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Monster Hunter Now Special Skills: Everything You Need to Know


Jan 22, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

special skills in monster hunter now

Inspired by Pokemon Go, Monster Hunter Now is a new, real-world-based Niantic-made Monster Hunter game.

Using augmented reality (AR), the game lets you hunt enormous opponents in the real world, facing off terror-inducing monsters as you walk around your neighborhood. You can fight them with various weapons or in different styles and use special skills to bring these monsters down quickly.

Today, we’ll explore these Monster Hunter Now special skills, teach you how to unlock them, and show you how to use them to increase your hunter’s damage. Stick with us to learn everything you need about special skills in Monster Hunter Now.

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What Are Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now?

what are special skills?

Special skills in Monster Hunter Now are advanced attacks you can use to deal heavy damage when hunting monsters. These skills take your hunting abilities to the next level, allowing you to unlock the true potential of your hunter or the hunting weapon of your choice.

On top of unleashing powerful attacks and doing massive damage to the monster, the special skills also make you invulnerable for a short period, making them necessary in more challenging boss battles. That’s why unlocking them as soon as possible is highly recommended.

Monster Hunter Now Types of Special Skills

types of special skills

Your hunter’s special skills depend on the weapon you’re using. As of right now, there are eight types of weapons. As each weapon has a different special skill, there are also eight types of special skills, including the following:

  • Perfect Rush Combo– This attack lets you unleash a series of powerful consecutive attacks using a Sword and Shield weapon combo, making it an ideal balance of offense and defense;
  • True Charged Slash– Players who prefer a Great Sword can deal massive damage with a True Charged Slash, a powerful slash attack based on this colossal blade that focuses on the offense;
  • Spirit Helm Breaker– Unlike the Great Sword, a Long Sword allows you to activate a jump-and-slash attack from above. This attack, known as the Spirit Helm Breaker, gives you more speed and precision;
  • Spinning Bludgeon– Players wielding a Hammer can unlock the Spinning Bludgeon, a blunt-force hammer attack that bashes the monster after a series of swings;
  • Wyvernblast Counter– Those who prefer fighting monsters from a distance and using a Light Bowgun can use the Wyvernblast Counter special skill, which fires an explosive bullet that you can pick depending on the monster you’re fighting;
  • Dragon Piercer– Another special skill you can activate from a safe distance is the Dragon Piercer. You’ll need to wield a bow for this type of attack, and it’ll charge up to four levels, allowing you to unleash different types of arrows;
  • Dash Attack– Monster Hunter Now players that like staying on the defense will likely prefer a Lance among the many weapons. However, even this weapon has a heavy attack – the Dash Attack is a special skill that penetrates the monster’s defenses;
  • Heavenly Blade Dance– Those preferring to stay agile in fights against massive monsters will love Dual Blades and a special skill these weapons let you activate – Heavenly Blade Dance. Once activated, it puts the player into Demon Mode, allowing them to slice and dice the monster with highly mobile attacks.

Niantic, the company behind this epic mobile game, has recently added two of the abovementioned eight weapons – Dash Attack and Heavenly Blade Dance. They’ve also promised that more weapons and special skills are coming soon, and we can’t wait to try these out.

How to Get Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now

While special skills in Monster Hunter Now aren’t available from the start, using one such attack is included in the Prologue, meaning you’ll unlock special skills after a few minutes of gameplay. To be precise, you’ll need to Overgrade your weapon of choice and unlock the skill with the weapon’s Grade 2.

However, this only unlocks the special skills. To truly experience their utmost potential and deal heavy damage in your monster hunts, you must level up your armor, weapons, and abilities, unleashing the true power of the special skills and slashing even the most challenging opponents.

You can do this in a few ways, so let’s dive right into these.

Through Progression and Leveling Up

Playing the campaign and progressing through the story mode is the obvious choice. That’ll require leaving the house and encountering monsters in the real world with the help of augmented reality (AR). You can gather supplies like Iron, Machalite, Dragonite, and Zenny to level your hunter, overgrade weapons, and improve your special skills.

As you’re likely aware, Monster Hunter Now is a mobile-based game that combines the real world with AR, meaning you’ll need to carry your phone or tablet to encounter monsters and enjoy this epic game. However, that’s not the only way to enjoy Monster Hunter Now, as you can also change your virtual location and trick the game into thinking you’re on the move.

