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Effective Tips on How to Catch 3 of the Transform Pokemon


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

It’s quite true that capturing a Pokemon in Pokemon Go is not rocket science. All you have to do is bring out a Poke Ball and throw it at your target Pokemon. Yes. It’s just as easy as that. However, it’s totally a different case if you’re planning to catch a Pokemon that can disguise itself as another Pokemon. A combination of luck and strategy is what you need to successfully lay your hands on this type of Pokemon.

Ditto is the shapeshifter Pokemon we are talking about. As the name suggests, it is capable of instantly modifying its cellular structure and posing as any different life form. Many Pokemon Go players say that grabbing three or more Ditto in the wild is like reaching for the moon. Well, that’s just a mere exaggeration. Why so? Simply because there are actually many effective techniques on how to catch three Transform Pokemon.

In this article, we will talk about the essential things you need to know about Ditto. We will also provide some tips and tutorials on how to catch 3 of the Transform Pokemon during special events. Continue reading below to learn more.

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Part 1. Getting to Know Ditto or the Transform Pokemon

It’s not that difficult to understand why Ditto is colloquially called the Transform Pokemon. As previously mentioned, Ditto’s chief ability is impersonating other creatures in the wild. Yes. This Pokemon changes not only its appearance but also its behavior to disguise itself as another living entity. Ditto usually doesn’t reveal its original form and shape on the map until you catch it with your Poke Ball. Therefore, capturing Ditto on an ordinary day is a hard nut to crack unless you’re in luck.

Is there really any chance to come across Ditto in Pokemon Go and catch it? The short answer is absolutely yes. Although it’s more challenging compared to other encounters, anyone can be lucky enough to catch one or three Transform Pokemon. One thing you can do is stay updated on Ditto’s rumored impersonations. To help you start in this quest, check out the Pokemon Go predictions below and keep them in your mind. Who knows? Catching any of them might bring you an inch closer to the elusive Transform Pokemon.


pokemon diglett

Diglett is reportedly among the potential Ditto’s disguises in Pokemon Go this month. It’s generally a ground-type Pokemon that typically lives about a yard underground. In the event that you come across Digletts roaming around the crops aboveground, don’t hesitate to seize it. You never know what you get. It can be the rare and elusive Transform Pokemon.


pokemon grimmer

The slippery and shapeless Grimer is next on the list. It’s notoriously known as a bacteria-carrying Pokemon capable of poisoning the surroundings and the life forms dwelling in it. Grimer is probably the last Pokemon you want to encounter during battles. But if you plan to catch three Transform Pokemon, forget about Grimer’s filthy composition and pray harder to find one.


pokemon snubbull

Snubbull is a normal-type Pokemon that looks a lot like a lovely pet bulldog. It’s known to possess sweet and warmhearted characteristics despite having a strong-looking appearance. Grabbing one or three Snubbulls in the wild is definitely a win in both ways. It’s either you catch three Transform Pokemon, or you get a new caring companion.


pokemon corphish

Corphish is a lobster-like Pokemon known for having no specific preferences when it comes to food. Yes, that’s right. This water-type Pokemon eats almost anything that comes its way. Do you want to catch three Transform Pokemon? If so, you have to deal with the polluted water on the map and seize as many Corphish as possible.


pokemon starly

Last but not the least is Starly. It’s fundamentally a flying-type Pokemon with a robust pair of wings that can cause significant damage to the opponent. Are you planning to explore the wild and seize one or three Starly on the radar? If so, try to proceed with extra caution. Catching Starly might become a chore if they grow in number and begin to squabble. But don’t worry. It will be worth your while if your captured Starlys turn out to be 3 of the Transform Pokemon.

Part 2. Why Do You Need to Catch Three Transform Pokemon?

Are you a Pokemon Go player for a little while now? If so, chances are you’ve already heard about catching 3 of the Transform Pokemon. It’s basically a part of Pokemon Go’s seasonal event during April Fool’s Day. Interested players who join the particular engagement are tasked to catch a specific type and number of Pokemon. Among the list of Pokemon that the participants need to catch is Ditto. According to the mechanics, the trainers have to catch three Transform Pokemon in exchange for five Super Potions. Completing the catch 3 of the Transform Pokemon and other challenges in the event will give players various rewards. Hence, don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to stock up on extra points and special Pokemon Go bonuses.

Pokemon Go April Fool’s Event

The Pokemon Go’s special research quest on April Fool’s event is generally divided into three distinct challenges. Check out the list provided below to know the details of each step and its corresponding reward.

