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How to Easily Export and Import CSV Contacts for Android Phones

James Davis

Jan 11, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Just ditch your old Android phone for a new one while don't want to loose your precious contacts? You just needs to import all contacts from a CSV file. Look for ways to export Android contacts to a CSV file, so you can backup, easily print it out or upload to your Google, Outlook, Windows Address Book accounts? Here, I will show you how to export Android Contacts to CSV files and import your CSV contacts to Android in easiest way. Now, follow my steps.


Part 1. How to Export Android Contacts to CSV

To export Android contacts as a CSV file, I would like to recommend you an easy-to-use software – Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (Android). It's a specially designed super mobile toolbox, which helps to simplify your Android life. With it, you can save all or selected contacts as a CSV file easily and effortlessly.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (Android)

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  • Transfer files between Android and computer, including contacts, photos, music, SMS, and more.
  • Manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc.
  • Transfer iTunes to Android (vice versa).
  • Manage your Android device on computer.
  • Fully compatible with Android 8.0.
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The part below shows you how to transfer contacts from Android to a CSV file. Follow this part and try it on your own.

Step 1. Run Dr.Fone and Connect Your Android Phone to Computer.

At first, download and install this software on your Windows computer. Run it and select "Phone Manager" from the primary window. Plug into a USB cable to computer to get your Android phone connected.

export Android contacts to csv

Step 2. Save and Backup Android Contacts as a CSV File

Navigate to Information and click Contacts in the left sidebar. In the contact management window, choose a contact category, like Phone. Then, choose contacts you want to export and click Export. In its drop-down menu, choose Export selected contacts to computer or Export all contacts to computer.

Then you get 6 choices: to vCard file, to CSV file, to Outlook Express, to Outlook 2010/2013/2016, to Windows Address Book, to Windows Live Mail. Choose to CSV file. In the pop-up file browser window, select a place to save the CSV file and click Save.

save Android contacts as csv

Now, you successfully save Android contacts as a CSV file. Isn't it easy? You can import and restore the contacts to any device.

restore android contacts from csv

Download and Try Download and Try

Part 2. How to Import CSV Contacts to Android

It's no brainer to import CSV Contacts to Android. All you need is a Gmail account. Just upload the CSV file to your Gmail account, and then sync the account on your Android phone. How easy it is. Below is the step-by-step guide. Follow it.

Step 1. Open Brower on your computer and land to Gmail. Sign in your Gmail account.
Step 2. Go to the left column and click Gmail. In its drop-down menu, choose Contacts.

import csv to android

Step 3. Click More… In its drop-down menu, choose Import…

import csv contacts to android

Step 4. This brings up a dialog. Click Choose File. In the pop-up file browser window, navigate to the place where the CSV file is saved. Choose it and click Open > Import to upload the CSV file to your Gmail account.
Step 5. Now, all contacts in the CSV file are uploaded to your Gmail account.

how to import csv contacts to android

Step 6. Sign in your Google account on your Android phone. Then, go to Settings > Accounts & sync. Find your Google account and tap it. Then, tick Sync Contacts > Sync now. When it's complete, all CSV contacts will be imported to your Android phone.

import csv file to android

Step 7. It doesn't matter if you don't have a google account on your Android phone. You can still import CVS to Android.

Just skip step 6 and click More… > Export… Select the group where all the CSV contacts are saved. Then, choose to save as vCard format. Click Export to download the vCard file on your computer.

how to import csv file to android

remote wipe android

Step 8. Mount your Android phone as an external hard drive. Once detected successfully, go to Computer and find your Android phone.

transfer csv file to android

Step 9. Open your Android phone. All folders and files saved on the SD card are displayed in front of you. Just copy and paste the vCard file here.

Step 10. On your Android phone, tap Contacts app. Tap Contacts category and click the virtual button left to the main button to show the menu. Choose Import/Export > Import from usb storage > Import from SD card (It means the external SD card.)

transfer csv contacts to android

Step 11. A dialog comes out, asking you to save contacts to Phone or your accounts. Select one and your Android phone begins to search for the vCard file. When it's done, choose Import vCard file > OK. Then, all contacts in the vCard file will be import to your Android phone.

copy csv file to android

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