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Want to Sell Your Old Flip Phone For Good Money? Learn How!

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Data Wipe Solutions • Proven solutions

Antiques are always commended by people with good taste. From relics to important historical antiques, we have seen people investing in these things. As time passes, the innovations believed to change the world are turning old. The concept of phones has been quite intuitive, and the particular device has changed significantly over time.

Flip phones were referred to as a great transition in the use of mobile phones, which essentially led to the innovation and introduction of smartphones worldwide. If you own one to this date, you can surely sell it for a lot. There is a new craze in the market for old flip phones, so now is the time to put your old flip phones for sale. In this article, learn how worthy these phones could be and how to sell out one if you own it for a good price.

old flip phones

Part 1: Do you own a Flip Phone?

You might have been hearing about antique flip phones in the market. If you also bought one in the past decades and have kept it all along, now is the time to have it sold out. With such high demands for such antiques, you will surely get a good price if you own a flip phone.

But for those who are not aware of these mobile phones, this article provides an overview of such types of phones as follows. Get to know more about flip phones and understand why they are so highly rated these days:

1. The History of the Flip Phone

Flip phones started with the innovation brought forward by Motorola, one of the leading phone brands in the market at that time. Motorola has been working on phone technology for over three decades, providing some major transitions that essentially led the world to new boundaries. The classic Motorola StarTAC was the innovation that brought forth the use of flip phones, turning it to become one of the major highlights of the decade.

Another vital reason why flip phones are believed to be important to the industry is them being the innovation that transgressed to smartphones. With the class StarTAC introduced in 1996, many models came through, improving the usability and operations of flip phones. Although flip phones were somehow introduced in the form of Motorola MicroTAC in 1989, the proper technology was observed in the $1000 StarTAC. Flip phones were extremely expensive, as the price provided before says.

history of flip phones

2. What is an Old Flip Phone Worth?

Do you wish to know how much you can earn by putting old Motorola flip phones for sale? Although antiques are not rated extensively throughout the world, there are specific platforms and places where you can sell them for a fortune. Why do you have to sell them out after such a long time? There are some reasons for this action, which are mentioned as follows:

  • Flip phones have a great return value these days. With the old technology in the eyes of people, you can sell them out for a good number that can essentially benefit you in a lot of things.
  • You might have been waiting for the day when your first-bought Motorola flip phone is worth a fortune. With the demand for old flip phones increasing, now is the time to take this step.
  • Such devices have no extensive use, but these phones have been referred to as great innovations for their reliability. With these phones surviving to this date, the remaining devices should have some value in the market.

Part 2: Top 6 Most Valuable Vintage Flip Mobile Phones

We will highlight some of the best vintage flip mobile phones sold for the highest prices in the market. Find out if you own one of them so that you can know the price that these flip phones inherit. This list will surely help in understanding the actual value of flip mobile phones today.

1. Motorola StarTAC

Price: $1000

This flip mobile phone was the start of the concept in 1996 when it came up as a Star Trek-style mobile phone which a clamshell design. With the option of providing vibrating ringtones, it is a 500mAh battery and a monochrome graphic display. Known for its sleek design, the phone only weighs 88g, which covers the dynamics of portability and efficiency.

motorola startac

2. Motorola Rzar

This was another game-changing flip mobile phone presented to the world by Motorola in 2004. Motorola Rzar is a two-screened device that was recognized to be one of the most beautiful devices ever created. A slim design, external aluminum body, and glass screen were some of its major highlights that made it an exceptional device. Motorola Razr became excessively popular among people in business and professionals.

motorola rzar

3. DuraXE LTE Flip Phone

Price: $240

It is another impressive flip phone introduced in the market under the name of durability. With intensive battery performance, this device provides a high-profile user experience, regardless of being a flip phone. DuraXE is a water, dust, and shockproof device with proper sound and camera settings. You can also find the option of 16GB internal storage, making it a complete device.

duraxe lte flip hone

4. Motorola Pebl

Known for its curious design, Motorola Pebl looked like a pebble when enclosed. Featuring magnetic spring technology, this flip mobile phone features a modern technology screen. Introduced in 2005, this was a great addition to the Motorola collection.

motorola pebl

5. Motorola V70

This flip phone was the first hand-held device with a circular display. Introduced in 2002, this phone was known only for its design. By sliding the upper portion of the device, the keypad came in front with a slight flip. It was the epitome of design excellence, becoming one of the best vintage flip phones of this decade.

motorola v70

6. Motorola Aura

Price: $500+

Motorola Aura is the evolution of the V70, which was introduced in 2008 as the next iteration of circular-shaped displays. This evolution was introduced only for its design and was presented as a piece of art in the market. Its 2MP camera and $550 cost on eBay is some major highlights, showing the demand for the device in the market.

motorola aura

Part 3: 4 Things to Do Before Selling Your Old Flip Phone

If you have an old flip phone that you want to sell at this demanding time, there are some things you have to cover as a part of the checklist. We will mention these points separately and provide appropriate techniques for recovering and managing everything.

