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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Devices?

Alice MJ

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

Android, which is developed by the Google, has a very strong mobile operating system. It is totally based on the Linux kernel and specially designed for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. And these Android mobiles are used by millions of people. Some of the users might feel the need to transfer their contacts from one Android device to another due to up gradation or changing of the mobile. There are many methods which can help transfer contacts from Android to Android.

So for all those who want to know how to transfer contacts from Android to Android, keep reading to know more.

Part 1: How to transfer contacts from Android to Android using Dr.Fone toolkit?

One of the most popular toolkit to transfer contacts from Android to Android is the Dr.Fone toolkit - Phone Transfer. This is a revolutionary application for your entire backup and restores solutions. This application supports over 8000+ Android devices worldwide and with its advanced features, the application allows the user to take backup and restore by selecting their needs and requirements.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

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  • It supports all the leading iOS devices, including devices running on iOS 11.
  • The tool can transfer your photos, videos, contacts, messages, music, call logs, notes, bookmarks, and so much more.
  • You can transfer all your data or select the type of content you wish to move.
  • It is compatible with Android devices as well. This means you can easily perform a cross-platform transfer (e.g. iOS to Android).
  • Extremely user-friendly and fast, it provides a one-click solution
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Ensure you have a good PC where you would download and install the Dr.Fone software. When the software has installed, go to desktop home screen and double click on the icon. You can follow the steps below to start a file transfer.

Step 1. Click on “Phone Transfer” module after you open Dr.Fone toolkit

How to Transfer Photos from Android to Android-select solution

Step 2. Connect both phones to PC and select "Photos"

Using a good USB cable, connect both old and new devices to your PC. When that is done, a list of data that can be transferred will appear. Choose "Photos" and this will move your photos from the source device to the destination device. You can also change both devices between “source” and “Destination” by using the “Flip” button.

Transfer Photos from Android to Android using Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

Step 3. Click "Start Transfer"

Click on the button "Start Transfer". Keep phones connected. Dr.Fone starts to transfer photos. Go to view transferred photos on the destination phone until it completes.

How to Transfer Photos from Android to Android-transfer process

Part 2. How to Transfer Photos from Old Android to New Android Using NFC

Transfer Photos from Android to Android-by NFC

Near Field Communication(NFC) is a technology that supports Android Beam and is ideal for transferring data between android devices by just pressing their backs together. It is a fast and simple program that requires both devices to NFC-capable. This means they are able to communicate with each other when their fields are near. This communication is made possible through radio frequencies. Most devices have NFC hardware integrated underneath their panel.

NFC can be found in almost every android device. In the past, it was easy to identify devices with NFC as such devices usually had NFC printed somewhere in the back of the devices, most tines on the battery pack. But since most android devices don’t have a removable back, there is an alternative to checking if your device is NFC enabled.

  • On your Android device, tap on “Settings” and click on “More” located under “Wireless and Networks” .

Transfer Photos from Android to Android by NFC-Go to Settings

  • This would take you to a screen where you should find the NFC and android beam options as depicted in the image below. At this stage enable both options if any or both have been disabled. If the NFC option doesn’t appear, it then means your device does not have Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality.

Transfer data from Android to Android by NFC-enable NFC

  • Another method of checking is by opening the settings menu and tapping on the search icon. Type in “NFC”. If your phone is capable, it will show up. The NFC function works hand-in-hand with the android beam. NFC may not work at optimal levels if the android beam is “off”.

To Transfer Photos from your old android device to a new android device, ensure both devices support NFC using the method explained above. Once this is confirmed, use the Android beam to access the photos you want to transfer to your new android device.

To select multiple photos, long press on a photo. Then choose the photos you want to transfer to new android device. When you are done selecting, you can begin the beaming process.

Next, place both devices against each other, back to back.

Transfer Photos from Android to Android by NFC-Choose Photos

At this stage, both an audio sound and visual message will appear, acting as confirmation that both devices have found each other’s radio waves.

Now, on your old android device, the screen will reduce to a thumbnail and a “Touch to beam” message will pop up at the top.

