How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone 12 Without Syncing: 3 Smart Ways

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“I want to transfer some songs from my Mac to iPhone 12, but I don’t know how to. Can someone tell me how to transfer music from Mac to iPhone without syncing?”

If you have also got a new iPhone, then you might be having the same thing in mind regarding the transfer of data from your computer to your iOS device. In most of the tutorials, you will see the use of iTunes to sync your device, which can be complicated. Since a lot of people ask me how to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone without syncing, I have decided to come up with this guide. In this post, I will list three different ways to transfer audio files between your Mac and iPhone easily.

transfer music mac to iphone

Part 1: What’s the Inconvenience for Syncing Music between Mac and iPhone?

Before we learn how to transfer music from iPhone to computer without syncing, it is important to cover the basics. Ideally, syncing works in both ways. Once Mac and iPhone are synced, whenever you would connect your iOS device, the changes would be reflected in both of them. It can be a bit complicated and if you have deleted some songs from your iPhone, they will be removed from Mac as well.

That’s why it is recommended to transfer voice memos from iPhone to Mac without syncing as it will maintain their second copy on the other device and the changes won’t be reflected on it.

Part 2: How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone 12 with without Syncing (or vice versa)

One of the best ways to transfer your data between your Mac and iPhone 12 would be Dr.Fone – Phone Manager (iOS). It is a complete iPhone manager that would let you browse all the saved data on your iPhone under different categories like photos, music, videos, and so on. You can use it to import files from your Mac/Windows to iPhone 12 or export them from your iOS device to Mac/Windows.

Furthermore, the application can also move your data from one smartphone to another. You can use it to transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, messages, and so much more. Besides that, it can also be used to transfer data between iPhone and iTunes, without using iTunes at all. The tool is extremely easy to use and won’t harm your device in any form. To learn how to transfer music from Mac to iPhone without syncing, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Dr.Fone application

Firstly, just install and launch the application and from the home page of Dr.Fone toolkit, open the “Phone Manager” module.

drfone home

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the system

Now, simply connect your iPhone to your computer using a working cable. In no time, your iPhone 12 would be detected and its snapshot will also be provided here.

iphone transfer to itunes 01

Step 3: Transfer music from Mac to iPhone

Once your phone is detected, you can view different sections on the interface. From here, you can go to the Music tab and view the saved audio files listed under different categories.

iphone transfer music 01

Afterward, you can go to its toolbar and click on the import icon to move music from your system to your iOS device. You can choose to add files or import an entire folder.

iphone transfer music 02

This will launch a browser window, letting you locate the music files on your Mac or Windows that you can just import to your iPhone storage.

iphone transfer music 03

Part 3: How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone with Finder

You might not know this, but you don’t need to use iTunes to sync music from your iPhone to Mac. With the help of this new feature of Finder, you can easily manage your iPhone data and even transfer it to your Mac. Once you have synced your iPhone’s music library with Mac, its songs would automatically be moved to the connected iPhone.

Step 1: Open your iPhone in Finder

At first, just connect your iPhone to Mac and wait as it would automatically be detected. If you are connecting it for the first time, then you need to trust the computer on your iPhone. Later, you can view the symbol of the connected iPhone on Mac’s Finder. You can just click on it to manage the saved data on your iPhone.

connected iphone mac finder

Step 2: Transfer music from Mac to iPhone

This will launch a dedicated interface for your iPhone on Finder with different tabs for photos, music, podcasts, and so on. From here, you can just go to the “Music” section on Finder.

iphone music mac finder

Now, all you need to do is enable the syncing option for music between your Mac and iPhone. You can choose to select the entire music library or simply pick the artists/album/playlists of your choice to sync.

mac finder sync music

Part 4: How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone via iCloud

Lastly, you can also take the assistance of iCloud to learn how to sync iPhone to transfer data. For this, we will take the assistance of the Apple Music app that is available by default on Mac. Also, make sure that your Mac and iPhone are connected to the same iCloud account for this to work. Besides that, there must be enough free space on your iCloud account to accommodate the music you wish to sync.

Step 1: Sync music from Mac to iCloud library

To start with, just go to the Finder or Spotlight on your Mac and launch the Apple Music Library app on it. Now, go to its menu and browse to Music > Preferences to open a dedicated window. From here, you can go to the General tab and turn on the syncing for iCloud music library.

mac apple music sync

This will automatically move your data from Apple Music to the iCloud music library (from your Mac to iCloud).

Step 2: Sync iCloud Music Library on iPhone

Great! Once your music has been available on iCloud Music Library, you can unlock your iPhone 12 and browse to its Settings > Music. Simply scroll a little and turn on the feature for “iCloud Music Library”. Now, maintain a stable internet connection and wait as your songs would be made available on your iPhone.

iphone icloud music library

This brings us to the end of this extensive guide on how to transfer music from Mac to iPhone without syncing. As you can see, the easiest way to transfer music on your iPhone without syncing is Dr.Fone – Phone Manger (iOS). An extremely user-friendly application, it can move all kinds of data between your Mac/Windows and iOS device. You can also use it to learn how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer without syncing and manage your iPhone’s data like a pro.

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