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How to Solve iPhone Sound Not Working?

Jun 02, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


Buying an Apple Device is a mini dream come true for several people out there. Because of its smooth features and excellent user interface, people prefer to drop by Apple stores and pick the model that best fits their needs. But finding out that some glitches and bugs hinder your usage of the device is a headache of a whole other level. One of the most common complaints received from the older version users is no sound on iPhone. This might seem like a severe issue because the visible signs of techno-disturbance are alarming.

You don’t see the volume up/down buttons doing any change to the state of audio. Despite the speakers being switched on or fully functional, there is no audio or no volume on iPhone. You cannot hear your music, or there is no sound on the iPhone video. It even goes as far as to disturb the basic function that a Phone is used for. You might not hear your phone ring when a person makes a call to you. Even if you manage to hear some sound from those fancy speakers of the phone, they are very muffled, seem interrupted, and sound like a robot almost choking on something. In certain cases, the volume bar completely disappears on the screen, which can be the last straw of anyone’s patience.

Before you go running to the Apple store with the issue ‘there is no sound on my iPhone’, here’s the good news. You can solve problems in the comfort of your house! And this is how you do it -

Part 1: Check your iOS System and Repair it if need to

This ‘my iPhone sound is not working’ is a major complaint that comes from people who have been using the iPhone for quite a while, and the warranty period has long sailed and reached the shore far from them. Of course, you will panic when you have to spend money on a device that might probably end up coming back to Page 1 even post the servicing. Instead, try to understand if your device has an outdated operating system or requires a system repair that you can do by yourself.

To test it, do the screen recording first. Usually, when you play a video or a song and record the screen, the audio will be recorded. In case your phone doesn’t blurt out any sound, the screen recording might act differently - it can actually give some sound. After doing this, if you find that the screen recording has no sound, understand that the system needs a good software update and repair.

1.1 How to do a software update: 

Step 1. Start by finding your way to the Settings, then choose the ‘General’ Option.

Step 2. When you find the ‘Software Update’ option, Click on that.

Software-update-installation-iPhone-sound-not-working Pic1

Step 3. You will find a red bubble beside the Software Update if any pending installations can boost your phone’s performance. Install them and restart your phone.


1.2 Use the Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) to Repair the iPhone without data loss:

If the software update doesn’t help, you have to go for the complete system repair. There is no guarantee that your data, documents, or files will be spared while the system refreshes post repair. You can opt for those third-party tools that do the job of repairing the glitches in your phone and do not delete your content. Wondershare Dr.Fone System Repair service is hassle-free and lets you handle the process with ease. You don’t have to do much, and it hardly takes any time to restore your phone's proper functioning. This is how you use it -

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Dr.Fone - System Repair

Fix the iPhone sound not working in just a few clicks!

  • Fix your iOS to normal, with no data loss at all.
  • Fix various iOS system issues stuck in recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc.
  • Works for all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 16.New icon
Available on: Windows Mac
4,092,990 people have downloaded it

Step 1. You need to download Dr.Fone - System Repair from the official website to your computer and install it. Click on the ‘System Repair’ option once you finish the installation, and the Dr.Fone - System Repair application opens.


Step 2. Take your device that has no sound and connect it to your computer. Then choose ‘Standard Repair’ mode from the 2 options displayed.


Step 3. Dr.Fone then tries to detect your phone. Once that is done, you will have to confirm the details about the model of your phone. After that, click on "Download" to proceed.


Step 4. The firmware will be downloaded without any further delay. The only reason that won’t happen is when Dr.Fone fails to recognize your device. If this happens, follow the prompts on the screen to enter DFU mode.

Step 5. Dr.Fone will download the iOS firmware, you need to wait for the firmware download to complete and then click "Fix Now".

Step 6. This will initiate the firmware repair and post that a ‘Completion’ Page will be displayed.


Fix No Sound on Your iPhone Easily!

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Part 2: Other 9 Ways to Check your iPhone Sound not Working Problem

2.1 Check your sound settings to turn off Silent Mode

turn off slient mode

This must be the first thing you check when the iPhone sound is not working. You might have absent-mindedly pressed on the silent icon in the Control Center, or the way you handle your phone might have caused the silent option to be enabled. How does that happen?

There is a small button on the side of your phone, and that is responsible for setting your phone on ring mode or silent mode. When the red or orange-colored line is visible near this button or you see the "Silent Mode is On", it means your phone is silent. It would help if you had this silent button towards the screen, which means the phone will ring or the sound will be out. This button might end up being pressed or moved when you place your phone in the pockets or bags. So, it should be the first thing that you should be looking out for.

You can also check for the reason behind the silence by swiping down on the screen to reveal the Control center where the silent icon should be un-highlighted.


2.2 Clean your receivers and speakers


There are also instances where dirt or food particles get stuck near the speaker openings that cause the disrupted sounds and the lower volume that is hard to what. Cleaning the speakers is one of the best options to revert to the original sound state when the iPhone sound is not working. You have to be extremely gentle while doing this because the speakers are connected to the main hardware board by very gentle wires that are too fragile. So, using any pointy pins or linear objects can damage the speakers way more than you think. This will require a definite visit to the Apple store. So, instead, this is how you should be cleaning it.

