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2024 Guide: How to Catch a Ditto in Pokémon GO Efficiently


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Since Pokemon GO was introduced, it has brought together millions of players. They are on a quest to capture every one of these creatures. The AR universe is overflowing with a wide variety of these fascinating beings. Yet Ditto stands out as one of the most challenging Pokemon to capture. Renowned for its remarkable shape-shifting skills, Ditto transforms into another familiar Pokemon.

This presents a challenge for trainers aiming to add it to their collection. In this guide, we will explore the techniques that will assist Pokemon GO in pursuing this creature. This article aims to provide the necessary insights to efficiently track down and catch Pokemon as Ditto in Pokemon GO.

pokemon as ditto

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Part 1: Everything You Need To Know About Ditto in Pokemon GO

Ditto, the shape-shifting Pokemon, holds a unique presence in the world of Pokemon GO. It is known for its ability to mimic the appearance and moves of another Pokemon that can be Ditto. That's why Ditto presents an enticing challenge for trainers aiming to add it to their collection. When encountered in the game, Ditto doesn't appear as itself. Instead, it disguises itself as other frequently seen Pokemon.

It's only after successfully catching one of these disguised Pokemon that it reveals its true identity. You will receive an "Oh?" prompt instead of a general "Gotcha." The captured Pokemon will transform back into Ditto. Identifying Ditto among its disguises requires persistence and observation. Trainers often employ the "Catch 'em All" approach. It means capturing every potential Pokemon as a Ditto disguise they encounter.

overview of ditto

Additionally, community reports and online resources can be greatly helpful. They frequently update the list of Pokemon that Ditto can imitate, aiding trainers in their search. Certain events or in-game activities may temporarily increase Ditto spawn rates. Examples include the Let's Go event held in March 2023. A surge in Ditto appearances across the map characterized it.

Ditto Specifications






Transform Pokemon


1'00" (0.3m)


8.8 lbs. (4.0 kg)



Imposter (Hidden)

Gender Ratio


Capture Rate


Flee Rate


Part 2: Why Is It Challenging To Catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO?

Looking for how to get Ditto Pokemon GO? Catching a Ditto in Pokemon GO presents a distinct challenge. It is due to several factors inherent to its elusive nature. The following are some of the factors that make catching Ditto difficult:

1. Disguise Mechanism

Ditto's ability to disguise as other common Pokemon adds a layer of complexity to its capture. Trainers cannot identify Ditto at first glance, as it initially appears as a disguised version of another Pokemon. This disguising mechanism prolongs the search and requires patience and persistence.

2. Random Encounter Rate

The appearance of Ditto in its disguised form is entirely random. There's no set pattern or specific location where Ditto might appear. That makes its encounter rate unpredictable. This randomness extends the duration of the search. It sometimes results in extended periods before encountering one.

3. Multiple Potential Disguises

There are various possible disguises of Ditto, including but not limited to Diglett, Grimer, Snubbull, Corphish, and many others. Ditto's disguise pool expands as the game evolves and introduces new Pokemon. This further complicates the identification process.

4. Community Reporting and Updates

Trainers often rely on community reports and updates to identify current Ditto disguises. These reports can change over time as new information surfaces or as the game undergoes updates. This necessitates ongoing adaptation to the evolving list of potential Ditto disguises.

Part 3: What Are the Expected Disguises Ditto Will Take in 2024 in Pokemon GO [Predicted]

As Pokemon GO evolves, Ditto continues to maintain its elusive nature. It leads users to wonder how rare Ditto is in Pokemon GO. As we enter 2024, Ditto is expected to take on disguises that challenge trainers to discern its true identity. The following list details regarding which Pokemon are Ditto in Pokemon GO:

1. Goldeen

Goldeen, a Water-type Pokemon, resembles a gilded fish sporting a horn. Known for its elegant look, it often inhabits freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers within its natural environment.

goldeen pokemon ditto

2. Koffing

It is a Poison-type Pokemon known for its gas-filled body and distinctive skull-and-crossbones patterns. Moreover, it drifts airborne, releasing toxic gases along its path.

koffing pokemon ditto

3. Oddish

Oddish is a Grass/Poison-type Pokemon resembling a blue plant bulb with leaves on its head. It's frequently encountered in meadows and wooded regions.

oddish pokemon ditto

4. Rhyhorn

Rhyhorn is a Ground/Rock-type Pokemon resembling a rhinoceros. It has a rocky hide and a horn on its nose. This Pokemon is known for its sturdy build and powerful charging attacks.

rhyhorn pokemon ditto

5. Numel

Numel is a Pokemon of the Fire/Ground type, resembling a camel-like being with a prominent hump on its back. It possesses the ability to store magma within its body and release it as steam through its nostrils.

numel pokemon ditto

6. Bidoof

Bidoof is a Normal-type Pokemon resembling a beaver with large front teeth. It is known for its industrious nature and is often seen building dams in rivers.

bidoof pokemon ditto

7. Solosis

Solosis is a Psychic-type Pokemon resembling a small, green cell with a single eye inside a membrane. It's known for its psychic powers and often lives in dark places.

solosis pokemon ditto

8. Bergmite

Bergmite is an Ice-type Pokemon resembling an ice block with eyes. It's found in cold climates and generates a chilling coldness around its body.

