How to Solve iPhone Hotspot Not Working?

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This is the internet era, and everything is about using technology to make things easier for everyone. The modern approach to several things has made man's living easier and stays dedicated to entertaining everyone. There was a time when we used to post letters to our loved ones, and now all we have to do is send emoticons or sweet GIFs over Whatsapp. So, this has minimized the distance between people. That is why it becomes a problem when we are unable to access the internet. Especially in iPhone devices, personal hotspot not working on iPhone is a bothersome problem. A hotspot converts your typical iPhone into a Wi-Fi alternative that provides you with the internet and the ones around you. It is having the internet on the Go when you cannot carry your Modem around. You will be allowing other people to use the internet too or distribute the hotspot for your other Apple devices. Do you now see why hotspot providers are hailed?

Having a difficult personal hotspot can stop many of your important tasks. And it is also a reason to panic because some people have no other alternative to get internet on other devices. But do you have to visit the Apple store for repair all the time? No! You can repair and make some changes to your iPhone device so that the hotspot won’t pose a problem.

This is what you have to do when the hotspot not working on iPhone -

Part 1: Turn Cellular Data Off And Back On


First and foremost, you have to remember two main things before analyzing your iPhone for why the hotspot is not working or why anyone cannot detect your hotspot even when it is turned on.

The model of your iPhone really matters. You might see that certain iPhone models do not have the option of the hotspot, and even if you search every corner of your phone, you won’t be able to find the solution to this issue. The iPhone iOS 7 or above models can only create a personal hotspot that can be used by other devices around the main hotspot device. ANy iPhone below this model doesn’t have that privilege. That is why you mostly find iPhone 7 hotspot not working as the major query from many.

You should have a strong data plan. This means your data plan must have enough speed and data limit that can be shared between devices. If it is too less, many devices won’t share it, and the speed is very unsatisfactory on each device. If your day’s data limit runs out, even when the other devices detect the hotpot, it won’t work because the data service provider has nothing more to give you for the day. These two are the important factors that you need to consider, and you must buy plans that meet your demands, especially when you are planning to go for the hotspot sharing.

There are technical glitches or network issues that might decrease your hotspot's visibility, or sometimes, they even reduce the speed at which your hotspot service works. Internet sharing might stop suddenly too. In that case, consider ‘Switching off’ and again ‘Switching On’ your cellular data.

Hotspot runs on cellular data only and switching it Off and On will refresh the signal approach, and the Hotspot will start working again.

Part 2: Check For Network Provider Settings Update

The network provider settings updates are sent to the customers to improve the network's performance and remove any bugs or mistakes that are rendering its activity. These are usually ignored, and that is why the hotspot on your iPhone device is not as satisfactory as the one you’ll see on your friend’s phone. This is also why the hotspot fails to show proper speed, or other devices cannot detect it. Updating to the latest network settings will help you stay on par with what your carrier network provider is serving, and you can avail all the benefits. This is how you check for updates and install them.

Step 1. Go to the settings option on your phone and then choose the ‘General’ Option. This is common for all iPhone models that have iOS 7 or above.


Step 2. Under General, Go to the ‘About’ option, and there is there are any updates present, click and install them.


If there are no pop-ups or mentions here, then it means your network is up-to-date, and there are no new updates to install. Always keep checking to ensure that you are on the top and always updated to the newest versions. This will avoid the problem of the iPhone hotspot no internet.

Part 3: Restart Your iPhone


Whenever your personal hotspot is not connecting, the first thing you should be doing is checking your signal state. In certain areas and locations, your network provider won’t draw ample signals that are necessary to use the internet. So, even the other devices won’t be able to take up the internet from your phone acting as their Wi-Fi source. However, the signal shortage is not always the reason for this problem. Even with a good signal and a speed internet connection, if your phone is impossible and others can’t detect the hotspot device, you should try restarting your phone.

Because of several background apps constantly running, the phone might get overloaded and underperform in certain areas. It’s like giving it a break so that it can start afresh and do better. Just like we need a power nap to start working efficiently again, our phones need it too.

You must have noticed that when you are trying to switch on the hotspot - constantly switching it ON and OFF to start working, your device will behave strangely. For instance, you might see the light or brightness dimming or become warmer than it usually is. This is because the system is taking a load with your constant input, and it is better to let it rest for some time. One of the mistakes that people make ends up charging it. When your phone is misbehaving because of some issue, do NOT charge your phone. That will only make it warmer and less functional.

