8 Tips to Fix Music Won't Play on iPhone

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Does all your effort to play iPhone music go to vain, and you are unable to play music on your iPhone device? Are you spending your valuable time to find out why won't my music play on my iPhone? So let’s start with some questions related to the issue-

  • a. Is this problem due to your headphone? Then, you should try with another set.
  • b. Did you check if the music is playing well on other devices? Here the issue could be with the audio files, which need to be optimized with iTunes.

Also, it is very important to understand some of the common problems that occur whilst why won't my music play.

  • a. iPhone cannot play music, or songs get skipped or freeze out
  • b. Unable to load song, or Error message “This media is not supported”
  • c. Either shuffling does not work with tracks; Songs grayed out, or somehow gets corrupted.

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems, no need to worry as we have got you covered with 8 tips to fix music not playing on your iPhone.

Part 1: 8 solutions to fix music won't play on iPhone

Solution 1: Check mute and volume button

As per your concern, first and foremost step will be to check whether the Mute button is ON or not. If ON, then you are required to set it OFF. After that, check for the volume level of the device, here it is required to mention that, basically there are two kinds of volume option in your device:

  • a. Ringer volume (For Ring tone, alerts, and alarms)
  • b. Media volume (For music videos and games)

Therefore, in your case you are required to set the Media volume up to the audible level so that you would be able to listen to the music of your device.

turn up volume to fix iPhone music won't play

Solution 2: Restart device the fix music won't play on iPhone

Once you are done with the above steps, you are required to restart the device, to set up the changes you had made, to refresh your device, delete any of the apps running in the background, or free some consumed space. As all of these might be the reason behind the occurrence of a device-related error.

To force restart iPhone, press and hold the sleep and wake button of the device, till the screen turns black, then wait for few seconds, and again press the sleep and wake button to restart the device.

restart iphone to fix music won't play

Solution 3: Restarting the music app

The third step is to restart the music app. It is so because, sometimes music app gets to hang out, freezes or consume excess data due to over usage, that extra data gets free after the restarting process.

For that you need to Press the home button two times> swipe the app upside > and the app will be closed, as shown in the image below:

restart the music app

Solution 4: Update iOS software

The 4th solution would be to update your iOS device software, as Apple keeps on updating its software with new features. Updating software will cover many of the glitches such as bugs, unknown system issues, protection against unwanted online attack and a lot more.

So, how to update the iOS software? Well for that Go to settings > General > Select software update > Click Download and Install> Enter the pass Key (if any)> Agree to the terms and conditions.

In this July, Apple has released iOS 12 Beta versions. You can check everything about iOS 12 and the most iOS 12 Beta problems and solutions here.

update iphone to fix music won't play

Solution 5: Sync issue with iTunes

It has been found out that if you are unable to play your music track to iPhone, or some songs get gray out, then this could be the sync issue with iTunes. The possible reasons for this to occur is:

  • a. Music files unavailable to the computer but somehow listed in iTunes library.
  • b. The file is corrupted or modified.

Thus, songs cannot be recognized by the device. To overcome this problem, you should first update iTunes to the latest version. Then, Click on File > Select Add to Library > then select the folder > Open it to start adding music tracks. Finally, Sync the tracks between your device and iTunes again.

sync iphone again

Solution 6: Reauthorizate Computer

The next solution will be to refresh the Authorization of your device as sometimes iTunes forgets that your music is actually authorized. So as a reminder process you are required to refresh the Authorization.

For refreshing authorization, launch iTunes > Go to Account > click on Authorization > Click on ‘Deauthorize this Computer > click on ‘Authorize this Computer’.

reauthorize computer to fix iphone music won't play

Doing this should solve the problem of why won't my music play on my iPhone problem.

Solution 7: Converting the music format

After going through the above process, if still, music player error exists then you are required to check whether the music track format is supported by the device or not.

Here is the list of iPhone supported music format:

check if music format is supported

Wondering how to convert the music format?

Method A: If songs are already in iTunes library: Then you need to launch the iTunes> Click on Edit > Select Preferences > General > Click on ‘Import Settings’ > Choose the required format from the Drop Down menu of ‘Import Using’> Confirm ‘OK’> Choose the song > Go to ‘File’ >click on ‘convert’> Choose ‘Create’.

convert music format

Method B: If songs are in a disk of folder: Then, first of all, Launch iTunes > Go to Edit Preferences > General > Import Settings > Choose the required format from ‘Import Using’ > click OK. Now hold the Shift key and go to file > click on convert > click on ‘convert to’ > Choose the folder, you want to convert and finally confirm it.

Note: Please follow the steps carefully as missing even a single step will fail to give you the desired result.

itunes import settings

Solution 8: Reset the device

The last resort will be to reset the device; doing so will bring your phone to the factory default settings and rectify this persistent issue. However please keep in mind that before you go for this option you must back up the device data, either through iTunes or some third party software such as Dr.Fone toolkit- iOS Data Backup & Restore.

The required process to reset the device would be, Go to settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings > and finally confirm it. You can know more on how to factory reset iPhone in this post and solve the why won't my music play.

reset iphone to fix iphone music won't play

I do not think, anyone in today's world can imagine life without music and the iPhone is an awesome music player. So, in case you are also facing why won't my iPhone play music issue, we know that  it will be a troublesome situation. Hence, keeping your concern in mind, we have covered the solutions in the above–mentioned article. Follow them step by step, and after each step makes sure you check whether the problem gets resolved. We hope that the solutions listed in this article help you in never losing the sound of music in your daily life.

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