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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Using Bluetooth?

Daisy Raines

Dec 06, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

One of the first and the most important things people care about while upgrading their phones today is how to transfer contacts from one phone to another phone. 2022 has just begun, new devices from smartphone companies are coming in and one of the most anticipated of them is Samsung Galaxy S22 series that is rumored to launch just this February. For some, the upgrade fever is coming on! And, it pays to be prepared in advance. If you are going to be upgrading your old Android to one of the fancy new Android smartphones soon, you are in the right place. You will learn how to transfer contacts from the old device to the new one easily and smoothly.

Part I: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android via Bluetooth?

This method works if you are not trading in your old smartphone to offset the cost of the new, as to transfer contacts from one Android smartphone to another using Bluetooth you will require both devices present and in close proximity, a few feet away at best. There are advantages to transferring contacts using Bluetooth, such as no need for using the internet, going through any other hoops, or opening special apps! Everything you need to share contacts from one Android phone to another is built right into your phone! Now, to transfer contacts from one Android smartphone to another using Bluetooth, you must first pair the two devices together so as to allow for seamless contacts transfer.

I.I: Pairing Two Android Devices Together

Here’s how to pair your old and new phone together via Bluetooth:

Step 1: On your old and new devices, go to Settings, then Bluetooth

Step 2: Make sure Bluetooth is “On” on both of them

Step 3: If everything is done correctly, both devices will show themselves to each other

enable bluetooth

Step 4: Tap the other device on either of them. Here, the Moto G4 Play was tapped on OnePlus Nord 2:

initiate pairing process on either device

Step 5: A prompt to pair with the new phone will come on the other device as well. For your device, make sure that the PIN is the same on both devices to ensure the security of the connection. This PIN is generated afresh and is unique, so the PIN in the image is not the PIN you will see on your devices. Tap Pair on your old device to pair the two devices together using Bluetooth.

Step 6: After pairing is complete, both devices will show under paired devices on each other:

old device showing paired android

And that’s how simple it is to pair devices to each other using Bluetooth!

I.II: Transfer Contacts from One Android Smartphone to Another Using Bluetooth

Here is how to transfer contacts from one Android to another, easily, using Bluetooth:

Step 1: Go to Phone on your old phone and select the Contacts tab

Step 2: Tap the vertical ellipses and select Import/ Export.

export contacts from old android to new

This particular option can vary by your phone model and Android flavor, this is on Android 7 running on Motorola G4 Play. If you are unable to find a way to select contacts or share contacts in the Phone app on your phone, use the Contacts app on your phone for the same effect.

Step 3: A popup will emerge:

select share all contacts to transfer contacts

Select Share All Contacts.

Step 4: When you do that, this will come up:

select bluetooth as the method to share with

Select Bluetooth in the Share With menu. You may select Always or Just Once and proceed.

Step 5: Choose the paired handset, in this case, the OnePlus Nord 2:

select paired device to transfer to

Step 6: The VCF file will be exported to Nord 2 and you can accept it on the Nord 2 (new device).

receive contacts on new device

And that is how to transfer contacts from an Android smartphone to another using Bluetooth!

Part II: Other Methods to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

What are other ways to transfer contacts from one Android smartphone to another? Glad you asked. Because there are other ways to transfer contacts from an Android smartphone to another that do not use Bluetooth and can be both seamless and more powerful than the Bluetooth method, depending on your tastes and needs.

II.I: Sync Contacts Using Google Account

This is another method to transfer your contacts on one Android device and restore them on another Android device. Here’s how to transfer contacts from one Android smartphone to another using Google Sync:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your old device

Step 2: Tap Accounts

Step 3: Tap the account you want to transfer contacts from

Step 4: Make sure that there is a checkmark next to Contacts, or, in other words, Contacts sync is enabled/ toggled.

enable contacts sync in google account settings

Now, Google will sync your contacts from the device onto the cloud, and your new device signed into the same Google Account will automatically download the contacts.

II.II: Transfer Contacts from An Android Smartphone To Another Using Manufacturer Apps

Now, if you have an LG phone, you might be more willing to use LG apps than, say, Xiaomi apps. Same for Xiaomi users who would probably scoff at using Samsung apps on their beloved Xiaomi devices. Manufacturers provide apps on Google Play Store that make transferring content from another device to their devices easy because that suits them to make the processes as seamless and easy for their customers. Even Apple is no different in that regard, they have an app to make it easy for people to switch from Android to iOS.

