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Everything You Need to Know About Catching Groudon in Pokémon Go


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

primal groudon Pokémon Go

Filling your roster with legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go can only do you good. These rare creatures are powerful, perform excellently in battles, and tend to have significantly higher combat points (CP) and individual values (IV). Not only can they improve your in-game performance, but they can also give you some bragging rights.

And few Pokémon are quite as bragworthy as Groudon.

This extraordinary beast makes for a fantastic addition to your game – you just have to catch it first. Naturally, that’s easier said than done.

Explore this ultimate guide to catching Groudon in Pokémon Go and see what you’ll get from it.

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Part 1. When Can You Catch Groudon in Pokémon Go?

As a legendary Pokémon, Groudon won’t appear randomly while you’re going through the map and minding your business. You’ll need to work a bit harder to catch it. By “work harder”, we mean participating in 5-star raid battles.

Seeing as it will only appear in these higher-level raids, you’ll need to be aware that it’s impossible to defeat and catch it by yourself. You’ll need to join a larger party and ensure that you have the right Pokémon on hand before you enter the battle.

Now, not every 5-star raid in your vicinity will have a Groudon. So, you’ll need to be on the lookout and pay attention to the notifications you get when you’re near raided gyms.

Part 2. Groudon Types in Pokémon Go

groudon and primal groudon

Unlike regular Pokémon, Groudon doesn’t have several different evolutions it can go through. It can, however, go through primal reversion.

Affecting only two types of Pokémon – Groudon and Kyogre – this is essentially an ancient form of evolution that unlocks their ultimate powers. It allows these creatures to absorb the energy of nature and significantly increase their capabilities.

After undergoing primal reversion, Groudon transforms into Primal Groudon, often referred to as Mega Groudon by Pokémon Go players.

Here’s a brief overview of these two Groudon forms:

Pokémon Groudon Primal Groudon
Type Ground Fire/Ground
Attack 270 353
Defense 228 268
Stamina 205 218
Groudon moveset in Pokémon Go

Mud Shot

Dragon Tail

Precipice Blades


Solar Beam

Fire Blast

Fire Punch

Mud Shot

Dragon Tail

Precipice Blades


Solar Beam

Fire Blast

Fire Punch

Of course, you could also come across a Shiny Mega Groudon in Pokémon Go. In this form, it has an extra ability known as the Delta Stream. It can use this ability to manipulate the in-game weather, making it difficult for some of your Pokémon to defeat it.

Part 3. Best Pokémon for Catching Groudon

Groudon has some of the best movesets in Pokémon Go and packs quite a punch. As a ground-type creature, it’s exceptionally strong, especially against rock, steel, fire, poison, and electric-type Pokémon, so you’ll want to avoid using these in battles.

Instead, it’s in your best interest to arm yourself with water, ice, and grass types. Moreover, you’ll want to choose those with fast or charged attacks, as they’ll help you deal more damage in less time (thus increasing the number of premier balls you could receive by the end of the battle).

Some of the best Pokémon to take on Groudon include the following:

Water type Kyogre Samurott Blastoise Feraligatr Gyarados
Ice type Mamoswine Weavile Avalugg Glaceon Galarian Darmanitan
Grass type Tangrowth Venusaur Zarude Torterra Shiftry

Part 4. Tips for Catching Groudon in Pokémon Go

catching groudon in pokemon go

Now, without further ado, it’s time to learn how to get Groudon in Pokémon Go. There isn’t one specific thing you can do to guarantee a catch. You’ll need to use a combination of the following tips to be successful. Check it out.

Use Berries

After the battle, you’ll only get a limited number of premier balls from your battle, which means limited opportunities to make a catch. Just randomly throwing your premier balls will guarantee a miss. Especially considering that Groudon doesn’t make things easy for you in the slightest.

This Pokémon will move about constantly. Though it goes through cycles, and you can technically find its move/rest patterns to try and make a catch, things will be much easier for you if you use the right berries.

Razz Berries, and especially Golden Razz Berries are great for preventing Groudon from breaking free. You can use Silver Pinap Berries to strengthen these berries and get more Candy once you make a catch.