Transfer Photos from Android to Android by NFC-“Touch to beam”

To begin beaming, you must touch the screen on your old android device from where the photos are been sent. A sound will alert you that beaming has started.

To ensure a successful transfer, make sure devices are not locked neither should the screen be turned off. Also, both devices should be kept back-to-back throughout the duration of the transfer.

Finally, when the beaming is complete, you will hear an audio sound. This is to confirm the completion of the process. Alternatively, instead of an audio confirmation, the application on your new android device to which the photos were sent will automatically launch and display the beamed content.

Now, we’ll discuss how to transfer contacts from one Android to another with the help of a SIM card.

Part 2: How to transfer contacts from Android to Android using SIM card?

Here are the steps which will help you.

  • To copy the contacts to your SIM card, you should follow the sequence –
  • Go to “contact” on your old device.
  • Then tap on “More” and then choose “settings”.
  • Here you can find “import / Export” option. Tap on it and then choose “Export” option.
  • Now click on “Export to SIM card” option. On choosing this step, all your contacts will be copied to the SIM card in a few minutes. This depending upon the capacity of the SIM card.

export to sim card

Now, pull the SIM card out and insert in on your new device.

• Here follow the same steps above and on “Import / Export” option, choose “Import”. Then it will ask for the option to import from. Choose “SIM Card” here. Now, all your contacts will be imported to your phone memory from the SIM card.

import from sim card

Advantages: This process is easy to use and can be done without any PC.

Disadvantage: It can only transfer the contacts up to the SIM capacity that is 200 to 250 in one time. If you have lots of contacts, it is impossible to transfer by this method.

Part 3: How to transfer contacts from Android to Android using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct?

To transfer contacts from Android to Android using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct is one of the easiest methods. For this method, make sure that you should enable “Bluetooth” or “Wi-Fi Direct” on both the Android devices.

The steps:

1. Go to the “Contacts” menu on your old Android device.

2. Now, find “Import / Export” option. It might be under “More” > “Settings” menu. Tap on it.

3. Now go to “Share namecard via” option from the menu and select all the contacts to transfer process.

4. Now you have two options. Share via “Bluetooth” or ‘Wi-Fi Direct”. Select any option you want and accept from the other device.

5. After successful connection, all the contacts from old Android devices will be transferred to your new Android device.

wifi direct

This method is simple and easy to use.

There is yet another method to transfer contacts from Android to Android using Samsung’s own app “Smart Switch”.

Advantage: This is a very fast process.

Disadvantage : Sometimes the contacts are not saved automatically. You have to open the name card file one by one to save them. If you have a lot of contacts, this process is very hectic and lengthy.

Part 4: How to transfer contacts from Android to Android using Samsung Smart Switch?

Samsung launched a new app called “Smart Switch” to allow transfer of content between Android devices. Although, it does not support allAndroid devices.

To transfer contacts from Android to Android via this app, follow the below method step by step.

1. First of all, download the app on both the mobiles.

2. Then, open this app on new Android device and Start the process by tapping on “Start”.

select old device

3. Now, Select the new device as ‘Receiving device”

select receiving device

4. Now connect with your old device by opening the app on your old Android mobile. This will prompt to enter the pin number as displayed. Enter the same and hit “Connect” to start the process.

5. Now, select “Contact” on your old device and tap “Send”.

6. You should see a prompt on your new device which asks you to confirm the “receive” of the contact. Tap on “Receive” and all the contacts from your old device will be copied to your new Android device in few minutes.

Advantages: The process is very fast and can transfer all the contacts at once.

Disadvantages: This app is not supported on all the Android devices.  Also, the process is lengthy and needs some technical knowledge.

Thus, these were the four best options that you can use to transfer contacts from Android to Android. However, in our experience, the first method, the Dr.Fone toolkit- Android data backup and restore is by far the best and most secured among all solutions for transferring contacts from Android to Android. So, if you do not want to lose any data while transfer or worry about the security, use the Dr.Fone toolkit for the best result.

Alice MJ

Alice MJ

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