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How to Delete WhatsApp Backup: 5 Easy Ways

Feb 29, 2024 • Filed to: Data Wipe Solutions • Proven solutions

Have you ever asked yourself if your phone really needs all those WhatsApp backups?

Is your phone running out of space? Or slowing down when you try to take photos or use apps? Or you may be worried about someone seeing your old chats. These are common issues that many of us face. Deleting the WhatsApp backup is what you need.

By getting rid of Whatsapp backups, you not only free up space but also protect your privacy. It's a smart way to give your phone a life. This guide will walk you through how to delete backup from whatsapp. Let's keep your device clean and your mind stress-free. Ready for a simpler, lighter phone experience?

Part 1. Why Do You Need to Delete WhatsApp Chat Backup?

Before deleting your WhatsApp chat backups, you should understand why it is a good idea. Here are some simple reasons:

  • Backups can include private conversations. If they're kept online, they're at risk of being hacked.
  • Getting rid of them helps protect old, sensitive chats.
  • They take up a lot of space in cloud storage, so deleting them frees up room.
  • Removing backups from your phone can improve its performance.
  • If you switch phones a lot, too many backups can become confusing.
  • Deleting old chats can feel like making a fresh start. This is important when you're moving on from past conversations.

However, check your backups for anything important you might need before deleting them. It's a good idea to save certain chats if necessary.

Part 2. Five Ways to Delete WhatsApp Backup

Deleting your WhatsApp chat backup is a good method if you want to clean up your digital space. These backups can take a lot of space and keep chat that you don't need anymore.

Getting rid of them helps you to make enough space and keep your info safe. Below are the five easy steps to delete WhatsApp backup. So you can keep your data safe and manage storage effectively.

Method 1. Remove WhatsApp Backup on Device Directly?

One of the practical steps to manage your privacy and data is to remove WhatsApp backup directly from your device. These backups can carry outdated or sensitive information. Also, they occupy a significant space. Follow the below easy steps to delete WhatsApp backup on your device directly.

Step 1 To start, load the "Settings" app and go to the "General" Option. After that, tap on it right.

Step 2 Now click on the "iPhone Storage" option. Then, "WhatsApp Messenger" on the next screen.

Go to Settings, General, and then iPhone Storage.

Step 3 Finally, press the Delete App option. That's it!

Delete WhatsApp Application.

This will remove all the WhatsApp photos, chats, videos, and documents from your device.

Method 2. Delete WhatsApp Message Backup From Google Drive?

Are you looking to clean up your digital space? Starting with your Google Drive can be a great step. Specifically, deleting old WhatsApp message backups can free up a lot of room. This section is for anyone who wants to declutter their online storage.

We'll focus on removing WhatsApp backups from Google Drive. The below steps will tell you how to delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive.

Step 1 Firstly, go to the Google Drive application on your Android device. Then, in the top left-hand corner of the screen, click the menu bar.

Step 2 Select backups from the side menu to access the backups.

Select Backups from the Side Menu to Delete WhatsApp Backup

Step 3 Now, you can see a list of the backups available. Next to your WhatsApp backup, click the three horizontal dots.

Step 4 Tap the option to delete the backup of WhatsApp.

Tap the Delete Backup Option

Step 5 Now, confirm your action by confirming the Delete option.

Click the Delete Button to Delete WhatsApp Backup.

Method 3. Remove Backup Messages from WhatsApp on iCloud

Do you want to free up space on your iCloud? One effective way is by removing WhatsApp backup messages. This section is for those who wish to streamline their iCloud storage. Let's discuss the way to easy digital cleanup! The step-by-step guide below will tell you how to delete backup of WhatsApp on iCloud.

Step 1 Firstly, go to settings on your iPhone. Next, at the bottom of the screen, tap your name.

Step 2 Then, open your iCloud settings by tapping iCloud from the following page.

Go to iCloud to Delete WhatsApp Backup

Step 3 Tap on manage storage when you are in the iCloud.

Step 4 Here, you can adjust your iCloud storage plan. Also, you can view how much space each app takes. Tap WhatsApp Messenger from the list of available apps to access its backup on iCloud.

Tap on WhatsApp Messenger

Step 5 Now, Click on delete data to delete Whatsapp backup on iCloud.

Step 6 Here, you will see a popup asking for confirmation. To confirm the action, tap delete again. Now, you can successfully delete WhatsApp backups on iCloud.

Tap Delete to Confirm the Action.

Method 4. Delete Chat Backup in WhatsApp from Internal Storage

Want to clear up some space on your phone? A good place to start is with your WhatsApp chat backups. In this section, we will look at how to delete backup in WhatsApp from your device's internal storage. Let's make managing your digital space easy!

Step 1 Go to Files Manager or the Files app.

Step 2 Open your SD Card or Internal Storage. In the list of folders and files in your storage, open the WhatsApp folder.

Step 3 After opening the WhatsApp folder, you can see the folders. Open the folder named Database.

Go to the Database in the WhatsApp Folder.

Step 4 Select any file on your device and click delete. Or you can select all from the toggle at the top of the left corner. Finally, you will be able to delete WhatsApp backup from your device.

That's all about it. If you find this method difficult, we have enlisted the easiest one in the next section.

Method 5. Bonus Tip: Delete WhatsApp Backup Permanently with Dr.Fone

Looking for a surefire way to delete your WhatsApp backups for good? This bonus tip is just for you. We'll explain how to use Dr.Fone from Wondershare, a popular tool, for this task. This section is for those who want a permanent solution to backup removal.

Dr. Fone is a complete solution to manage, repair, and secure your mobile data. It's particularly helpful for WhatsApp users who want to delete WhatsApp chat backups. It shows wide compatibility. So you can use it for both iOS and Android.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (Android)

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Moreover, its intuitive interface makes it accessible for even beginners. You can also use it to transfer WhatsApp data between iOS and Android devices. Now, let’s discuss how this amazing tool works. Follow the below steps to learn how to delete WhatsApp Backup permanently using Dr.Fone Data Eraser.

Step 1 Before starting, download and install Dr.Fone on your computer. Then, from the options, select Data Eraser.

Choose Data Eraser to delete WhatsApp Backup

Step 2 Firstly, plug in your phone to your computer via the USB cable. First, ensure that USB debugging is enabled on your device. Do it if it’s not enabled.

Step 3 As the device connection process completes, click the Start button to proceed further.

Click the Start Button.

Step 4 Dr.Fone Data Eraser will ask you to confirm the process. Enter 000000 in the box and click erase now.

Click on Erase Now to Confirm Your Action.

Step 5 Dr.Fone - Data Eraser will scan and erase the data available on your phone. It will erase everything on your device permanently. However, ensure not to disconnect your device from the computer.

Erasing Data From Your Device to Delete WhatsApp Backup

Step 6 Dr. Fone by Wondershare has successfully deleted all the data from your device.

Data Erased Successfully to Delete WhatsApp Backup.

That's all about using Dr.Fone to delete WhatsApp backups from your device permanently. Now, let's conclude our discussion.

Final Words

To wrap up, it is a great way to delete WhatsApp backup and tidy up your digital space.

It's simple and keeps your info safe and your device smooth. By following these steps, you quickly clear out old data. This makes your device work better and gives you peace of mind. Go ahead and clean up your digital area. It's quick, easy, and worth it!

Plus, using tools like Dr.Fone adds an extra layer of ease. This tool will also help you get rid of WhatsApp backups permanently. It's handy for those tricky backups. A cleaner phone means an easier life. So, start now and enjoy a lighter, better phone experience.

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