Can I Remove the Apple Watch Activation Lock without the Previous Owner?


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If your Apple Watch shows that this Apple Watch is connected to an Apple ID, that implies the Find My feature is enabled on it. Therefore, the activation lock can be enabled eventually. This guide lets you know how to remove activation lock without previous owner Apple Watch.

If your Apple Watch doesn't appear to move beyond the activation lock screen, your Watch is locked. You may be astounded to see this kind of lock on your device. However, there isn't much you want to stress over as you can unlock it with different techniques.

This post portrays what the activation lock on an Apple Watch means and shows a portion of the strategies you can use to remove the lock from your Watch. Whether you have unlocked the activation lock previously or you have not, you will, in any case, find the techniques to be not difficult to follow.

Part 1: What is Activation Lock on Apple Watch?

Before you attempt and eliminate the activation Lock on your Apple Watch, you need to know what this lock is and why it got actuated on your Apple Watch. Without knowing this fundamental data, you cannot comprehend how to remove Apple ID from Apple Watch without password.

apple watch

An activation lock is a lock that safeguards your Apple gadgets from being utilized by unapproved clients. This lock becomes effective when the Find My feature is turned on on your Apple Watch and your Watch is reset to the default settings.

However long this lock stays dynamic on your Apple Watch, you can't utilize any of the features of the Watch. The lock won't allow you to move past the primary screen. It forestalls your Apple Watch's data from being seen by any unwanted individuals.

If you enable the Find My feature, the activation lock possibly gets enabled on your Apple Watch. If you didn't utilize the Find My feature, your Watch wouldn't have that lock regardless of whether you reset it.

If your Apple Watch gets stolen or you lose it somewhere, and somebody resets it, they will have a dead Watch to play with, and none of its functions will be open. That is only possible if they don't have the foggiest idea about the password.

Part 2: Is There Any Way to Remove Apple Watch Activation Lock without Previous Owner

Remove it with Apple iPhone Unlock.

You can attempt an internet-based service to eliminate the Activation Lock on Apple Watch. You can open one of these services for your Apple Watch, and they will unlock your Watch for you. In any case, you ought to be familiar with a couple of things about these services.

If your phone is stolen, these probably won't work for you. Likewise, such services charge a lot of cash to unlock the Watch. These services expect you to pay before you can unlock your Watch.

The following steps show how to remove activation lock without previous owner Apple Watch using an internet-based service like Apple iPhone Unlock:

Step 1. Open the site in one of the programs on your PC.

Step 2. Find the serial number composed by looking into your Apple Watch and note it down.

Step 3. Enter the serial number on the site you have opened. Select your Apple Watch from the menu, and click Remove Activation Lock.

remove activation lock

Step 4. Continue further, make a payment, and place your request.

In a couple of days, you will get an email saying that your Apple Watch is unlocked and you can utilize it.

Part 3: The Way to Remove Apple Watch Activation Lock

To dispose of Activation Lock on Apple Watch with a past user, you can:

Step 1. Go to your internet browser and access the iCloud site. Sign in to your iCloud account.

Step 2. You ought to now see different choices on your screen. Click the choice that says Find iPhone to view and access the settings for the locked Apple Watch.

Step 3. Click on All Devices at the top and pick your Apple Watch from the rundown.

icloud unlock

Step 4. Click the Erase Apple Watch choice on the following screen and Remove from Account.

Your Apple Watch will be cleared off and taken out from the first user's record. It can then be related to your own Apple ID.

Part 4: How to Easily Unlock Other iOS Devices, like iPhone or iPad?

Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock

This section focuses on how you can unlock an iPhone or iPad using an expert recovery tool. Here, we will introduce you to Wondershare Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock. Dr.Fone is a professional unlocking tool that can remove the activation lock, screen locks, and any other lock from your iOS device. So, if you are struggling with an iOS lock, download it immediately and follow these steps:

Step 1. Open Dr.Fone on your PC and select "Screen Unlock" among all the tools.

screen unlock

Connect your device to the PC through a lightning connector. Then click the "Bypass Activation Lock" on the program.

unlock ios

Step 2. Before bypassing the activation lock, please select "Start".

select start

Step 3. After the phone in the "start" page, Dr.Fone will bypass the activation lock according to 2 sorts of iPhone devices, GSM and CDMA.

start page

(GSM with all normal functions)

gsm with all normal functions

gsm with all normal functions

(CDMA with most functions, but no phone call, cellular data use.)

Step 4. Before the process of bypassing, you should jailbreak your iPhone first. We provide you with a video tutorial.

jailbreak your iphone

Step 5. Now we're bypassing the activation lock, you'll have an iPhone without the activation lock.

without the activation lock

And with this image, you will know the activation lock is bypassed.

activation lock is bypassed

safe Downloadsafe & secure


Bypassing the Apple Watch activation lock could appear to be unthinkable at first. However, there are strategies to bypass this lock on your Watch. We trust the above strategies will unlock your Watch, and you can utilize it with your Apple account. If you want to remove the activation lock on your iPhone or iPad, free download Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock to have an attempt.

safe Downloadsafe & secure
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