Nanab berries, on the other hand, will keep this Pokémon calmer, slower, and easier to catch, making them essential if you’re planning to take it on.

Use the Raid Boss Lure Module

If you’re having difficulty coming across a Groudon even after visiting all the raided gyms in your area, you’ll need the help of tier 5 raid boss lure modules.

These modules will enhance your PokéStops and allow you to attract rare wild Pokémon like Groudon for 30 minutes. What’s great about this is that it doesn’t solely work for you but all the trainers in your vicinity. Therefore, you and your friends can come together, use your lure modules, and increase your chances of coming across this magnificent beast.

The only downside? Lure modules can only be purchased from the in-game store. You can’t collect them otherwise.

Use a Location Spoofer to Change Location Quickly

Even with the right lure modules, it’s not always a guarantee you’ll come across Groudon on your regular routes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t spawn at equal rates in all the in-game and real-world regions.

So, you’ll have two options – you can either book a flight and physically travel to a location that Groudon frequents or a gym that it’s raiding, or you could use a virtual location changer like Wondershare Dr.Fone.

This app allows you to change your phone’s GPS location to anywhere in the world with a single click. Let’s say there’s a Groudon raid in a gym in LA, but you’re stuck in Chicago. You can use Dr.Fone to instantaneously “teleport” to LA and try your hand at catching this Pokémon.

You can even take things a step further and simulate movement in-game while relaxing at home. Create customized routes with one or more stops, adjust your “traveling” speed, or use joystick-like controls to make it seem like you’re moving when you’re not.

To use this app to increase your chances of coming across Groudon, you’ll need to follow a few steps:

    1. Use a USBcable to connect your phone to your computer;
    2. Download and launch Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer;
    3. Go to Toolbox > Virtual Location > Get Started;
safe Downloadsafe & secure

get started with dr.fone

  1. A default map will open. Click on No Device;
  2. Select your phone and click Next;
  3. You’ll need to allow USB Debuggingon your phone;

allow usb debugging on phone

  1. On your phone, go to Settings > Developer Options > Select mock location app;
  2. On the next screen, select Fone;
  3. Your device should be connected successfully.

select dr.fone as mock location app

Once you’ve connected your phone and Dr.Fone, you can go to Manage Device and adjust your phone’s location. Then, simply play Pokémon Go as usual and visit locations known for Groudon spawning.

Enter Raids

As mentioned previously, Groudon will most commonly appear in 5-star raids. So, you’ll need to join them as frequently as possible to increase your chances of coming across this Pokémon.

However, don’t do it alone. You’ll need all the help you can get. If you have a complete team of weather-boosted level 40 Pokémon, you might be able to defeat and catch Groudon with just one friend by your side.

If you and your friends are lower-level players, you’ll need a group of between 7 and 20 trainers. If you are higher-level players, you’ll need between 3 and 6 trainers.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Perhaps the most crucial tip to help you on your quest to catch Groudon is paying close attention to the weather. This Pokémon has a weather boost and will be strongest in clear and sunny weather. Here, it will enjoy ground, grass, and fire boost, so you’ll easily become toast if you aren’t prepared.

Considering that Groudon can manipulate the in-game weather, you might want to bring a grass-type Pokémon or two when preparing for a raid. This way, you could enjoy the potential clear weather boost as well.

If you prefer taking on Groudon with water-type Pokémon, wait for rainy weather. That will seriously hinder Groudon and give your Pokémon a nice water boost.

Use Incense

Last but certainly not least, you'll want to use incense to increase your chances of coming across Groudon. This in-game item can lure wild Pokémon to your location, with its effects lasting for 60 minutes! You can even activate multiple incenses simultaneously to stack their duration and attract Pokémon for up to 24 hours.

However, don’t waste your incense by activating it at the wrong time. Wait for the incense in your inventory to change color during special events – that means that it can be used to attract special Pokémon like Groudon.

You can purchase incense at the in-game store or even come across it at some PokéStops and gyms.


Groudon can be quite a difficult Pokémon to defeat and catch. However, with the right items, like incense, berries, and lure modules, a helpful location-changing app like Wondershare Dr.Fone, the right choice of Pokémon, and some friends by your side, you could make light work of it.

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