Safari won’t load any websites on iOS14? Fixed

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As iOS 15/14 is still in the beta development stage, users of the operating system (OS) have reported many issues. One of these bugs, popping up on forums, is “Safari not loading websites.”

Safari not loading websites 1

Owned and developed by Apple, Safari is a highly-reliable web browser used by iOS users on their iPhone and iPad. In the beta version of iOS 15/14, Apple has introduced many new and exciting features. These useful features include translation integration, a guest mode option, voice search, enhanced tabs, and brand new iCloud Keychain functionality.

These new features were revealed in a tweet made by Mark Gurman who is a Bloomberg reporter.

Safari not loading websites 2

However, the tweet does not guarantee that users will be able to use these features until the final version of iOS is released.

But, what is the use of these advanced features when Safari is not opening websites on iPhone. In this post, we are going to dig deeper into various reasons why Safari will not open websites on your device with iOS 15/14.

Safari not loading websites 3

Besides this, you will also learn how to solve this problem using multiple solutions.

So, let’s get started and make Safari work smoothly on your iPhone.

Part 1: Why does Safari not loading websites?

It can be very frustrating when you are trying to load a web page on Safari, but it does not load or misses some items while loading. There are so many things to blame for this problem.

But, before we understand the underlying causes of Safari not loading websites problem, it is important to know that Safari is a well-optimized browser for everything you might want to browse at it.

Safari not loading websites 4

This default browser on Macs and iOS devices might unexpectedly crash or might not work properly due to the following reasons:

  • Safari crashing
  • Safari not opening
  • The browser is not responding.
  • You are using an obsolete version of the Safari browser.
  • Your network connection is week.
  • Opening too many tabs at a time.
  • Using older version of macOS
  • A plugin, extension, or website is causing Safari to freeze or crash.

Once you know the causes of the problem, it becomes easier to fix it. Fortunately, there are solutions when you in case safari will not open some websites on iOS 15/14.

Let’s check out these solutions now.

Part 2: How to solve the problem

In order to fix this Safari now working issue, you can rely on the following basic tips.

2.1: Check the URL

Safari not loading websites 5

If Safari will not open some websites, it might be probably you have entered the wrong URL. In this case, the browser will fail to load the site.

For example, make sure that you use 3 Ws (WWW) in the URL and ensure that you only use https://. Also, every character in the URL must be correct, because wrong URL will redirect you to a wrong site or opens no website at all.

2.2: Check your Wi-Fi Connectivity

Make sure you double check to see if your internet or Wi-Fi connection is working properly or not. Safari won’t load websites properly or at all due to a poor network connection.

Safari not loading websites 6

To check if your Wi-Fi connection is working with stability, go to the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar of your Mac. If you are not connected to the Wi-Fi connection, you have to connect to it to solve in case Safari will not open websites.

If you move too far away from the connected network, your device will lose the connection. So, make sure you remain around the area with good network connectivity to enjoy smooth and constant web browsing.

2.3: Clear Caches and Cookies

When you browse a new website in your Safari browser, it stores the site’s relevant data in a cache. It does so to load the website faster, when you browse the same website again, the next time.

So, website data like cookies and cache help websites to recognize your Mac and load faster than before. But, at the same time, website data can slow down the website many times. That’s why you have to clear cache and cookies frequently to ensure that you don’t face problems, like websites not loading properly safari.

You don’t have to delete cookies and cache every day. If you have any issue with the Safari browser, you can instantly clear the website data to enjoy fast website loading.

Follow these steps to remove cache on Safari browser:

    • Open Safari on your device and navigate to Preferences in the browser’s menu.
    • Tap Advanced.
    • In the menu bar, check Show Develop menu.
Safari not loading websites 7
  • Go to the Develop menu and tap Empty Caches.

Here are the steps to clear cookies from your Safari browser:

    • Open the Safari browser on your device and head to Preferences.
    • Tap Privacy and then, tap Manage Website Data.
Safari not loading websites 8
  • Next, tap Remove All and it will clear cookies.

2.4: Check and Reset Safari Extension

There are several Safari extensions that might block ads and several websites to load. It does so in order to prevent some of the page elements from displaying, thus causing why do some websites not load on Safari.

In this case, you can turn off these extensions and try reloading the page to check out the issue.

Safari not loading websites 9

To do this:

  • Go to Safari > Preferences.
  • Tap Extensions.
  • Select the extension, and now deselect the checkbox next to “Enable …extension.” Do this for every extension installed on your browser.

Once you are done with it, try to reload the website by choosing Choose View and then tap Reload in Safari. If the site loads properly, one or more browser extensions were blocking it from loading earlier. You can fix the issue accordingly because now you know the cause of the problem.

2.5 Change settings of DNS server

The reason behind Safari not loading websites could be your DNS server that is not properly updated. In this case you have to change your DNS server to the better one to make the Safari browser load websites properly.

Safari not loading websites 10

The DNS server of Google works fast with almost zero downtime. So, you are advised to switch to the Google’s DNS server to fix the problem. It could be immensely helpful when you are trying to load multiple websites faster on your device at the same time.

2.6: Terminate all Frozen Processes

If you have tried to reset the app and it is still failing to load websites, it might be due to some particular processes that could freeze the Safari browser on your device. In this case, you should terminate these processes in Activity Monitor.

To do this, go to Activity Monitor. After that, enter Safari in the search field you see. As you do this, it will show all processes running. Activity Monitor runs a little diagnostic and highlights some processes as Not Responding if some of these may cause freezing of the browser.

Safari not loading websites 11

In case, you notice red-colored lines that are related to Safari in the Activity Monitor, these issues might affect the performance of the apps. So, you have to double-click on these processes to quit them. It will help if Safari stopped responding to faulty extensions.

2.7: Downgrade iOS 15/14 from your device

If not any of these solutions to Safari not loading websites seem to work, in this case, your option is to downgrade iOS 15/14. Check out the following steps to downgrade iOS 15/14 on your iOS device.

Step 1: Tap the Finder feature on your device, and connect your iPhone to it.

Step 2: Set your iPhone device into recovery mode.

Step 3: In the pop up, click on the Restore button. It will install the latest public iOS release on your device.

Safari not loading websites 12

After that, you will need to wait by the time backup and restore procedures are done.

Users must know that entering your device in the recovery mode can be a different process based on the iOS version you are using.

Besides these solutions, you can use Dr. Fone iOS Repair toolkit to quickly and safely repair several issues with your iPhone that might be blocking Safari to load websites properly.

Safari not loading websites 13

Using this tool, you repair your device without losing any of your valuable data.


Hopefully, these solutions will fix the problem when Safari will not open websites. If it is still not working, it is a good idea to contact the website administration to check whether there is an underlying problem with the website.

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