GPS spoofing apps like Wondershare Dr.Fone offer virtual location-changing tools, allowing Monster Hunter Now players to enjoy the game without moving. This Windows and macOS app features a one-click location changer, letting you teleport or simulate your mobile device’s GPS location. Here’s how you can do that:

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    1. Download Wondershare Dr.Fone from the official websiteand install it on your computer.
    2. Head to Toolboxin the upper left corner and select Virtual Location.

      wondershare dr.fone user interface

    3. Connect your mobile device to the computer via USB or Wi-Fi.
    4. Once connected, select the Teleport Modein the upper right corner (the first icon on the left).

      use the teleport mode

    5. Choose a location and hit Enterto activate it.

      add a virtual location

    6. Confirm the location change by hitting the Move Here.

move to the added virtual location

And that’s all you’ll need to do. The computer app will now display the selected virtual location as your genuine location. You can also check and confirm your location on a mobile device by opening the maps app and verifying if the location matches your computer’s.

Of course, you can also use the Jump Teleport Mode to quickly change between multiple virtual locations and simulate movement, making it an even better option for Monster Hunter Now. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

    1. Instead of Teleport Mode, use the Jump Teleport Modebutton (the second icon on the left).

use the jump teleport mode

    1. Select and add multiple virtual locations on the map, then tap the Start Moving.

start moving between added virtual locations

    1. Navigate between the added locations by tapping Next Pointor Last Point to move backward.

navigate between multiple virtual locations

The simulated movements between these locations will be perfect for playing Monster Hunter Now, allowing you to encounter numerous monsters and quickly progress through the game without leaving the comfort of your home.

Complete Challenges and Make Achievements

As Monster Hunter Now is based on real-world locations, every day and every walk will provide a new set of challenges you can complete.

These challenges and achievements offer an additional way to gather the necessary supplies, improve your gear and weapons, and level up your special skills. Watch out for these, and complete them as soon as possible, as they’re likely to reset the following day.

Some of the Best Skills in Monster Hunter

On top of the eight weapons and their special skills, the Monster Hunter Now RPG also features a series of other equipment skills. These skills can be categorized into three groups, including the following:

Offensive Skills

Skills solely focused on building up your attack power and helping you deal heavy damage or perform devastating combos are known as offensive skills. Some of the best offense skills in Monster Hunter Now include the following:

  • Skyward Striker improves your aerial attacks;
  • Resentment increases your attack power when you take damage;
  • Critical Eye increases affinity;
  • Focus decreases your Spirit Gauge charge time;
  • Burst increases attack power when you land consecutive hits.

There are more than 20 offensive skills in the game, and the best way to find one that suits your style is to try them out. These skills will allow you to unleash powerful attacks and deal more damage.

Defensive Skills

If you’re having trouble surviving monster encounters, you might want to look into the various defensive skills. They include various Resistance and Boost spells, including the following:

  • Tremor Resistance reduces the effects of ground tremors;
  • Poison Resistance prevents poisoning;
  • Paralysis Resistance decreases the chances of paralysis;
  • Health Boost increases health;
  • Defense Boost improves your defenses.

Defensive skills allow you to survive challenging monster hunts, take less damage, and ensure you stay alive during clashes with mighty monsters.

Utility Skills

Besides improving your powerful attacks and increasing your survivability, Monster Hunter Now also includes utility skills, enhancing the various aspects of your hunting performance. Here are a few examples:

  • The Windproof skill reduces the effects of wind pressure;
  • Concentration helps you charge special skills much quicker;
  • Paralysis Attack improves your weapon’s paralysis buildup;
  • Slugger increases your hunter’s stun power;
  • Lock On lets you target specific monster body parts.

Choosing the right one can feel overwhelming as there are more than ten different utility skills, but trying them out will make this choice much more manageable.

How to Combine Special Skills for Best Results

combine special skills and armor

While Monster Hunter Now lets players pick their favorite game styles and weapons, it also includes dozens of different combinations of armor that improve the hunter’s skills. Navigating these sets and equipment skills can be challenging, especially for beginners, but there are ways you can go about it.

Namely, many experienced players have already significantly advanced in the game, trying different play styles, weapons, and armor and finding excellent combinations that work well together. Finding these is a quick search away, and you can customize them to your play style or weapon of choice or change equipment based on the monster you’re hunting.


Monster Hunter Now is a terrific new RPG that lets players hunt giant monsters in the real world with the help of augmented reality (AR) technology. Here, users can try different play styles, weapons, and armor and use special skills to deal more damage and quickly defeat massive opponents.

However, finding your way around equipment choices, weapons, and special skills can be challenging, so we’ve created a detailed guide on unlocking and using these skills.

Moreover, we’ve shown you an excellent way of progressing through the game without walking, as apps like Wondershare Dr.Fone can change your virtual location, trick the game into letting you encounter monsters wherever you are, and let you play from the comfort of your home.

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