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3 Facts You Must Know about Screen Mirroring Huawei

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Screen mirroring Huawei lets you share your presentations, videos, pictures, and music to a large screen. If you are not contented with the display of your smartphone you can use this feature to enjoy streaming on TV or PC. Huawei has provided screen mirroring features in its latest versions and it is easy to use. The built-in feature in Huawei is named "Mirrorshare” but in some devices, you can also go for a wireless display option.

Part 1. What is MirrorShare Huawei?

Screen mirroring Huawei is not a difficult task. Huawei facilitates its users in the best ways. That’s why they have introduced the built-in feature of Mirror share that can easily help in mirroring the screen of your smartphone to TV or PC. Screen mirror functioning is almost the same in every device. You can display your mobile screen on a PC or TV to watch videos, pictures, and share files. Mirrorshare is the same as Miracast and works similarly as a "Multi-Screen Mirroring" app that supports some other Huawei models.

Follow the following simple guide to enjoy the large screen display.

1. Make sure that your phone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. From your swipe down and tap on the Mirror share option.


3. You can also go to Settings and select advanced settings.


4. Tap on “MirrorShare.”


5. From the list of scanned available devices select the name of your TV.


6. On your TV go to network settings.

7. Select the Screen sharing option.

8. Your phone and TV are now connected. You can easily share your files and enjoy the large screen experience.

If you want to stop mirroring just tap on “Disconnect” and your devices are no longer connected.

Part 2. How to Screen Mirroring Huawei to TV?

Screen mirroring Huawei can help you to stream videos on a TV screen. You can use the MirrorShare feature of Huawei to easily connect your phone to any TV. There is no need for a third-party app. Screen Share built-in feature of TV also helps in mirroring the screen of your Huawei set. Just press the home button from remote and select the ScreenShare option. On mobile, swipe down and tap on wireless projection and then choose the name of your TV. In this way, your screen will be shared with the TV. As your devices are now connected you can easily experience your videos or even browse the internet on a large screen.

Part 3. How to screen mirroring Huawei to PC?

Screen mirroring Huawei to PC can be a relieving experience. You might wonder sometimes that how to share your presentations in the office or at meetings from your smartphone. The exciting news is you can cast the screen of your smartphone to PC and enjoy the large screen display experience. You can share videos, pictures, and games with your friends as long as the sending and receiving devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. For this, you require a third-party app like MirrorGO Android Recorder that will help you to connect your smartphone to PC. It is a desktop app that is compatible with Android and iOS, and Windows and Mac. The best part is it also gives you the exciting feature of recording screen in HD mode. It can also move files from PC to phone. So, if you want to enjoy this app follow the following simple steps.

1. Download the app on both devices i.e. smart Phone and PC.

2. Install and launch the app.

3. Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable.

4. Make sure that both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

5. Allow access to the computer on your phone to turn on USB debugging.

6. By tapping the "Allow" option your phone is connected to the computer.

Now you can easily share files and experience large screen display of your computer.


Screen mirroring Huawei to TV or PC is as easy as casting your iPhone screen to any TV or PC. If you are contented with the display of your phone you can use the Mirror share built-in feature of Huawei to stream videos, music, and pictures on TV or PC. A third-party app like MirrorGo Android recorder also facilitates the mirroring of your smartphone to PC. Huawei facilitates its users to a large extent. You can apply the above-mentioned features to cast your phone screen to TV or PC.

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