  • Step 1

normal type pokemon

  • Catch ten unspecified Pokemon to get 25 Poke Balls.
  • Catch five normal-type Pokemon to get 5 Positions.
  • Obtain 5 Nice Throws to get 5 Nanab Berries.
  • Step 2

transform pokemon

  • Grab ten unspecified Pokemon to get 15 Great Balls.
  • Catch three Transform Pokemon to get 5 Super Potions.
  • Transfer ten unspecified Pokemon to get 5 Pinap Berries.
  • Step 3

ultra poke ball

  • Get the reward (ten Ultra Balls).
  • Get the reward (five Hyper Potions).
  • Get the reward (3500 Experience Points).

Tips on How to Catch Three Transform Pokemon Successfully

There’s no denying that capturing 3 of the Transform Pokemon is the highlight of the April Fool’s event. Why so? Simply because Ditto is so rare and elusive that many players think capturing it is nearly impossible. But don’t lose hope. There are some useful techniques you can try to catch three Transform Pokemon and win the April Fool’s research quest. Check out the list of tips below and try to implement them when you join this event.

ditto pokemon go

  • Refer to the list above of Ditto’s rumored impersonations this year. When you catch Pokemon in the wild, make them your priority. Who knows? You might capture a Starly-dressed Ditto around your area.
  • Is there anyone you know who has recently captured Ditto near your location? If so, there’s a high chance that another or more Ditto Pokemon is wandering around the same spot. Stay nearby and try to catch as many Pokemon as possible in your surroundings.
  • If a particular Pokemon behaves more strangely than usual when you try to catch them, it’s possibly an impostor Pokemon. Try your level best not to lose it. Chances are it’s the elusive Ditto disguising itself as someone else.
  • Activate Incense and install Lure modules. It’s the bare minimum of catching three Transform Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Who knows? It might help you achieve your goal and win the rewards in the April Fool’s special event. Therefore, don’t underestimate the hidden power of these items and take them to your advantage instead.

Part 3. Catch Three Transform Pokemon With Wondershare Dr.Fone

It’s quite obvious that catching 3 of the Transform Pokemon requires physical exploration outside. Of course, you cannot catch Ditto or any Pokemon at all if you’re glued to one position only. You have to wander around and capture every Pokemon that comes your way. However, there is actually a tool that can help you play Pokemon Go indoors. Wondershare Dr.Fone has a Virtual Location feature capable of simulating the GPS movements required in Pokemon Go. Don’t worry. Using it to catch 3 of the Transform Pokemon is a piece of cake. Here’s a quick tutorial for you.

safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 1: Download Wondershare Dr.Fone from its official website. Right after, install it on your computer.
  • Step 2: Run the newly installed Wondershare Dr.Fone software on your desktop. After it fully loads up, connect your smartphone using a data cable. Follow the on-screen instructions to establish a reliable connection between the computer and your mobile device.
  • Step 3: Access the left-side panel and then click Toolbox. On the main dashboard, click Virtual Location. Let Wondershare Dr.Fone download additional resources needed for this feature. Refrain from using your phone or computer for other purposes to avoid unwanted interruptions.
  • Step 4: Wondershare Dr.Fone - Virtual Location will open in a separate window after the download process. From there, head over to the top-right menu bar and then click One-Stop Route. Your current location will be registered by default as the starting point. If you wish to change it, click Teleport Mode on the menu bar and then choose your desired location. As for the destination, search for your desired location or tap anywhere around the map.

wondershare drfone one stop route

  • Step 5: Calibrate the provided settings according to your liking. Specify the type and number of trips for the simulation. With regard to the movement speed, simply drag the slider from left to right. After that, click Move Here to commence the procedure. If you wish to reset your inputs, just click Clear.

calibrate settings

  • Step 6: The movement simulation will then start instantly. Use the map as your guide to monitor the real-time progress. If you wish to hold the movement for a little while, simply click Pause. Should you wish to start all over again, click Clear instead.

movement simulation ongoing


It’s fair to say that capturing elusive Pokemon like Ditto means a lot to most Pokemon Go players. Apart from the rewards, succeeding in such challenges also shores up our sense of achievement one way or another. That’s why you should not give up on catching 3 of the Transform Pokemon during the April Fool’s event. Use the tips below and incorporate each step into your preferred strategy. If you want a more convenient alternative, download Wondershare Dr.Foneree and install the application on your computer. It has a powerful Virtual Location feature capable of modifying your current location and replicating significant GPS movements.

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