bergmite pokemon ditto

9. Stufful

Stufful is a Normal/Fighting-type Pokemon resembling a small teddy bear cub. Despite its cute appearance, it has a high level of physical strength and is known for its strong hugs.

stufful pokemon ditto

Part 4: 4 Simple Ways To Catch a Ditto in 2024 in Pokemon GO

Given how rare Ditto is in Pokemon GO, trainers are seeking effective methods to capture Ditto. While its disguises add a challenge, several strategies can streamline the process. Implementing these techniques can help if you want to add Ditto to your Pokemon collection. Here are 4 simple ways to improve your chances of catching Ditto in Pokemon GO:

Way 1. Crack a Lucky Egg

Using a Lucky Egg can significantly aid in the hunt for Ditto in Pokemon GO. Activating a Lucky Egg doubles the amount of XP earned for half an hour. It proves advantageous when catching numerous Pokemon. With increased XP gains, trainers can swiftly level up and encounter more Pokemon. This amplifies the chances of encountering Ditto.

Moreover, you can capture common Pokemon known to potentially transform into Ditto. This, coupled with the doubled XP from the Lucky Egg, allows trainers to increase their encounters efficiently. Thus heightening the odds of encountering Ditto during this active period.

crack lucky egg for ditto

Way 2. Increase Spawns With Incense

Utilizing incense can be a strategic move to boost Pokemon spawns. It can potentially improve the likelihood of encountering Ditto in Pokemon GO. Activating incense attracts Pokemon to your location for 60 minutes. This increases the rate of encounters that users can combine with knowledge of Ditto's potential disguises.

Trainers can capitalize on the increased spawns to increase their chances of encountering Ditto. By using incense in areas with diverse Pokemon spawns or during events, trainers can maximize their encounters. This increases the opportunities to catch Ditto during the boosted spawn rate.

increase spawns to catch pokemon ditto

Way 3. Use a Nearby Radar

Utilizing the nearby radar can be an effective strategy to aid in the quest for Ditto in Pokemon GO. Stay vigilant with your nearby list to track the target Pokemon. While these creatures might be commonly found, having their locations handy is valuable.

This is particularly true with new additions coming in in new updates. It permits trainers to evaluate the new species. This enables the prioritization of capturing those more likely to be Ditto in disguise.

use nearby radar for pokemon ditto

Way 4. Take Help of Lures

Employing lure modules can be an advantageous tactic when seeking Ditto in Pokemon GO. Lure modules attract Pokemon to a specific PokéStop for 30 minutes, increasing the spawn rate in that area. By placing a lure module at a PokéStop, trainers can draw more Pokemon, including those that Ditto commonly disguises itself as.

This heightened spawning activity provides additional opportunities for encounters. Moreover, coordinating with other trainers to place lure modules at many PokéStops maximizes the likelihood of finding Ditto.

take lures help for pokemon ditto

Part 5: The Best Way To Catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO by Spoofing Location

Wondershare Dr.Fone - Virtual Location is available for both iOS and Android devices, but it can only spoof the location in Pokemon GO for iOS users. It offers a convenient one-click location changer feature, allowing users to change their GPS location. With a simple click, individuals can teleport their GPS coordinates to any desired place.

Moreover, they can simulate movement along a specific route they draw. This tool also provides a joystick function that enables flexible simulation of GPS movement. It adds an extra layer of enjoyment to Pokemon GO.

Noteworthy Features of Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

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  2. Players have the option to delight in other augmented reality (AR) games such as Minecraft Earth, Wizards Unite, and others conveniently from their beds.
  3. This feature offers users comprehensive 360-degree guidance, enabling navigation both forward and backward.
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Steps To Spoof Your Location When Playing Pokemon GO via Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location has made the process of spoofing your locations quick and straightforward. You can use the following steps to spoof your location and get Pokemon that can be Ditto:

  • Step 1: Setting the Desired Location

Start by accessing Dr.Fone - Virtual Location and linking your smartphone with a USB cable. When your smartphone is connected, opt for the "Teleport Mode" from the top-right corner. You can identify this mode by the first icon on the left in that area. Once "Teleport Mode" is active, access the "Search Bar" and input the desired location. Once you've added the location, press "Enter" to confirm and proceed.

enter specific location to spoof

  • Step 2: Confirming and Verifying the Teleported Location

You'll receive guidance to the specific location, visually confirmed on the map. To teleport to this exact spot, click "Move Here." Your smartphone's location will instantly switch to the selected place and will be visible on the map. Open your smartphone, launch its maps app, and check the current device location. Here, ensure it matches the altered location displayed on the computer.

verify and move to teleport location

  • Step 3: Simulating Movement and Setting Route Parameters

To simulate movement, access the One-Stop Route function in the top-right section, the third icon from the left. Now, tap anywhere on the map to designate your destination. Enter the round-trip number and choose between a Round trip or a Loop trip. Adjust the speed of movement by dragging the slider. Finally, click "Move Here" at the bottom to commence the simulated movement.

set one stop route parameters


In conclusion, catching Pokemon as Ditto in Pokemon GO requires patience and strategy. Employing methods like using Lucky Eggs, Incense, nearby radars, and Lure Modules can enhance the chances. Users can also enhance their chances of capturing Ditto by using professional location spoofers. Here, Wondershare Dr.Fone - Virtual Location emerges as the best choice due to its versatile features.

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