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Everything you should know about TikTok shadow ban

Alice MJ

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Millions of people are fond of contents posted by users on TikTok. There has been an enormous growth of content creators on TikTok. Some of them may have even faced TikTok shadow ban but do they know anything about this? With this idea in our mind, we have come up with this content to let you know about TikTok shadow ban. It is a trending and hot topic of debate among TikTok users. Many people do not have any idea about what is shadow banning on TikTok, how it happens and what it can do with your TikTok account. If you are one of them who is pondering right now related to shadow ban on TikTok, let us get the answers now.

Part 1: What is the shadow ban of TikTok

If you are a TikTok user and experiencing less number of likes, comment, and reach on your content, it means that your account has probably facing shadow ban TikTok. Shadow ban TikTok is also called stealth bans or ghost bans. It’s a restriction, which is put on your TikTok account for the temporary purpose, especially when your post violates the community standard policies.

It is done automatically by the TikTok algorithm that can last for a short period but can extend to a week or month too. Nobody can say how long it can stay. It prevents other users from accessing your content. However, you are free to upload new contents but don’t expect more than 100 views to them. You may keep thinking, “does TikTok shadow ban happened with my account too?” And yet, you may be unable to figure out anything. So let us move on to knowing how can you find out that your account has been shadow banned on TikTok.

Part 2: How do you know if you are shadow banned on Tiktok

If the numbers of views on your TikTok videos are reducing, it has been shadow banned probably. This happens automatically due to the TikTok algorithm, which uses artificial intelligence. It recognizes the users’ content that violates community standard guidelines. Uploading contents that promote nudity, terrorism, drugs abuse, copyrighted content and so can ban your TikTok account. You will not be notified if shadow ban on TikTok happens. Likes, comments, views, starts to decrease automatically. Keep in mind that your videos will not show in the For You page feed or in the search results. Besides, you may not be able to exchange messages. Shadow ban will prevent the new users from viewing your content, but your followers can view it. However, you still have the right to react or comment on the posts of fellow users but getting new followers is impossible.

shadowban tiktok

TikTok has become strict after finding out that some people are misusing this platform. With the help of shadow banning, it has gained the power to control even verified users if they post inappropriate content. Any influence or content creators can face this, so it is better to post the right thing and meet the guidelines of TikTok. Use the TikTok pro feature and check if the page views are coming from “For you” page or not. If the listing of sources for video views is not present in the “For you” page, this points out that you are facing shadow ban TikTok. No TikTok shadow ban checker exists, but you can use third-party sites to check the number of engagements, likes, comments on your account.

Part 3: What should we do after getting the shadow ban

After knowing the answer of what is shadow banning on TikTok, how one can know if his account has been shadow banned, now it’s time to explore the answer of how to remove shadow ban TikTok. A TikTok user can try a plethora of things for tiktok shadow ban fix. Do not just sit and wait for everything to get fine. Take some action first for fixing shadow ban. Follow the points below to perform a quick TikTok shadow ban fix:

  • TikTok has banned a few hashtags such as related LGBTQ, QAnon, etc. Using this banned hashtag can put your account at risk, and it can be targeted for the shadow ban. Research and avoid using them in your uploaded videos.
  • Do not upload videos that are not showing any body movement, lacks a human voice, or not having any face. The algorithm of TikTok provides red flags to these kinds of videos.
  • Avoid posting contents that contain nudity, especially when you are not an adult. Many people have realized that it is ruining the life of teens.
  • Uploading copyrighted content can easily lead to shadow banning on TikTok, so do not download videos from any other place and post on your TikTok account. You must provide credit to the original author.
  • Videos featuring knives, guns, drugs, and every other thing, which is considered illegal, are subjected to shadow banning. If the content is too bad, your account can be banned permanently.
  • Delete all your recently uploaded videos, and it will resolve the shadow ban tiktok.
  • Try refreshing your account. If it does not work, clear the app cache and log out from the app. After that, uninstall it, reboot your phone and wait for at least 10 minutes. Now, install the application again and log in to your account. This method has worked with many users, but it will work in your case or not, we can’t say. It depends on the seriousness of your content and the final decision of TikTok algorithm.


TikTok is a popular application, we all know this but did you ever wonder why the number of views is decreasing on your TikTok account? But now, you know everything, Keep posting regularly and maintain that schedule, the shadow ban on your account will be lifted. If this doesn’t happen, you have to wait for two weeks.

Alice MJ

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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