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Apps to Move Contacts From Android to iPhone - 5 Top Picks

James Davis

Feb 27, 2024 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

Moving from an Android device to an iPhone is like moving to a new home. It's exciting yet filled with small challenges. One of these challenges is transferring your contacts. If you're facing this task, you're not alone. Many people search for an efficient app to move contacts from Android to iPhone.

Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue with various apps for this purpose. In this article, we will explore six top apps to move contacts from Android to iPhone. From simple software to more advanced apps, we have got you covered with many options. Let’s start with the official application to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.

Part 1. Official Apple App to Move Contacts from Android to iPhone - Move to iOS

Move to iOS official logo

The Move to iOS app is the official software of Apple. This software is specifically designed to help users migrate their data, including contacts. Anyone can transfer their contacts from an Android device to an iPhone with it.

key features

  • Ease of Use

The app provides a simple, guided process that helps users transfer their contacts.

  • Wireless Transfer

Move to iOS works wirelessly. There’s no need for cables or additional software.

  • Transfer Variety of Data

Besides contacts, it can also transfer messages, photos, and more.

  • Compatibility

Works with most Android and iOS devices, facilitating a broad range of transfers.

Pros & Cons



  • Safe to use because Apple officially developed it.
  • Easy to use, even for those without technical expertise.
  • Wireless transfer is available.
  • You can only transfer data to new or factory-reset iPhones.
  • Requires both devices to be set up for the transfer.
  • Transfer speed is slower than other software.
  • One of the appealing aspects of the Move to iOS app is that it is completely free. Also, it’s easily available on the Play Store of Android devices.

    Now, you know how to transfer contacts from Android to Apple with the official app. But that doesn’t mean the world ends here. Many other apps can do this job. Let’s have a look at the most popular one.

    Part 2. Move Contacts from Android to iPhone with Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

    There are specialized tools that can easily transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. These tools often provide more advanced features. One of the best software for this purpose is Wondershare Dr.Fone. It is designed for various phone management needs.

    The Phone Transfer feature of Dr.Fone allows you to transfer any data from one phone to another. It's not just limited to contact transfer. Moreover, there’s a wide range of devices that can be connected with Dr.Fone.

    Dr.Fone Phone Transfer enables you to move data from one phone to another with a single click. It also supports transfers between different operating systems, such as iOS to Android. The tool supports transferring up to eight main file types. They include photos, videos, contacts, messages, and more. Here’s a stepwise guide to transfer contacts with Dr.Fone:

    style arrow up

    Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

    1 Click to Copy One Phone to Another

    • Move data between devices with different OSs, i.e. iOS to Android.
    • Transfer contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, and more types.
    • Simple, click-through process
    • Compatible with Android 14 (Win) and the latest iOS 17.
    Available on: Windows Mac
    3981454 people have downloaded it

    Step 1 Start the process by launching Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer. Go to the Toolbox and select the Phone Transfer tool.

    Dr.Fone home page

    Step 2 Once the tool is open, connect your Android & iPhone to your computer. Then specify the Source and Destination for the data transfer. The software will load the data from both devices.

    connect Dr.Fone to your phone

    Step 3 Choose the specific data types you want to transfer, such as contacts. Then, start the transfer by clicking the Start Transfer button.

    start Dr.Fone transfer

    Step 4 A window will display the progress of your data transfer. Wait until it's completed. You can also cancel the operation if necessary.

    Step 5 After the transfer is complete, a notification will appear. Click OK to finish the process. Make sure to check your data on the destination device to confirm the transfer was successful.

    successful transfer data

    Part 3. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Using SHAREit

    Some tools can transfer contacts from Android to iPhone for free. SHAREit is a popular app primarily known for its ability to transfer files between smartphones. SHAREit stands out for its cross-platform functionality. It allows users to move data across different operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

    SHAREit official logo

    Most of the time, people use SHAREit for transferring photos, videos, songs, and documents. But the best thing is that its utility extends beyond just file transfer. There are additional entertainment features like games and an in-built media player.

    SHAREit working interface

    Key features

    • Cross-Platform Transfer

    Enables data transfer between Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

    • Impressive speed

    Provides a speed of 20 Mbps, which is at least 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

    • Wireless Technology

    Transfers data wirelessly without requiring any cable.

    • App Transfer

    Allows for the reinstallation of apps, although app data transfer is not supported.

    Pros & Cons



  • Free basic version.
  • Capable of wirelessly transferring data between different smartphones.
  • Includes entertainment features for additional utility.
  • The basic version includes numerous ads and unwanted pop-ups.
  • The process of connecting devices can be somewhat complex.
  • The premium version is expensive compared to its features.
  • Pricing: The basic version of SHAREIt is available for free. For an ad-free experience and full features, the premium version is available at $9.99.

    Part 4. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Using Smart Transfer

    Now, the second app to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android is Smart Transfer.

    Smart Transfer official logo

    Smart Transfer is another data transfer and management software. It’s a multi-language app that can facilitate the movement of large data files between Android and iPhone devices.

    Smart Transfer emphasizes ease of use and efficient data handling. This app supports major platforms and also focuses on the security of user data.

    Smart Transfer working interface

    Key Features

    • Cross-Platform Support

    Compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

    • Data Cloning and Sharing

    Allows for easy cloning and sharing of files wirelessly across devices.

    • Storage Management

    Helps in organizing and decluttering phone storage by identifying and removing duplicates.

    • Contacts Manager

    Features a contact cleaner to merge and remove duplicate contacts.

    Pros & Cons



  • Supports a wide range of data types.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Also helps in optimizing phone storage.
  • Provides additional tools like alarm and bookmark management.
  • Slow transfer speed compared to other options.
  • The focus on file management is more than needed for simple contact transfers.
  • Some users might find these extensive features overwhelming.
  • Pricing: Smart Transfer is a free app.

    Part 5. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Using Xender

    The last app we have in store for you is Xender. It’s a highly efficient tool for transferring various types of files between devices.

    Xender official logo

    Xender stands out for its ability to handle large files and its super impressive speed. With Xender, users can share music, videos, photos, documents, and even apps without any data usage.

    So, it’s a popular choice among users who frequently need to move large amounts of data.

    Xender working interface

    Key Features

    • Flash Speed File Transfer

    Provides very high-speed transfers that reach up to 40Mb/s.

    • Unlimited File Size Transfer

    Allows the transfer of large files without any size limitations.

    • Other Abilities

    You also get a useful file manager with an in-built audio player.

    • Cross-Platform Support

    It’s compatible with various operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

    • Versatile File Sharing

    Capable of transferring different types of files like music, videos, documents, and more.

    Pros & Cons



  • High transfer speed, significantly faster than Bluetooth.
  • Supports a wide range of file types.
  • Does not require an internet or data connection.
  • The interface can be difficult to use for first-time users.
  • May experience compatibility issues with certain devices or OS versions.
  • Many ads and pop-ups are in the free version.
  • Pricing: Xender is a free-to-use app. However, it does include ads in its free version.


    Today, changing phones is as common as changing clothes. But the hassle of data transfer, especially contacts, remains a challenge.

    As we've seen, the right app to move contacts from Android to iPhone can turn this task into a breeze. Whether you choose the official Move to iOS app or prefer third-party software like Dr.Fone, you now have many options. Each tool provides unique advantages that are specific to different needs.

    So look at them and find the best app for transferring contacts from Android to iPhone.

    safe Downloadsafe & secure

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