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Why Did The Indian Government Ban Tiktok?

Alice MJ

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

TikTok was officially banned in India by the Indian government on 29th June 2019. TikTok users residing in India have been deprived of the unique entertainment they acquire from the app. TikTok was banned in India twice. In 2019, when it was first banned for a week, ByteDance filed a petition with claims that they are losing more than half a million dollars per day. TikTok won the case they went a step further by promising to comply with all data privacy and security requirements under the Indian law.

TikTok users in India were perplexed with a major question, will India ban TikTok? National security and data privacy were the major concerns of the Indian government.


Part 1: Reasons for the TikTok ban in India

It’s the technological era hence the reasons for platforms and products that empower thousands of citizens, digitally. Inclusion of apps is one spearheading way. This has even seen adaptability manner to a digital style of life by many users. India, in a recent report, showed appreciation and embraced ditial globalization. But a few hickups continue to be realized from such platforms, hence the ban of apps like TikTok.

  • Some TikTok users were sharing numerous videos that are against the social norms and that it degraded their culture. The videos seemed to encourage domestic violence, racism, child abuse, women degradation, animal abuse, among others.
  • Another reason was to protect data privacy. The Indian government says that TikTok is surreptitiously stealing data and sharing it with other servers outside India, resulting in the TikTok ban in India.

Part 2: Is TikTok harmful to the TikTokers?

Is TikTok harmful to the TikTokers?

As every coin has two aspects, Tiktok provides the platform for people sharing their life, what they learned, but also bring some dangers to the TikTok addiction.  Some users find a lot of beautiful scenes that they had not ever seen. They learn things more clear by watching the small video. They even make a lot of friends that they never meet. TikTok is a successful social platform that attracts over 200 million active use

There are very many dangerous challenges in TikTok, in which most users try to practice those activities. An example is the ‘penny challenge’ game. This game went so viral, and many teenagers seemed to be much interested in the game hence endangering their lives. In the U.S, firefighters had to rush to a school that was on fire due to the game. It answers the question Why ban TikTok in India?

is tiktok harmful
  • Inappropriate content is shared in TikTok. It is said that TikTok is unable to filter out content shared by its users. Some users even share pornographic materials, unregarding the people who will view it. This even adds more weight to the TikTok ban in India.
  • “Show-off.” Attitude. Many TikTok users have that desire to get many followers and viewers; this makes them go to the extent that shocks people. For example, in India, there was a 24- year old teenager who poisoned himself while recording the video. Upon recovery after given proper medical attention, when asked about his actions, he said he just wanted to “feel the death.” He is said to be regularly posting in his TikTok account. This example answers the question of why ban TikTok in India.

The society itself had this major question of will India ban TikTok?.It is after the first ban of TikTok where the unhealthy social behaviors practiced in the application got exposed.

Some were strongly attached to TikTok “TikTok addicts” since they cannot spend their time on the Internet without accessing the TikTok application.

Part 3: How to unban TikTok in India

After the Indians and the rest of the world had a common question among them for a long time, will India ban TikTok? Yes, the Indian government stood firm by their decision to ban it for good. This affected majority of the Indians since most of them use this platform to support their careers.

Other than being an entertainment platform, TikTok

  • Provides a good framework that enables people to showcase their talents.
  • Others can earn money by marketing their products on their profile pages.

a) Ways of accessing TikTok in India on iPhone

Iphones require you to have your computer, and it is a bit complex. You will have to fake your G.P.S location first before using a VPN to hide the I.P. address.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  2. Install iTools on your computer.
  3. Click on Virtual Location after launching the iTools.
  4. Type in the location you want to fake on the map and type enter.
  5. From there, you will see your G.P.S location moved to the fake location and click Move Here.
  6. Exit iTools and disconnect the iPhone from your computer.

When you are done with faking the G.P.S location, you will have to change your I.P. address using a VPN to access the Apple App Store to fetch for the TikTok application.

iphone vpn
  • Download a VPN of your choice from the apple app store.
  • Subscribe to the VPN that you already downloaded.
  • Launch the VPN app by logging into your account. Alter the location by choosing from a country in which TikTok is not banned, but some VPN have auto-search recommending for the best countries.
  • Turn on your VPN.
  • Go to the apple app store and download the TikTok app then install it.
  • Turn on your mobile data, making sure your VPN is also turned on to make your browsing private.

b) Ways to unban TikTok in India on Android phones

Android phones also require you to fake your G.P.S. location and hide your Identity when accessing TikTok. G.P.S. location faked using spoofer apps.

gps android
  1. Download a G.P.S. spoofing app of your choice. It is available in the google play store.
  2. Enable for the developer options. In your phone, go to settings > About phone > Find Build Number. Tap regularly on Build Number until you see a pop-up notification that ‘you are now a developer.’
  3. Select for mock location app. You will have to go back to settings > Developer options > Mock location app. Here you choose a fake G.P.S. location.
  4. Fake your location. Open the spoofing application > Pin in a general location, or you can search for its address.

From here, you will have already faked your location.

You will then have to get a VPN to hide your I.P. address.

  • Go to the google play store in your android device; download then install a VPN of your choice.
  • Log in to a VPN that you already downloaded. Make sure you have a different location.
  • Head over to your google play store location and select a country in which TikTok is not banned.
  • Download the TikTok app from your google play store and install it in your android device.
  • Turn on your mobile data as well as your VPN and enjoy using your TikTok app.
Alice MJ

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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