1. Back-Up All Your Data

Flip phones, as a technology, have developed extensively and enhanced their structure, including varying technology over the period. These phones did not have any assorted service in connection that could be used for transferring and managing data. Where these phones mostly ran on 2G networks, all the data contained in them was composed in their personal storage space or additional storage spaces covered with SD cards.

If you are about to sell your old flip phones, it is entirely appropriate that you should back up your data to any proper platform. In the case of an SD card, you can remove it and transfer all the data to a computer with the help of a card reader. For devices that have no such external storage options, you can check out if they can connect with the computer through a wired connection, which can then help you in transferring the content easily.

2. Remove All Accounts and Screen Lock

If you own an old flip phone that supports 3G networks, it might have a source of internet connection. With that, you might have tried using some applications and activated some accounts on the device. When you are about to sell it out, it is best that you should consider removing all the accounts and deleting all such applications holding such information.

Screen locks are also necessary for these devices, as you have to manually remove them to prevent any issue for the user who is going to access the device afterward. To keep it usable, try removing all locks from the device so that it does not get a liability for the person who buys it later. With the accounts and lock screens removed, you can now sell this phone.

3. Remove Your SIM Card and MicroSD Card

Before you put the old flip phones for sale, look for all the SIM cards and MicroSD cards used in them. If there are any, make sure that you remove them properly from the device. SIM cards are crucial for cellular networks, and MicroSD cards might contain some data you want to save in an appropriate platform. Be careful of every tiny detail before you put your flip phone on sale.

4. Wipe Your Phone Completely

Once you have covered every important detail relevant to the flip phone, it is time that you wipe all the data in the phone completely. Factory and data reset are some techniques that can remove the data from the device, but they are not believed to be highly effective in removing the data permanently from the flip phone. If, by any chance, you do not use the device after resetting it manually, the indexes remain in the devices and can be used to retrieve the data with a recovery tool.

To avoid this, you need to have a technique that completely wipes off the phone's data. Not many tools provide this service; however, Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (Android) is a unique tool designed to remove all data from the device completely. You can easily attach your flip phone and perform this quick, one-click solution for wiping the data. There is a fine range of features provided by Dr.Fone - Data Eraser to its users, which is presented as follows:

  • The process is quite fast, and the tool does not take time to remove the data permanently from an Android phone.
  • It is a secure option for wiping data entirely from a device, as it uses Military Grade Algorithm for securing data.
  • It permanently deletes all the data that cannot be recovered by any tool in the market.

While the platform supports a wide variety of mobile phones, you can delete the data from the flip phone with the help of the steps provided next:

Step 1: Open Dr.Fone and Connect Device

You must launch Dr.Fone after downloading it successfully and lead through to select "Data Eraser" from the options. Connect your old flip mobile with a USB connection and establish a proper connection.

select the data eraser tool

Step 2: Erase Data Permanently

As the device is connected, click the "Start" button to proceed further. Type in the provided code and tap "Erase Now' to successfully remove all the data from the device in a few seconds.

hit the start button

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Part 4: Where is the Best Place to Sell an Old Flip Phone

With an overview of how you can prepare an old flip phone before selling, you may now need some names for selling it out. Since you seek to find the best place to put old flip phones for sale, we have set up some names to help you discover the best bids.

1. Gazelle

If you want the best prices instantly, you should try going for Gazelle, a great company that provides a dedicated service for buying and selling old and new phones. If you have such an antique with you, try contacting Gazelle and get the best value for your old flip phone.

gazelle website

2. Amazon

For even better prices, Amazon is an e-commerce platform that gives the best online services for buying and selling commodities. With a dedicated electronic buying-selling hub, you can put in your ad and get the highest bids. This process might take a while, but you will likely get a sell-out.

amazon ecommerce store

3. eBay

eBay is another online e-commerce platform providing multiple options to users in buying and selling mobile phones. Where there are different options for putting in ads for your old flip phone, there is also a dedicated collectible telephones section on eBay that can help you get the best prices for flip phones.

ebay online mobile store

4. Best Buy

People who prefer Best Buy can also seek the services of this platform. While they can contact online and offline stores, find the best option in getting a reasonable payment for your old flip phone. Best Buy is known for giving good services to its customers.

best buy ecommerce website

5. GreenBuyback

This is another dedicated store providing online services to users for buying and selling new, old, and even broken mobile phones. When you get a reasonable bid, the device can be transferred via shipment for free, and the payment process can be executed within a couple of days.

greenbuyback sell phone


This article has developed a guide on how one can sell their old flip phones in this era. While they are referred to as antiquities, these devices are in high demand. Although these devices are not that great in terms of quality, they are only known for their designs.

With the information provided, you will be aware of how to put your old flip phones for sale. When preparing these devices for selling out, you will require a proper data-erasing facility. Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (Android) features a perfect platform, providing a data erase function that permanently deletes data from the device.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

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