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5 Ways to Restart Android Phone without Power Button

James Davis

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

Android smartphones come with plenty of high-end features. Nevertheless, there are times when a software or hardware component can malfunction. We have observed plenty of users complaining about their unresponsive Power button. If your power button is not working properly, then don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to restart Android without the power button. In this guide, we've posted the 6 best ways to teach you how to restart Android phones without the power button.

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Proceed for an in-depth step-by-step guide on restarting an Android phone without a power button, including potential issues and recommendations.

Let’s get it started!

Part 1: Turn on Android Without Power Button (When the Screen is OFF)

Ideally, you would need to restart the phone without the power button when it is either on or off. Firstly, we will provide the 3 best methods to teach you how to wake up the screen without a power button when it is still switched off. You can easily consider any of these alternatives to restart your phone.

Method 1: Plug your Android phone into a charger

Chances are that your phone could have simply turned off due to a low battery. You can just connect it to a charger and wait for it to wake up on its own. If your phone’s battery is drained off entirely, then you got to wait for a few minutes. You can get to know about its battery status from an on-screen indicator as well. If this is the case, then it means that nothing major is wrong with your device. Additionally, it might imply that the power button is not working because your phone is not charged enough. After when your phone’s battery gets charged, try to test your power button once again, as it might be working without any problem.

Plug in your Android phone to a charger

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Method 2: Restart from the boot menu

The boot menu or commonly known as the recovery mode can be used to resolve plenty of issues on phones. Most of the time, it is used to factory reset a device or clear its cache, but it can also be used to perform various other tasks. If your phone is not getting restarted with the power button, then you can also do the same by entering its boot menu.

  • Step 1. Firstly, come up with the correct key combination to enter your phone’s recovery menu. This can change from one device to another. Most of the time, one can get the recovery menu by long-pressing the Home, Power, and Volume up button simultaneously. Some other popular key combinations are Home + Volume up + Volume down, Home + Power button, Home + Power + Volume Down, and so on.
  • Step 2. As soon as you get the recovery menu option, you can let go of the keys. Now, using your volume up and down buttons, you can navigate the options and use your home button to make a selection. By doing so, select the option of “Reboot system now” and simply wake up your device without any problem.

reboot system now

Method 3: Restart Android with ADB (USB debugging enabled)

If you are still not able to restart Android without the power button, then you can take the assistance of ADB (Android Debug Bridge). Though, before you proceed, you need to ensure that the USB Debugging feature on your phone has already been turned on. You can easily do this by following these steps and restart the phone without the power button.

  • Step 1. To start with, download Android Studio and SDK tools from its official developer website right here. Install it on your system.
  • Step 2. After installing it successfully, visit the directory where you have installed ADB. Now, just open the command prompt and navigate to the respective location of your ADB directory.
  • Step 3. Great! Now you can connect your phone to your system using a USB cable. Don’t worry even if it is turned off. You can restart it by giving the related ADB commands.
  • Step 4. Firstly, provide the command “adb devices” in the command prompt. This will show your device’s ID and name. If you don’t get a device, then it means either your device’s drivers are not installed or its USB debugging feature has not been enabled.
  • Step 5. Simply note down your device ID and provide the command “adb –s <device ID> reboot”. This will simply restart your device. You can also provide the “adb reboot” command as well.

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Part 2: Restart Android Without Power Button (when the Screen is ON)

The above-discussed methods can be implemented to restart Android without the power button if your phone is switched off. Though, if your phone is still on, then you can easily restart it without using the power button. There are plenty of ways to restart the phone without the power button if it is already switched on. We have listed a few simple alternatives here.

Method 1: Turn on Android by Home or camera buttons

If your phone screen is not responsive or in sleep mode (but still switched on), then you can always try to restart it using a few simple techniques. The first thing to do would be plugging it into a charger. It can break the ongoing sleep mode and turn on your device on its own. If it doesn’t work, then call your device from someone else’s phone. It would activate your device and you can get your problem fixed afterward.

Additionally, if you have a home button (and not a sensor for the home button) on your device, then you can long-press it in order to wake it. This can also be done by long-pressing the camera button as well.

Method 2: Use Apps to replace the power button

If your phone is still on, then you can easily take the assistance of various readily available applications to replace the usage of the power button. Afterward, you can easily restart the phone without the power button by substituting its action with any other key (like the volume or camera key). Simply take the assistance of the following apps and learn how to turn on the Android phone without the power button in no time.