There are apps by most major manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi, including the older titans such as LG that have now stopped manufacturing phones recently. More or less, the steps that users would need to take to transfer contacts from their old devices to the new are fairly common, and you can use the app for your manufacturers, such as Mi Mover for Xiaomi and Samsung Smart Switch. Here is how to transfer contacts from old Android to new Samsung devices using Samsung Smart Switch.

Step 1: Download Samsung Smart Switch on both your old Android and the new Samsung device

Step 2: Keep the devices close by, say, on the table. This will not work if the devices are in different rooms or too far away.

Step 3: Launch Smart Switch on both the devices

Step 4: Tap Send Data on old Android

Step 5: Tap Receive Data on the new Samsung device

Step 6: Tap Wireless method on both devices

Step 7: Tap Allow on your old device to start the transfer process. Don’t worry, this will not dump all your content just yet.

Step 8: On your new Samsung device, choose what you want to transfer - Contacts, in this case.

Step 9: Tap Transfer and when the transfer is done, tap Close.

That’s all it takes to transfer contacts from old phone to new using Samsung Smart Switch. The process is fairly similar for all other apps from manufacturers. You tap Send on the old device, tap Receive on the new device, choose what you want to receive, and that’s it.

Limitations Of App-based Transfer Methods

It must be noted that there is one binding limitation with such apps - these apps are not two-way streets. You cannot use Samsung Switch to transfer contacts from Samsung phones to another manufacturer’s phones. The same goes for all other manufacturers. All of them allow data into their devices, not out of their devices onto another manufacturer’s devices, using their apps.

In that regard, using a third-party solution such as Dr.Fone allows you complete freedom to do whatever you want and whenever you want, and even so, Dr.Fone is a great tool to have in one’s arsenal to use every day. How? Because not only does Dr.Fone allow you to transfer contacts from one Android device to another, you have complete freedom to mix the devices in all possible ways. So, if you want to transfer from Samsung to Xiaomi, you can do that. You want to transfer from Xiaomi to Samsung, Dr.Fone does that. Transfer from Apple iPhone to Xiaomi? Yes! Xiaomi or Samsung to Apple iPhone? You bet, all supported! And with a clean, easy-to-use interface that does the job quickly and safely.

II.III: Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Using Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

Video Tutorial: How to Transfer Data from Android to Android

Now, how about a method that frees you from all limitations and any possible hiccups you might encounter with the previous methods? Yes, that is what Dr.Fone promises.

Dr.Fone is a set of modules that specialize in particular tasks that users need to perform with their phones. Phone Transfer is one such module that helps users to easily and quickly transfer contacts and other data from any smartphone to any other smartphone. That means you only need one Dr.Fone to transfer from iPhone to Samsung, Xiaomi to Samsung, LG to Xiaomi, Samsung to Oppo, the combinations are endless since Dr.Fone does not limit you in any way!

Here’s how to transfer contacts from, say, an iPhone to an Android device using Dr.Fone:

Step 1: Download Dr.Fone

Try It Free Try It Free

Step 2: Launch Dr.Fone

home page

Step 3: Select the Phone Transfer module and connect your devices to the computer

phone transfer

Step 4: When the devices are connected, select the Contacts category to transfer and click Start Transfer. Within seconds, your contacts will be transferred to the new device.

transfer complete

That’s it! It is that easy. Connect your devices, select what to transfer, click Start Transfer, and boom! You’re good to go. If you are thinking about WhatsApp chats, that is handled easily, too, using the WhatsApp Transfer module. You’re going to have a wide smile plastered all over your face when you try this and experience how seamless and easy this is, everything integrated into one easy-to-use app called Dr.Fone.

Try It Free Try It Free

Transferring contacts from one Android to another Android can be done in two broad ways. One is to transfer contacts from an Android smartphone to another using Bluetooth, which means you can transfer between any smartphone easily and whenever you wish to, without limitations such as which manufacturer the smartphone belongs to. But, how about some more control over what you transfer? If you do not want to use Bluetooth, there is the other way to simply enable Sync in your Google Account, post which your contacts will be uploaded to your Google Account and downloaded to your other device. Or, when you want to do more than transfer, or when you want to have the convenience of doing things from your computer, you have a third way, where you can use Dr.Fone with the Phone Transfer module that lets you select what to transfer, and importantly, lets you transfer between manufacturers easily. So you want to transfer from Android to iPhone, you can do that. You want to transfer from an Android smartphone to another, you can do that. You want to transfer contacts and other data from one manufacturer to another, you can do that. All in just three steps - connect, select, click.

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