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The Magnificent Art of Pokemon Go Streaming


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

There’s no denying that the internet gives us the power to do almost anything. Imagine we can instantly connect to the rest of the world by doing nothing but simply going online. That’s why most of us capitalize on this privilege and take advantage of its benefits. How so? One way is through video live streaming. All it takes to stream video online is a little dose of confidence and a stable internet connection. It’s just as simple as that most of the time.

Pokemon Go streaming is very popular on the internet nowadays. Many players around the world go live while catching Pokemon in the streets or battling against other trainers. By far, the Pokemon Go live stream continues to receive support and appreciation from the huge communities of players worldwide. That’s why you should look at this opportunity and see how it can significantly elevate your Pokemon Go experience.

In this article, we will talk about the amazing benefits of Pokemon Go streaming. We will also provide a guide and some tips on how to livestream Pokemon Go outdoors and indoors. Continue reading below to learn more.

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Things You Need to Know About Pokemon Go Streaming

In all actuality, Pokemon Go streaming is not different from other forms of live game streaming. You just play the game as usual and interact with your viewers throughout the duration. However, we cannot deny that Pokemon Go streaming has a more challenging format compared to others. Why so? Simply because the game itself requires large body movements and a few physical activities. But don’t sweat it. Streaming Pokemon Go online comes with tons of benefits. Check out the list below to find what exactly you can get from this endeavor.

It can provide an alternative source of income.

pokemon go streaming live

We all know that video content online can be monetized through in-feed advertisements and sponsorships. The same thing goes for Pokemon Go streaming. You can earn a specific amount from every ad that appears on your livestream. Don’t worry. It doesn’t take much time and effort to implement. Most of the time, you just need to flash the promotional materials during the broadcast.

It can help you meet new friends or even famous people in the industry.

It’s not impossible to turn the regular viewers of your Pokemon Go Livestream into real-life friends. As we all know, virtual interaction is indeed a powerful spark that ignites connections between people. Don’t worry. That’s totally fine. In fact, you can take advantage of it to improve your follower count and meet famous people.

It can improve cognitive performance.

It’s true to say that multi-tasking is the core of Pokemon Go streaming. Of course, you have to stay focused on the actual game while engaging with your viewers. That seems like a handful of work. But fret not. Juggling multiple tasks one after another is actually beneficial to your health. As you get exposed to such arrangements over and over, your cognitive performance further improves, too.

It can make an ordinary Pokemon Go player go global.

global presence

Fate works in mysterious ways. We never know what’s waiting ahead. One day, you’re just an ordinary Pokemon Go player who enjoys catching Pokemon around the neighborhood. The next, you’re a star trainer competing globally for championship events. That’s possible to happen with Pokemon Go streaming as your ultimate stepping stone. Hence, don’t ever underestimate the power of this venture.

How to Live-Stream Pokemon Go on Mobile Phones

The primary mechanics of Pokemon Go involve a lot of outdoor strolling and physical movement. For instance, you have to walk around the street to catch as many Pokemon as possible. Another thing is that you need to visit the physical location of the PokeStops to spin the Photo Disc. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to use mobile devices when streaming Pokemon Go adventures. Don’t fret. Most modern smartphones nowadays are capable of handling such demanding tasks. Do you want to try it now? Here’s a short guide to help you get started.

Check your mobile device and internet connection very well.

smartphone and internet power

It’s fair to say that Pokemon Go streaming is not extremely particular when it comes to equipment. You can actually go live under natural daylight and document your adventure as it is. However, keep in mind that you’re simultaneously doing two different tasks in this regard. One is streaming, and the other is playing. Therefore, ensure your mobile device and internet connection can handle heavy workloads as such. A smartphone with 8 GB RAM (or higher) and an internet connection of at least 25 Mbps is highly recommended.

Choose a live-streaming application and create an account.

streaming platform

Of course, you can bring a full computer setup outside while exploring around. That’s why you should choose a live-streaming application with features that allow you to broadcast directly on your mobile phone. Don’t worry. There are lots of choices on the internet. Pick the best one, and then create your Pokemon Go streaming account. Optimize your profile and make sure that the details are complete.