1. Gravity Screen

The app is freely available and can be downloaded from Play Store. With it, you can take the assistance of your phone’s sensors to detect whenever you pick it up. As soon as you would pick it up, the app will automatically turn on your device. The overall sensitivity of your phone’s sensor will determine the effectiveness of the app. You can calibrate the app by visiting its settings and get access to plenty of other options.

gravity screen

2. Power Button to Volume Button

If your phone’s power button is unresponsive, then this is just the perfect app for you. It is also freely available and can be downloaded from Play Store. As the name suggests, it simply replaces the action of your device’s power button with its volume button. You can use your device’s volume button to boot it or turn the screen on/off. This will let you restart Android without the power button.

power volume

Method 3: Use Quick Settings

There is another way to restart your phone if your Android phone is on, it is Quick Settings. The quick settings panel is one of the easiest ways to restart Android device without power button. Generally speaking, you can see the toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Airplane Mode here. Just swipe down once or twice, which is depending on your device model, and then tap the power icon to restart your phone.

use quick setting to restart android

Part 3: Power Button Not Working? What to Do in the Long Run?

The power button is what we heavily rely on when using a phone. Without it, we will find it so hard to use our phones.

  • Problems related to the damaged power button of the Android phone.
  • Malfunctioning due to internal OS conflicts and malign application that intrigues the restart options.
  • There have been reports on Apps and Firmware ruining the performance on the Android, along with complaints of restart option malfunctioning due to the installation of these apps and firmware on the Android. At times the updates on the firmware and the app installed in the Android also account for the issues.
  • Physical damage or liquid damage to the phone.
  • Drained out batteries.

So, when the Power button is broken, what to do in the long run? Here are some working methods to help.

Method 1. Try a Fingerprint Scanner

On some latest Android phones, the fingerprint scanner is always active to facilitate user operations. You can make use of this feature from settings, such as configure it for the phone to turn on or off. In this way, some functions of the Power button can be replaced.

fingerprint scanner on android

Method 2. Scheduled Powering On Or Off

If none of the other features can make your Android phone power on or off. Scheduled powering on or off may be the best option for you. It can turn on and off your phone at a pre-configured time to have your phone rest a little. To do this, go to Settings > Scheduled power ON/OFF, and set the options of "Power on" and "Power off".

scheduled powering of android

Method 3. Remap the Power to Another Physical Button

There is seldom known fact: you can remap the functionality of a physical button to another, by programming or an app like Power Button to Volume Button. To resolve the problem perpetually, you'd better do some programming, i.e. the ADB way. Don't worry, it is not that hard, just three command lines will do the trick.

The best practice is to remap the Power button to one of the Volume buttons, but if you have a Samsung model above Galaxy S8, you can remap to the Bixby, too. Now note how to replace the Power button with the Volume:

  • Step 1. Get your phone in recovery mode, and enter the following command in the ADB interface: fastboot continue
  • Step 2. After your Android is booted, input the command as follows to pull the key layout settings: adb pull /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl
  • Step 3. In the Generic.kl, carefully search out "VOLUME_DOWN" or "VOLUME_UP", and replace it with "POWER". Then push key layout settings back using the following line: adb push Generic.kl /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl

Part 4: Useful Tips to Protect the Power Button on Your Android Device

Are there any precautionary measures to prevent such incidents about the Power button?

Let’s have a brief on some of the things to take care of to protect the restart key on your Android. Avoid the installs and firmware unless you have an expert or a dealer with you. Ask for their consent before installing these features.

protect android button

  • Use your phone is such a way that, there is less dependency on the restart button.
  • Use panels that have provisions to cover off your restart key from moisture and dust.
  • Keep a backup on your phone and zip the files, if possible to recover the contents pretty easily without much hassle.
  • There are launchers and home-screen widgets that can give an alternate option to restart.
  • Use these to the best effect.
  • Install Battery Management apps and utilize the power-saving mode to keep your phone from Overheating.

So next time you use your Android, please remember these tips. And always choose the wise options available on the internet.


We are sure that these solutions will certainly come in handy to you on numerous occasions. Now when you know how to restart the Android phone without the power button, you can easily make the most out of your device without facing any unwanted situation.

Tips: We highly recommend using Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) to address any system issues that may arise on your device. This powerful tool is designed to fix various Android system problems, ensuring your phone runs smoothly and efficiently. By utilizing Dr.Fone, you will be equipped with a reliable solution to optimize your Android experience and prevent potential issues. Give it a try and witness the difference it can make for your device.

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James Davis

James Davis

staff Editor

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