Coming back to restarting the phone, on the side of the Apple iPhones, a button is meant for switching it off. HOld and press the button for some time, and a prompt will appear on the screen. It says ‘Swipe to Turn off’. Swipe the screen, and your phone will shut down.

Do not restart your phone immediately. Give it 5 or 10 minutes. If your phone has heated up, then let it cool down before you switch it on again. Try switching on your Personal hotspot now, and it will not pose a problem.

Part 4: Update iOS On Your iPhone

Many of us buy the iPhone devices years ago and continue to use the same operating system for ages without changing or upgrading it to the latest versions. Not updating your iPhones means losing out on some of the best features that others can use. Whenever there are software updates or the chance to upgrade to a newer version of your operating system, you must be taking it up. This will help to resolve any issues or bugs that the previous version had. A newer version means that certain mistakes have been fixed before the newer software is brought before the customers. The user experience will be much more satisfactory.

If your iPhone hotspot keeps turning off or your iPhone hotspot is not showing up, then a good system repair can fix all the issues. The system repair need not necessarily save your data or your information. There are instances where system repair has restored the phone to the factory state. However, third-party tools make the process very easy, and you can also save most of your data. Wondershare Dr.Fone is one such application that allows you to transfer all your data to Mac and then initiate the system repair that only requires you to follow some simple steps. If your personal hotspot is not working, this step will assure you if the problem is a software issue.

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Dr.Fone - System Repair

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This is how you use Wondershare Dr.Fone System Repair -

Step 1. From the official website of Dr.fone WOndershare, download the System Repair (iOS) application and install it on your Mac. After you launch it, choose ‘System Repair.’


Step 2. The iPhone personal hotspot not working in whatever model of the Apple phone, connect that to the Mac. Select the ‘Standard Mode’ on the screen.


Step 3. After Mobile detection, Dr.Fone will ask you to enter details of your iPhone model to proceed. Click ‘Start’ once you are done entering.


Once your phone is detected, this will automatically initiate the system repair, and every mistake or settings issue will be repaired, and any bugs or glitches will be eliminated.

Part 5: Reset Network Settings

If your iPhone hotspot is not connecting, you can even decide to reset your entire Network settings. There is a benefit that Apple manufacturers provide for their customers. You can completely clean and delete content from your phones and bring it back to the state that it was in when you first bought it. This means except for the pre-installed apps and the default provided themes, everything else will be deleted, including your data, files, music, or videos. However, you don’t have to do this when you are trying to fix the hotspot issues. There is a separate option that lets you remove only that portion of data directly associated with your Network information and connectivity. So, all the cache data related to networks, any bookmarks, cookies, or even your iPhone name for hotspot will be deleted and washed out. So, you will be starting at level 1 again. This will help you get rid of any wrong Network systems that cause the sudden loss of hotspot connectivity.

To do this,

Step 1. Open the settings option on your iPhone and choose the General option.

Step 2. When you scroll down, you will find the ‘Reset’ option. Open this one.


Step 3. On the next screen that opens, look out for Reset Network Settings.


This will completely delete every information and data related to your Network usage and hotspot name, devices connected in the past, and you can set everything again without making any mistakes.

Put Your iPhone In DFU Mode.


There are several reasons why people end up using the DFU mode. This is used to reset certain settings, Jailbreak or non-jailbreak your devices, and repair phones that hardly move past the Apple logo stage once you power off and try to turn it on again.

You can put your phone in the DFU stage using the Wondershare Dr.Fone application, too, or simply by following these steps.

Step 1. First, press the Volume up button and then the Volume Down button.

Step 2. After this, hold the side button along with the volume down button.

Step 3. Release the side button after 5 seconds or so but continue to hold the Volume down button.

Step 4. You will enter the DFU mode, and you will find nothing displayed on your screen. If you are connected to iTunes, it will indicate that you have entered DFU mode.


Then the system repair is conducted, and settings are changed to improve hotspot function.

Visit Apple Store

If none of the above-mentioned steps have worked for you, you should probably visit the Apple store to get professional help. Do not change any other settings because you might lose out on other functions or damage the hardware if you use ani linear or pointy objects to influence hardware performance. Apple devices are sensitive, and the wire work that processes their functions is very fragile. A professional will help better, and if you still have the warranty, you might end up spending less too. But doing something you don’t know and damaging the device will cost you your phone and an even pricey bill.


If your iPhone hotspot is not working, that shouldn’t send you into panic mode, and you don’t have to worry a lot. It’s solvable at your home most of the time by embracing any one of the above-mentioned tricks. If not, then you can always go for Apple store help. Good maintenance and regular updating are what will help you maintain the performance of your phone.

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