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How Can I Delete Pre-installed Android Apps-2024 Full Guide

Daisy Raines

Mar 08, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Many Android phones come with pre-installed apps, also known as bloatware. While some of these preloaded apps can be useful, others may be unnecessary and simply take up storage space. If you want to know how to delete preinstalled apps on your Android device, it is possible to do so and free up storage.

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This guide will walk you through the steps to how to delete pre installed android apps. We'll cover how to delete preinstalled apps both temporarily by disabling them and completely by uninstalling them from your system. By following these simple steps, you can take control of your Android device, remove bloatware apps, and improve performance.

Part 1: Delete Pre Installed Android Apps Using Settings

When you first get your new Android phone, you'll notice it comes preloaded with apps - some from the manufacturer, some from your mobile carrier, and some from Google. While some of these preinstalled apps, also known as bloatware, can be useful, others just take up space and battery life. If you want to delete preinstalled apps on your Android device, you can do so right from the Settings app. Here's how to uninstall and remove unwanted apps that came on your phone or tablet.

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Step 1: First, click on the Settings app on your Android phone. You can find this either on your notification panel when you swipe down or it will be there on your app drawer.

Step 2: Once in Settings, tap on "Apps & notifications" or "Apps". On some phones this may be labeled "Application manager" or "Apps info".

Step 3: Here you will see a list of all apps installed on your device. Scroll through and look for any apps you want to delete. Tap on the app.

Step 4: If the app is uninstallable, you will see an "Uninstall" button. Go ahead and tap this to remove the app completely from your Android.

Step 6: You can also force stop apps this way. Tap the "Force stop" button to force close an app. Use this for preinstalled apps that can't be disabled or removed.

By uninstalling unwanted preloaded apps, you can free up storage space, speed up your Android, and increase battery life. It also gives you control over bloatware taking up space on your device. With these simple steps, you can customize your Android device, delete bloatware apps, and improve performance. Removing unnecessary pre-installed apps helps declutter your phone and tablet.

Part 2: Delete Pre Installed Android Apps Using Google Play

While few pre-installed apps can be useful, you may want to remove unnecessary ones taking up space. Instead of using the Settings app, you can also uninstall apps directly through the Google Play Store.

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Here are the steps to remove pre installed apps on android using the Play Store:

Step 1: Open the Play Store app on your Android device. You can find this on your home screen, app drawer, or search for it.

Step 2: Tap the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner to open the side menu.

Step 3: Select "My apps & games" from the menu. This will show you a list of all apps installed on your device from the Play Store.

Step 4: Scroll through the list and browse apps. Look for any apps you want to uninstall that came preloaded on your phone.

Step 5: Tap on the app you want to remove. This will open the app's page in the Play Store. On the app's page, tap the "Uninstall" button near the top.

Step 6: Confirm that you want to uninstall when prompted. The app will be removed from your Android phone or tablet.

Step 7: Repeat these steps for other preinstalled apps you want to delete to free up space and increase performance.

Following these steps allows you to take control of bloatware and preloaded apps. By uninstalling unnecessary apps, you can speed up your Android device and improve battery life. Removing unwanted preinstalled apps declutters your phone and maximizes storage.

Part 3: Delete Pre Installed Android Apps By Disabling Bloatware

Here is another option to remove preloaded apps from your Android device. First, try disabling unwanted apps instead of fully uninstalling them. Here's how:

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Step 1: Open the Play Store and go to the app's page. Uninstall any updates to revert it to the original version.

Step 2: Now go to Settings > Apps & notifications and select the app.

Step 3: Tap Permissions and disable any you don't want the app to have. This keeps it limited if you ever re-enable it.

Step 4: Finally, tap Disable. This will turn off the app so it can't run or use resources. Press OK to confirm.

Disabling pre-installed apps you don't use can improve performance without deleting them entirely. However, some apps may be tied to core phone functions. Note any warnings before disabling.

If you want to permanently remove bloatware, you can root your Android. Rooting gives you "superuser" access to delete system apps and install custom firmware.

