3 Solutions to Transfer Music to Android Devices

In present times, a computer can act as a substitute for any high-tech stereo system — a combination of tuner, amplifier, and turntable, plus all your records and CDs. If you’ve already copied all your favorite music collection on your computer, or if you use your computer as your main music-storage system, then you can easily share that music with your Android phone. This article majorly for the music lovers, who are not sure about the methods to transfer music to Android. This article will also cover how to transfer music from Android to Android, and also from computer to Android.

So, keep reading to know how to transfer music to Android.

Part 1: How to transfer music from Android to Android?

Many people search for the best application to transfer music from one Android device to another Android device but they end up unsatisfied. Here, we would give the best solution to transfer music to Android by introducing the dr.fone toolkit - Android Data Backup & Resotre . Using this tool, you will be able to transfer music to Android device by just one single step. This is a very secure and safe toolkit. and Wondershare, as we all know is a well-known software company with millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

dr.fone toolkit - Android Data Backup & Resotre

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Follow the steps given below to understand how to transfer music from Android to Android

launch drfone

• Step 1: Launch the dr. fone toolkit on your personal computer. Use a USB cable to connect your old Android device with your computer (the drivers for your device must be pre-installed on your device)

connect old android device

• Step 2: After your PC detects your device, open the data backup and restore option. Now select the things that you want to backup (make sure that you select music/audio to back them up).

select data type

• Step 3: Now click on the backup option to start the process

backup android

• Step 4: Now connect your new device with your computer using USB cable (in this case too you have to ensure that the drivers are installed)

connect new android device

• Step 5: Now you will be provided with two options on your computer screen. Select the “Restore” option

select restore

• Step 5: Now you will be shown with details of the backup file, now finally click on the Restore option that will be located on the bottom right corner as a confirmation.

select data to restore

Congratulations! You have successfully been able to transfer music to Android from another Android Device

restore complete

Part 2: How to Transfer Music from Computer to Android

The easiest way to transfer music to Android from a computer is via USB cable. It is probably the simplest way to transfer files from a Computer to an Android device.

Below are few steps which will help you to know how to transfer music from computer to Android

• Connect your device to your computer via USB cable. Please ensure that the drivers for your device are installed on your computer, or else your computer will not recognize your device and the transfer will be unsuccessful

• Once you have successfully connected, Windows File Explorer will show your Device contents on your computer

windows file explorer

• Now browse your computer to search for the music that you want to copy, right click on the music and select the copy option

copy music file

• Now go to the storage of your android device, right click again and finally paste the file to your desired location.

paste music file to phone

Part 3: How to transfer music from Mac to Android

Mostly Apple users try to stick to Apple and the windows users try to use devices other than Apple, but with the change in time, everyone wants to try out all the OS platforms. But problems are faced by the users when an Android user buys an iOS make or vice versa. The compatibility issue really becomes a headache for them. In such cases many questions arise including how to transfer music to Android, if you too have the same question in your mind, keep reading to find the answer.

All you need to do is download a tiny software known as Android File Transfer on your Mac and you are good to go.

Now, let us see the steps given below to transfer music from Mac to Android

Step 1: Install Android File Transfer on your Mac computer (OS X 10.5 or later). You can download it from www.android.com. This application will allow you to transfer files between your Mac and your Android device (Android 3.0 or later).

android file transfer

Step 2: You have to enable USB Mass Storage mode on your Android. This is the major step that most people don’t know about, and where Android/Mac users typically find themselves in trouble. To do so, you have to go to Settings > More (under Wireless and network) > USB utilities > Set USB cable connection mode. Then, you have to select “Connect storage to PC.” (Note: for this process, we’re using a Samsung Galaxy SII running Android 4.0.3 in the following screenshot; your screen might look different depending on your device and Android Version.)

connect storage to pc

Step 3: At this point, you will be prompted to “Connect your USB cable to use mass storage.” Now you have to use the USB cable that came with your Android device to connect your device to your Mac.

Step 4: Now that both of your devices are connected, just double-click Android File Transfer on your Mac to launch the application. (Now: - You have to double tap to launch it only if you are using it for the first time; subsequently, Android File Transfer should open automatically whenever you connect the devices).

Step 5: Using Finder on your Mac device (the program that lets you browse files and folders on your computer), navigate to your Android device, which will be located on your desktop. Open another Finder window anywhere on your Mac screen — most likely your Music folder, for the purpose of this tutorial. Now, you can drag-and-drop your desired files from one device to the other, copy-and-paste them, or whatever else you want to do to complete the process. You can also use your Mac to delete files from your Android to make room for more stuff or to simply clean it up.

This was the simplest process to transfer music from Mac to Android.

So, in this article, we discussed how to transfer Music to Android from the computer, how to transfer music from Android to Android and also how to transfer Music from Mac to Android. We have tried to explain all the parts in simple language with images that will help you to understand better. Our personal advice to our readers would be to try the Wondershare toolkit that we discussed earlier in this article since is a very secure toolkit to transfer music to Android.  Lastly, I really hope that you enjoyed reading this article and if we missed out on anything, do let us know in the comments section below.

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