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How to Transfer Photos from Android to USB Flash Drive in 4 Practical Ways?

Alice MJ

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Looking for a simple way to transfer photos from Android to a flash drive? No need for tech skills here!

No matter if it’s your precious wedding snapshots or important work photos, we’ll show you how to keep them safe.

With our guide, you can easily use a cable or go wireless to back up your memories. We detail four easy methods to ensure your photos are secure and organized.

Ready to protect your photo collection and free up space on your phone?

Let’s discuss how to transfer photos from Android to a flash drive efficiently. So you can ensure your memories are preserved and accessible anytime.

Part 1. Can I transfer Photos from Android to Flash Drive?

Absolutely! You can easily move pictures from your phone to a flash drive. This is great for keeping photos safe, like those from weddings or important meetings. You don't need to be a tech expert to do it.

One way is to use an OTG cable for Android phones. Just connect it, and you're ready to transfer without needing any software.

Or, you can move the pictures to a computer first and then to a flash drive. Just make sure both devices have enough space for all your files!

Now, let’s discuss the practical ways to transfer photos from Android to flash drive in detail.

Part 2. Transfer Pictures from Android to Flash Drive via Google Drive

Choosing a wireless method to transfer pictures from Android to a flash drive is a great idea. Using Google Drive or another cloud service makes it easy. Cloud storage is becoming more popular because it's a simple way to keep files safe. You can get your files from any device with the internet.

This approach eliminates the need for cables or extra equipment. Just upload your photos to the cloud and download them whenever you want. It's a secure and easy way to handle your pictures. Moreover, you can access your photos from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

If you are thinking about how to transfer photos from Android to USB stick. worry not! Just follow the easy steps below:

Step 1: First of all, download the Google Drive application and sign in.

Step 2: Open the application, and tap the “+” icon. Then select “Upload.” Now select the photos you want to transfer from your phone’s gallery.

Choose Upload to transfer photos from Android to Flash Drive

Step 3: Choose your photos within Google Drive.

Step 4: Tap “Upload” to transfer your photos to Google Drive.

Step 5: Into your computer, insert the flash drive. In a web browser, open Google Drive and download the photos to your flash drive.

Transfer your photos from Google Drive to Flash Drive

This method ensures your pictures are safely stored in the cloud and effortlessly accessible on any device.

However, if you don’t wanna go with this method, fret not! We have enlisted another potential solution for you.

Part 3. Transfer Photos from Android to USB Flash Drive by Drag and Drop

It is quite easy to transfer photos from Android to USB stick using the drag-and-drop method. It provides a quick way to back up or share photos without needing special software.

This method is appreciated for its simplicity and efficiency. Thus, allowing for easy management of files. It's an ideal solution for quickly saving memories or important images with minimal hassle.

Following the below steps to transfer photos from Android to thumb drive via drag and drop.

Step 1: With a USB cable, connect your Android phone to a computer.

Step 2: Click “Charging this device via USB” when it shows up.

Step 3: Select “File Transfer” from “Use USB for.”

Step 4: When a file transfer window appears on your PC, move ahead to the folder with the videos or pics you want to transfer.

Step 5: Insert your USB drive into the computer.

Step 6: Copy and paste your desired files to the USB storage.

Copy and Paste Your desired files to USB storage

That’s all about this method! Now let’s move to the next part on how to transfer photos from Android to flash drive.

Part 4. Move Pictures From Android To Flash Drive via OTG Adaptor

Using an OTG adaptor to transfer pictures from Android to thumb drive is a practical option. It bridges your phone and flash drive directly, allowing for easy file transfers. This method is convenient for those without access to a computer or cloud services.

It's fast, easy, and does not require internet connectivity. Ideal for quick backups or when you need to free up space on your device. Hence, it simplifies file management on the go.

Here are the steps on how to transfer photos from Android to flash drive via OTG Adaptor.

Step 1: Connect your flash drive to the adaptor using the full-size USB port.

