it quickly depends on your operating system.

Check the Specifications of Your Smartphone

You can see all the specs of your Android phone through the Settings app. Your phone stores details about hardware specs, software information, Android version, security patch level, etc. Simply put, you get more information than you need to determine whether you can play Monster Hunter Now on your smartphone.

Here are the steps to checking your Android phone specifications:

  1. Swipe up on the Homescreen and tap Settings.

accessing settings on android

  1. Tap Systemand then About phone.

about phone on android

  1. You can see all crucial information here, including hardware specs, Android versions, and phone models.

about phone information on android

The process is similar on iPhone devices. However, you can’t get as much information as needed, but you can get the essentials that can help you determine whether Monster Hunter Now is compatible with your iPhone.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Settings

settings app on iphone

  1. Tap General > About.

settings window on iphone

  1. You can see all the relevant information, including your phone’s name, iOS software version, model, Wi-Fi address, etc.

about phone information on iphone

Common Errors Indicating Compatibility Issues

incompatible device for monster hunter now

If you’re having problems running Monster Hunter Now and aren’t sure if they are compatibility issues, several scenarios might indicate that Monster Hunter Now is incompatible with your device.

  • Monster Hunter Now won’t download: If you’ve tried downloading Monster Hunter Now from the App Store or Google Play Store and received a message saying, “Not compatible with this device,” the game doesn’t support your phone or operating system.

In other situations, the download won’t start or will be interrupted immediately. However, that could also mean you don’t have enough space on your device, or your country has simply banned the game.

  • Monster Hunter Now won’t start: In some cases, you might be able to download Monster Hunter Now even though it’s incompatible with your device. After installing and running the app, you might get errors, or the app won’t start.
  • Gameplay issues: There are various online guides to downloading Monster Hunter Now outside official stores and trying to run them on incompatible smartphones or tablets. Even if you do it successfully, remember you will have various gameplay and graphics problems. At the same time, you won’t get any support, and your account could get a ban.

Community Support

monster hunter now subreddit

If you cannot determine whether or not Monster Hunter Now is compatible with your device, you can always turn to the community for support. Some people even encounter issues on newer mobile devices, but that is usually the cause of underlying software problems or bugs.

Regardless of the issue, you can always look for answers on Reddit, where players discuss the best smartphone specifications, specific model problems, and ways to deal with errors if the game supports your phone. Monster Hunter Now’s developers are continually updating the game, and the company hasn’t released additional information about compatibility and platform support.

That’s why you can expect to get more information from players who have tried playing on different devices. If none of these suggestions help you run the game, you must buy a new smartphone compatible with MH Now.

Bonus: How to Quickly Progress in the Game

monster hunter now monsters

Monster Hunter Now is a beginner-friendly game, but it has depth. You can play the game immediately, but you must learn a few tricks to be better than other players.

Focus On the Story to Progress Faster

What if you become bored of repeatedly fighting the same monsters? You can unlock more. How do you do that? It’s simple: just focus on the story and the main quests to progress through the game.

You will have to fight the same monsters for some time, but after you complete several big quests, you will start encountering other stronger monsters that will give you other materials.

Use Location Changers to Progress Faster

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One of the critical elements of Monster Hunter Now is constant movement. Players must move physically to find and locate monsters in the virtual environment. Sadly, many players can’t move around and go to different places.

Some people are disabled, others live in inaccessible locations, and some simply don’t have the time to go outside after a busy day at work. That means their progress is slow, and they can’t enjoy it as much. To level up faster, you can use Wondershare Dr.Fone Virtual Location to simulate movement, change location quickly, and find monsters.

You can virtually move anywhere worldwide, but use it moderately and travel realistic distances with “natural” speed to avoid getting a ban.

Elemental Advantage Is Important

When fighting mightier and more challenging monsters, your primary focus should be getting an elemental advantage.

For example, some monsters are weaker against paralysis weapons. Using them can give you a serious advantage that could be the difference between winning and losing. Instead of using items and armor that are generally favorable, focus on targeting weaknesses to get the upper hand.

Small Monsters Matter

Small monsters get old quickly. You will need a couple of hits to deal with them. Many people start ignoring them after a while, but these monsters give you multiple benefits.

First, they give unique drops necessary for weapon and armor upgrades. At the same time, fighting those monsters helps you build your Special Skill gauge, which can be valuable against challenging monsters.


Use the information we’ve shared here to learn if Monster Hunter Now is compatible with your device. You can only play the game if you have a supported device. However, the developers are working on expanding the number of supported devices and platforms.

Monster Hunter Now is a fascinating and fun game everyone enjoys, so don’t miss out. If you have to, buy a different smartphone that supports the game. However, check beforehand if players have had any issues playing the game with that device. Good luck!

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