Pros of rooting include:

  • Removing Bloatware
  • Customizing Android
  • Strengthening Security

Cons of rooting include:

  • Increased Responsibility For Operation
  • Potential To "Brick" The Device If Things Go Wrong
  • Voiding Manufacturer Warranty.

Rooting is not for everyone. But if you're comfortable with the risks, it lets you take full control and delete otherwise irremovable apps.

By disabling or uninstalling preloaded bloatware you don't need, you can free up storage space and system resources. Your Android will run faster and improve battery life. Carefully weigh the options to reclaim your phone from unnecessary apps.

Part 4: Delete Pre Installed Android Apps Using The App Drawer

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Follow these simple steps to delete those unwanted apps right from your app drawer:

Step 1: Open up your app drawer on your Android home screen. On most phones, you can access the app drawer by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. This shows you all installed apps.

Step 2: Browse through the apps and look for any you want to delete that came pre-installed by the manufacturer or carrier. These could include weather apps, news apps, video services, etc.

Step 3: Once you spot an app you don't want, press and hold your finger on the app icon. After a second, you'll feel a vibration and see a pop-up menu.

Step 4: On the pop-up menu, tap the "Uninstall" option. This will start the process of removing the app from your device.

Step 5: A message will appear confirming that you want to uninstall the app. Go ahead and tap the "OK" button to delete the pre-installed app.

Step 6: Repeat these steps for any other bloatware apps you want to remove from your Android phone. The app icons will disappear from your app drawer when fully uninstalled.

Following this easy process allows you to free up storage space and get rid of manufacturer or carrier apps you have no use for. Your Android phone will run faster without all that extra bloatware taking up resources.

However, not all pre-installed apps can be fully uninstalled this way. Some core apps are only able to be disabled. You'll know an app can't be deleted if you don't see the uninstall option.

With just a few taps, you can take control of your new phone and remove unwanted apps. Declutter your app drawer and customize your Android by following these steps to delete bloatware.

Part 5: Bonus-How to Delete Pre Installed Apps On Android Using Dr.Fone

If the standard methods for removing preloaded apps don't work, you may need a more powerful tool. Wondershare Dr.Fone is an excellent program that gives you full control over the apps on your Android device. Here is a guide on how to use Dr.Fone to delete pre installed apps on android:

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Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (Android)

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Step 1: First, download Dr.Fone on your computer and install it. Make sure you get the Android version.

Step 2: Next, connect your Android phone to your computer using the provided USB cable. Dr.Fone will automatically detect your device.

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Step 3: On the Dr.Fone main screen, click on the "Toolbox" option. In the Toolbox, select the "App Manager" module.

This will scan your connected Android phone and load information on all its apps. Dr.Fone App Manager gives you a comprehensive list of every app installed on the device.

Step 4: Scroll through the list and browse the pre-installed apps. When you find bloatware or an app you want to remove, check the box next to it.

Step 5: Near the top of the screen, click on the "Uninstall" button. Dr.Fone will now uninstall and delete the selected preloaded apps from your Android system.

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Step 6: You can also use Dr.Fone to export app data, clear app caches, and install new apps effortlessly. It makes managing your Android's apps a breeze.

The key benefit of Dr.Fone is it uninstalls’ system apps other methods can't remove. With root access, Dr.Fone provides the ultimate solution for deleting stubborn preloaded apps.

So if you need to deeply clean up your Android device, Dr.Fone App Manager is a recommended tool. It allows you to easily take control and remove unwanted bloatware and free up valuable storage space on any Android device.


Getting a new Android phone often means dealing with pre-installed bloatware apps. While some manufacturer or carrier apps can be useful, many are unnecessary and take up space. Thankfully, you can uninstall or disable preloaded apps on your Android device. Using the Settings menu, Google Play Store, or apps like Dr.Fone, you can delete unwanted preinstalled apps. Removing bloatware improves performance, frees up storage, and increases battery life. With a few simple steps, you can take control of your Android phone and remove excess apps not needed. Learning how to uninstall preinstalled bloatware is a great way to optimize and customize your new phone to your liking.

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