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Best iCloud unlock service with 4 top recommendations


Mar 06, 2023 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

If you possess an Apple product, you should be aware that after it has been locked using an activation lock, it is very difficult to unlock when you don't know about the activation code and can't get the iCloud unlock service.

However, you should be aware that the lock can be bypassed using the iCloud unlock/ iCloud bypass tool if you find yourself in a difficult scenario where you forget your Apple ID or purchase a locked device from a vendor.

Numerous iCloud activation bypass solutions are available, however not all of them can help you reach your objectives. As a result, today we will reveal several online unlocking services and the top iCloud bypass methods that are 100% easy and safe. Stay with us and keep reading.

Part 1: 5 Efficient Tools to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

1. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock

You require Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock if you purchased a used iPhone with an activation lock or if you wish to restore the device but forgot that you ever enabled Find My iPhone. The most promising and user-friendly solution of its kind on the market is Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock. So, all will be easy.

You can have the iCloud activation lock removed with the use of Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock. To unlock your iCloud, launch Dr.Fone and select "Remove Active Lock" and "Unlock Apple ID." Even if you have a used iPad or iPhone, it still functions.

Before utilizing Dr.Fone's Active Lock function, you must jailbreak iOS.

Here's the step-by-step way to use Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock to bypass the iCloud activation lock.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Step 1: The process begins by getting Dr.Fone on your device and then opening Screen Unlock from the given options.

get drfone screen to unlock service

When you start using the Screen Unlock feature, you will notice a "Bypass Activate Lock" among other options. What you have to do is to click it.

choose bypass activate lock option

Step 2. Click the "Start" option, and Dr.Fone will take up the bypass process.

start option

Step 3. And now, you'll see 2 different pages because GSM and CDMA devices will have 2 outcomes when the whole process is over.

2 different pages

(GSM devices)

cellular data use

(CDMA devices.)

Step 4. With the help of a video guide, you can easily jailbreak your iPhone, and the next step can continue.

jailbreak you iphone

Step 5. OK, no activation lock on your iPhone can set you obstacles to using it.

no activation lock

Congratulations! Your iPhone's activation log has been removed and is now completely without any kind of lock.

activation log

safe Downloadsafe & secure

2. Apple iPhone Unlock

Another online activation lock bypass service that works with a variety of Apple models is called Apple iPhone unlock. They guarantee a 24-hour delivery and assert that the activation lock has been permanently removed.

Apple iPhone Unlock needs a deposit up ahead, just like other comparable services. Although it takes credit cards, the website has no information concerning a money-back guarantee. The starting price is $28, but for more recent Apple devices, the price may be significantly more, perhaps exceeding $100.

The IMEI serial number of your Apple device is necessary for Apple iPhone Unlock, much like IMEI Doctor. The procedure is also somewhat comparable. You provide them with the necessary information about your device, pay the fee, and then wait for them to unlock it.

use apple iphone unlock

3. MEI Unlock SIM

An internet business called IMEIUnlockSIM boldly claims it can unlock ANY Apple device's activation lock. You may select the model of your handset, enter your IMEI number, and then quickly complete the payment process on the website. It differs from the previous two services because the wait time is slightly longer.

imei unlock sim service

4. Checkra1n

Download Checkra1n tethered jailbreak as the first step. Install brew and usbmuxd next (open terminal app on mac and type)

Type "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install...)" followed by "/usr/bin/ruby -e"

The installation of the construction process might take some time if you have a brand-new Mac OS. Be patient and refrain from interfering with the procedure.

The next step is to launch DFU mode on the device (black screen)

Now launch Checkra1n on your smartphone to jailbreak it. After the jailbreak is complete, the device should boot into regular mode.

Launch the usbmuxd component of the proxy service and create a tunnel from your MacBook's port 2222 to the jailbroken device's port 44. (you can try 22 port as well). Additionally, many different utilities may be used to enable SSH through a USB connection.


5. iCloud DNS Bypass

These are the easy-to-follow procedures for DNS Bypass iCloud Activation.

Select your LANGUAGE and COUNTRY from the menu as soon as your device is turned on.

To access the Wi-Fi settings page, click "Proceed." Look for the "I" sign next to the Wi-Fi tab if you are prompted to connect to Wi-Fi.

Connect to the Wi-Fi network once more, then select "Connection Settings" and "Forget this Network."

To get around the iCloud activation barrier, click the "I" button and input a DNS server IP address. You can select from the list below based on where you are:


Africa: for Europe

Asia: for Australia and Oceania

There is for other continents.

Turn on Wi-Fi, choose the correct network from the list, and enter your passcode. Next, click the "Back" option on your screen's left side. To access the iCloud bypass screen, click "Next Page" and "Back."

You may now customize your smartphone and utilize the apps you choose.

Part 2: FAQs

1. Can I remove the iCloud activation lock remotely?

If a device is offline, you can uninstall Activation Lock online. Visit www.iCloud.com/find and log in using your Apple ID and password for this. Click All Devices in the header. Choose the device that you wish to de-iCloud.

2. How to turn off the activation lock with a password?

Data belonging to the owner are protected by an activation lock. It cannot be deleted without the Apple ID and password of the original owner or a receipt for the purchase.

If you are the owner, follow these instructions to remove the activation lock. Please visit www.iCloud.com/find. Use your Apple ID and password to log in. Click All Devices in the header. Choose the device that you wish to de-iCloud. To delete an account, click.

3. Does a factory reset remove the activation lock?

Most of the time, performing a factory reset won't get rid of the device's activation lock. When a phone is switched back on after a factory reset, it will still request the login information for the Google account, for instance.

But does a reset of your iPhone delete your Apple ID? "Reset All Settings" and "Erase All Apps and Configurations" are the two different reset options available on the iPhone. Your Apple ID is not deleted by the "Reset All Settings" option, but it is by "Erase All Contents and Settings" or a factory reset.

The Bottom Line

Have you ever faced a situation where you have to remove the activation lock and do not know how to use the iCloud unlock service? After reading this guide, you now know that it is quite easy with the iCloud unlock service. If you still have any confusion or you want to ask questions, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below.

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