Set up the Pokemon Go Livestream.

set up live stream

Set up the livestream accordingly. Start by writing a catchy title for your broadcast. Make sure that it clearly states the content and the intent of your Pokemon Go livestream. After that, add some keywords and specify the language of your stream. Yes. It’s very important because it will help interested viewers find you on the internet. Lastly, check the audio output. Adjust the volume clarity if necessary. Once you’re done, it’s time to hit the Go Live button and say “Hi” to the world.

Start playing Pokemon Go.

play pokemon live

Play Pokemon Go as if nobody is watching you online. Simply put, carry on with your usual gaming routine. Don’t let the audience distract you from the game. However, make sure that you interact with them as you go along. Try talking while you’re on the ground and catching Pokemon nearby. Respond to the comments once in a while. The point is that you have to extend the actual Pokemon Go experience to them. Trust yourself. You can definitely do that.

Important Tips When Streaming Pokemon Go Online

The best tip that anyone can give you is to be yourself when you livestream Pokemon Go. Don’t hide behind false pretense just to portray someone you know you’re not. Let your viewers see the real you through the lens of the camera. Certainly, it will eventually help you build a larger and broader viewership over time. Are you looking for some more tips? Check out the list below.

pokemon go livestream tips

  • Consider your safety as the primary priority. Stay alert and keep your essential belongings within your sight. You never know. People with ill intentions are just around the corners of the street. Hence, keep yourself safe from this kind of situation that may put your life in real danger.
  • One way to broaden your online exposure is to go live on a regular and consistent timetable. Plan ahead the exact schedule of your Pokemon Go livestream and announce it on your official social media handles.
  • Adhere to the rules and policies implemented not only by Pokemon Go but also by your chosen platform. Don’t break any of them because such actions can affect your progress as a player and streamer.
  • Take constructive feedback positively. Yes. Expect that once you go live on the internet, you will receive various kinds of reactions from other people. But don’t let them get into your head as much as possible. Keep your head high and work on the improvements at your own pace.

Can You Livestream Pokemon Go Inside Your Home?

Is it possible to livestream Pokemon Go from the comfort of your own home? The short answer is absolutely yes. Indoor Pokemon Go streaming is feasible with the aid of Wondershare Dr.Fone. It offers a powerful Virtual Location feature capable of simulating GPS movements needed in Pokemon Go. Don’t worry. It’s very easy to use. As a matter of fact, beginners can ace it in no time. Here’s a short guide to help you get started.

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  • Step 1: Download Wondershare Dr.Fone from its official website. Then, install it on your computer.
  • Step 2: Open the newly installed software on your desktop. Once it fully loads up, connect your smartphone using a data cable. Follow the on-screen instructions to make sure that the connection between the two devices is firm and stable.
  • Step 3: Go to the left-side panel and then click Toolbox. On the main dashboard, click Virtual Location. Let Wondershare Dr.Fone download additional resources if it’s your first time accessing this feature.
  • Step 4: After the download process has been completed, Wondershare Dr.Fone - Virtual Location will then open in a separate window. From there, go to the top-right menu bar and then click One-Stop Route. The starting point for this simulation will be automatically determined based on your current location. If you wish to change it, simply click Teleport Mode on the menu bar and then choose your desired replacement. As for the destination, search for your preferred location or tap anywhere around the map on the screen.

wondershare drfone virtual location

  • Step 5: Calibrate the provided settings according to your liking. Start by specifying your preferred type and number of trips. After that, adjust the movement speed by dragging the slider from left to right. Once you’re done, commence the simulation immediately. Click Move Here. If you wish to reset your inputs, click Clear instead.

adjust movement settings

  • Step 6: Use the map on the screen as your guide to track down the real-time progress of the simulation. If you wish to put the movement on hold for a little while, click Pause. On the other hand, click Clear if you want to start all over again.

movement simulation ongoing


Well, it looks a lot like Pokemon Go streaming is the newest way to enjoy this mobile game. You go live on the internet streaming platform while catching the Pokemon nearby. If you want to elevate your Pokemon Go experience, start streaming your adventure online. Refer to the tutorial and tips above to help you get the ball rolling. Furthermore, download Wondershare Dr.Fone for free on your computer. It has a potent Virtual Location feature that can help you livestream Pokemon Go from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is set up Wondershare Dr.Fone on your desktop and let it simulate GPS movements based on your inputs. Yes. You can absolutely do that with just the snap of a finger. Therefore, start a Pokemon Go streaming channel today and enjoy a more exciting journey ahead.

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