Step 2: Insert the USB-C end of the adaptor into your Android phone.

Step 3: Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification tray.

Step 4: Click on "USB Drive." Then choose "Internal Storage" to view your phone's files.

Step 5: Find the items you want to copy and select them.

Transfer photos from Android to flash drive via OTG Adaptor

Step 6: Click the three-dot menu, followed by Copy.

Step 7: Now paste the files to the USB flash drive and click Done.

Copy and Paste the files to the flash drive.

That’s it! If you don’t want to transfer pictures from Android to a USB flash drive with OTG, worry not! You can still transfer files to a flash drive. Have a look at the next method!

Part 5. Transfer Photos from Android to Flash Drive Via AirDroid

Transferring photos from Android to a flash drive through AirDroid is a modern and efficient method. It allows for wireless file sharing, bypassing the need for cables. AirDroid provides a user-friendly platform to access, manage, and transfer files effortlessly.

This method enhances flexibility, enabling transfers from anywhere, as long as there's an internet connection. It's particularly useful for managing photos and files across multiple devices. Thus making it a favorite for seamless digital organization.

Follow the steps to learn how to transfer photos from Android to Pendrive via AirDroid.

Step 1: Install AirDroid on your phone and allow permissions after running it.

Step 2: Ensure your Computer and phone are within the same network.

Step 3: Go to the AirDroid Web and it will lead you to a page with an IP address.

Step 4: Open the AirDroid address in your browser. Allow permissions as asked.

Step 5: Click "Files" to see options for copying.

Step 6: Find "Upload file" and "Upload Folder."

Step 7:Connect your USB flash drive to the PC. Right-click on the file or folder to transfer.

Step 8: Choose to download as a "zip" file.

That is all about this method! If you are still wondering how to manage photos on Android, we have listed another solution for you.

Bonus Tip. Manage Your Photos on Android Effortlessly with Dr.Fone

Wondering how to manage your photos on Android effortlessly? Wondershare Dr.Fone is the answer. It streamlines photo management, making backup and restoration super easy. With its user-friendly interface, keeping your memories safe is easy.

Whether you're looking to recover lost images or keep your gallery organized, Dr.Fone has you covered. It's a must-have tool for every Android user, ensuring that managing your visual content is hassle-free. You can trust Dr.Fone to keep your photos accessible and secure, always.

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Follow the steps below to manage photos on your Android device.

Step 1: First of all, download and install Dr.Fone on your Android device. Then, connect your Android to the computer through a USB connection.

Step 2: Now, from the left-hand panel, go to Android device > Photos. Click Add to import more pictures to your Android device. To export selected images to the computer, use the To PC option. Moreover, you can use the Delete option to delete specific images on your Android device.

Select the photos to transfer photos from Android to Computer or Vice Versa

Step 3: Choose a particular image and open it to preview. It opens up a new window where you can zoom and rotate according to your requirements.

Preview photos of your Android.

That’s all about using Dr.Fone for managing photos on your Android device. Hopefully, it will be a great asset in your Android toolkit. Now, let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions.


To find USB settings on your Android device, open "Settings" on your device. Scroll and tap "Connected devices" or "Storage." Look for "USB preferences" or "USB settings." Here, you can change USB connection settings, like file transfers.
Backing up photos on a USB flash drive is usually safe. But, always check the driver's condition. Store backups in different places to avoid losing data. Keep the drive safe from damage or getting lost. Use encryption for private photos for extra security

Round Off!

Have you learned how to transfer photos from Android to a flash drive? It's super easy and fun! We have shown you four cool ways to keep your photos safe and secure, whether you use Google Drive or reliable third-party tools such as Dr.Fone.

Now, you can save all those special moments without worrying about losing them or running out of space on your phone. Our tips ensure your photos are safe, organized, and easy to find. So, don't delay!

Start moving your precious memories to a flash drive today. It's a simple yet effective step to ensure your favorite moments are preserved safely for years. Furthermore, it's a great way to share those memories with friends and family.

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