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A Confirmed List of Pokemon Go Squirtle Nest Coordinates [2024 Updated]


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

A Confirmed List of Pokemon Go Squirtle Nest Coordinates [2020 Updated] Meta: Get to know about the confirmed Squirtle nest Pokemon Go coordinates of 2020 here. This is an updated post with several Pokemon Go Squirtle nest coordinates.

“I want to catch Squirtle in Pokemon Go, but even after so many attempts, I’m not able to locate one. Can someone tell me about the updated Squirtle nest Pokemon Go coordinates for 2020?”

If you are also an avid Pokemon Go player who would like to catch Squirtle, then you can have a similar thing in mind. While this water-based Pokemon is pretty popular, finding it can be a tough job. That is why most of the players would like to know the Squirtle nest Pokemon Go coordinates to increase their chances of catching it. In this post, I will share some working Pokemon Go Squirtle nest coordinates and would also teach you how to spoof your location easily.

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Part 1: Things to Know about Squirtle and Pokemon Go Nests

You might already know that Squirtle is a popular water-based Pokemon that was first featured in the original anime. Ever since, the Pokemon became pretty popular due to its attacks and evolutions. Ideally, a Squirtle can be evolved as a Wartortle, which can even later be evolved to a Blastoise.

squirtle evolution pokemons

Since Squirtle is a water-based Pokemon, you would commonly find it nearby lakes, ponds, and even beaches. If you don’t want to invest your time searching for it, then get to know about the Pokemon Go Squirtle nest coordinates.

What is a nest in Pokemon Go?

Ideally, a nest is any specific location in Pokemon Go where the spawn rate of a specific Pokemon in high. Unlike regular spawning of Pokemons that can happen anywhere, a nest is a pre-determined place for a specific Pokemon to spawn more often. Therefore, if you know the specific Squirtle nest Pokemon Go coordinates, then you can visit the exact place to catch this water-based Pokemons.

Important Note

Since it is easier to catch Pokemons from a nest, they are usually not as powerful as other Pokemons. For instance, if you would get Squirtle from a nest in Pokemon Go coordinates, then it would have an average Individual Value of 30 percent. A regular Pokemon would have around 60% while a Pokemon hatched from the egg will have 80% Individual Value.

Part 2: All Confirmed Squirtle Nest Pokemon Go Coordinates for 2020

After extensive research, I have come up with a dedicated list of confirmed Squirtle nest Pokemon Go coordinates. You can either visit these places physically or use a location spoofer to catch Squirtle from your home.

Squirtle Nest Address Coordinates Country
Frognerparken Kirkeveien
0268, Oslo
59.926458, 10.703473 Norway
Warraroon Reserve 50 Dettmann Ave
Longueville NSW 2066
-33.8270312, 151.1679592 Australia
Geneva Park 260 North 700 West, Utah 40.3012577, -111.713416 United States
Lai Chi Kok Park Mei Foo, Hong Kong 22.3344, 114.14 Hong Kong
San Buenaventura State Beach San Buenaventura State Beach, Ventura 34.268918, -119.277 United States
Budapest Citadella Citadella station 1 Budapest 47.486809, 19.0440 Hungary
Quiet Cannon 901 Via San Clemente, California 34.0274, -118.132425 United States
Lippold Park Crystal Lake, Illinois 851 IL-176, 42.24779 United States
Aldrich Bay Park Aldrich Bay Park 22.28222, 114.224444 Hong Kong
Sushi Mizu 43 rue Saint Louis, Quebec 46.811325, -71.20755 Canada
Greenbrier Park Football Field 2700 N Greenbrier Street, Arlington, Virginia 38.900157, -77.139692 United States
Hawkins Point 3925 Fort Armistead Road, Baltimore 39.209495, -76.532585 United States
Freestone Park 1045 E Juniper Avenue, Arizona 33.359205, -111.766895 United States
East Park 2 New Rd, Southampton 50.9071058, -1.4025378 United Kingdom
Alexandra Palace South Terrace, London 51.5938687, -0.1277375 United Kingdom

Part 3: How to Spoof iPhone Location to Catch Squirtle Easily?

As you can see from the list of Squirtle nest Pokemon Go coordinates for 2020 that these places are scattered the world over. Since we can’t manually visit all these Squirtle nests, it is better to just spoof our iPhone location. To do that, you can take the assistance of dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS).

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Developed by Wondershare, it is a smart and user-friendly application that can spoof your iPhone location in a few clicks. You can manually enter the exact coordinates or just type the address of the target location. Without jailbreaking your device, the dr.fone application will teleport you to the specific nest to catch your new Squirtle. Not just that, you can even use its simulation to move between different spots virtually and evolve your Squirtle from your home.

Dr.Fone Virtual Location
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I’m sure that after going through this Squirtle nest Pokemon Go coordinates 2020 list, you would certainly be able to catch a Squirtle. To make it even easier for you, I have also listed a stepwise tutorial to spoof your iPhone location without jailbreaking it. I used the same hack to catch tons of Pokemons and it works every time! So what are you waiting for? You have the Squirtle nest Pokemon Go coordinates and a tool to spoof your location. Now, go and catch them all!

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