Get a very gentle, thin, bristled brush. You have to make sure that the bristles are pointy but not harsh on the phone. Slowly dust off the surface and also the holes of the speaker. In case you think the dust has accumulated on the inside, dip the brush in 98% isopropyl alcohol. This is an evaporative alcoholic solution that doesn’t stay in the phone and carries away the dirt that has been stocked up. Just get a gentle coat of this solution, or you can even pour in 2 or 3 drops directly and spread with the brush's bristles. You can buy the solution from any hardware store. If you have a lens solution at home that you use for cleaning contact lenses, you can use that too. This is the ideal method to solve sound not working on iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 no sound.

2.3 Check the sound on your device

Your iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 has no sound or your iPhone volume not working when you have accidentally altered the sound settings on your phone. This can happen when you do not lock/sleep your phone before keeping it in, and things just get clicked on. This can also be the reason behind the iPhone no sound on calls. To undo this condition, this is what you should be doing -

Step 1. Go to the Settings option on the iPhone and choose the ‘Sound’ settings or 'Sounds & Haptics' settings from here.


Step 2. Then you will be led to a new page. There you will see the 'Ringer and Alerts'. Scroll this Ringer and Alerts slider 4-5 times, to and fro, and check if the volume is audible again.


If the speaker button on the Ringer and Alerts slider is somehow dimmer than it usually is, then you should be prepared for a visit to your Apple store customer service provider for repair.

2.4 Try making a call


This is what you should be doing when iPhone 6 no sound or there is disturbed noises from your speakers. This is more prominently happening when you make a call. So, in that case, you need to repeat what you have done in the above step and move the slider 3-4 times and then make a call.

You can call anyone as long as they are ready to lift your call and give you a clear update on whether they can hear your voice or not. It’s better to check from both ends and see if you are the only one who cannot hear the sound or the other people are also not receiving sound from your device. Once they lift the call, turn on the loudspeaker and check if the iPhone 7 no sound on calls or any other iPhone model no sound problem is solved or not.

If the disrupted sound is still on or if the other person is also unable to hear your voice, this might also be because of signal and Network issues. So, change your location, move to your terrace or balcony, and make a call again. If this issue persists, then you can consider that this is the iPhone sound issue only.

2.5 Try headphones


If your iPhone sound is not working without headphones but seems to be fine when you are using your headphone, this might be because of improper removal of headphones from the jack, and your phone is confused about the output it must be producing. If your iPhone audio not working even with the headphones, then that might need a professional approach. However, if the headphones are doing fine, but the device won’t produce sound without them, try to insert the headphones into the jack twice or thrice and remove them gently. Play the audio with headphones, remove and play audio again, insert headphones, and continue this two or three times and refresh your phone. This will help to reset the audio settings.

2.6 Turn off Bluetooth


You can do the same that you have done with headsets when you are using Airpods. Connect and disconnect the AirPods two or three times and then check how the audio is functioning. Even better, you should turn your Bluetooth off and leave it that way so that the iPhone doesn’t connect to the AirPods or other Bluetooth headsets automatically. The sounds are being played on those devices for all you know, and you are assuming that your speakers are bad.

Swipe down to get to the Control Center and un-highlight the Bluetooth icon in case it is highlighted. Turn off your Bluetooth headsets or AirPods and let your phone adjust to the no connectivity environment. This will reset everything back to normal.

2.7 Turn off 'Do Not Disturb' to fix no sound on iPhone


‘Do Not Disturb’ is the option that allows you to get some privacy and avoid interruptions whenever you are in a gathering, doing some important work, or do not want to receive calls at the moment. It completely silences the phone that includes the iPhone alarm no sound, no incoming calls sound, no audio when you play music or videos, and even no message pinging. You have to see if this function is disabled or not. If it is enabled, it is highly likely that you will not hear any sound from your device.

You can do this by swiping down and revealing the Control Center and un-highlighting the Do Not Disturb option. It looks like a quarter moon.

2.8 Restart your iPhone


Restarting your phone is like giving it a quick refresh so that it can set its priorities right. Since we are dealing with technological miracles, we should understand that they get confused and overloaded with commands. So, a quick restart will help to slow them down and re-begin their functions. This will also help the speakers work again, and your audio will be more audible.

For iPhone 6 and older generations, press the shutdown or switch off button on the phone's side and hold it until the ‘Swipe to turn off’ option appears on the screen. Swipe it and wait for 5 minutes before you restart your phone.

For iPhone X or newer iPhone, you can press and hold the side button and the volume up/down until the power-off slider appears to turn off the iPhone.

2.9 Factory Reset your iPhone

This is the last step that you can take up to get the sound back on your devices. If your ‘my iPhone sound not working’ or 'my iphone speaker is not working' problem persists even after doing all the above steps, this is your last option. Factory Reset will delete all the content and data of your phone and send it back to the state when the manufacturer sold it. You can create a backup before factory resetting the iPhone to avoid data loss on iPhone. This is how to factory reset iPhone -

Go to the ‘Settings’ and then choose the ‘General’ option. You will find the ‘Reset all settings’ and ‘Erase all content and Settings’ option. Go for the reset of all settings, and a Factory reset will be initiated.



It can be quite depressing to deal with issues where you decide to watch a good recipe on YouTube, and then there is no sound on YouTube on the iPhone. Or when you want to listen to good songs but they won’t play properly. Whatever the case, these are the few things you can do when no sound on the iPhone, and if nothing solves the issue, visit an Apple store nearby.

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