Updated Ways 2024 How To Transfer Photos From PC to iPhone Without iTunes

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Transferring photos from a computer to your iPhone can be challenging. Unlike Android devices, you cannot use a USB cable to directly connect iPhone to a computer and move data. You will need to use a tool if you want to transfer data from PC to iPhone or vice versa. The official tool to transfer photos from PC to iPhone is iTunes; however, it is not always reliable.

This article will discuss different methods to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes. Moreover, it will also recommend a great tool to make the transfer process easier.

Part 1: How To Transfer Photos From PC to iPhone With iTunes

Before learning how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes, let's review the photo transfer process with iTunes. Using iTunes allows you to transfer photos, videos, and music to the iPhone from a computer and vice versa. Moreover, you can also back up your iPhone with it. Use the following steps to transfer photos from PC to iPhone with iTunes:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer and select “Trust” in the “Trust This Computer” prompt. Now launch iTunes on the computer and click the “iPhone” icon. Afterward, choose “Photos” from the left sidebar.

choose the photos option

Step 2: Following this, enable the "Sync Photos" option and choose the desired album or folder. Next, select if you want to move selected albums/folders or all the albums/folders. When you have made a choice and are ready to sync, tap "Apply" to move the photos to your iPhone.

enable the sync iphone option


  • iTunes is the official iPhone manager by Apple, which makes it a secure tool to use.
  • You don’t need to have the internet to use this photo transfer method.


  • It can only transfer photos, video, and music between iPhone and PC.

Part 2: Transfer Photos Between PC and iPhone Without iTunes by Cloud Service

Using a cloud service like Google Drive can be a decent choice to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes and vice versa. It is also recommended when sharing photos between two physically apart devices. You will need to install the Google Drive app on the iPhone to send or receive pictures. Follow these steps to transfer photos between PC and iPhone without iTunes via a cloud service:

Step 1: Open Google Drive in your computer’s web browser, click “+New,” and select “File Upload.” Now find the photos you want to move and upload them. You can also upload a complete folder of pictures by choosing the “Folder Upload” option.

upload the pictures

Step 2: Afterward, move to your iPhone and launch the Google Drive app. Log in using the same account and open a photo. Press and hold the photo until you see the "Save to camera roll" prompt. Here, tap "OK" to save the picture to the iPhone.

tap on ok option


  • It is a wireless method, so you don’t need a computer or cable to transfer photos.
  • You can transfer photos across the globe with anyone using this method.


  • Google Drive only offers 15GB of free storage to upload files.

Part 3: Transfer Photos From PC and iPhone Without iTunes via Wi-Fi

It is also possible to transfer photos from PC to iPhone using Wi-Fi. You will also need to use a third-party tool, as it is not possible to do it directly. Dr.Fone Air is the tool you can use to get the quickest transfer process. With it, you can transfer files from your computer's browser. Here is how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes via Wi-Fi:

Step 1: Access the Dr.Fone Air website on your computer’s browser. Now, connect your iPhone to the same network as your computer and install the Dr.Fone Link app from the App Store.

install the dr.fone link app

Step 2: Now, launch the app and give the required permissions. Afterward, scan the QR code from the Dr.Fone Air website to connect the PC to iPhone or add the code present below the QR code.

connect with the pc

Step 3: After connecting, select “File Transfer” on your PC and select the option of “Files” or “Folder” according to the number of pictures you want to send. Once the images get uploaded, they will be sent automatically to your device.

perform the file transfer process


  • You do not need to install software on your computer to send photos using this method.
  • With Dr.Fone Air, you can transfer an unlimited number of files.


  • Both devices need to be connected to the same network for the transfer to work.

Part 4: Copy Photos From Computer and iPhone Without iTunes by Airdrop

Mac users can transfer photos to their iPhone using AirDrop if they don't want to use iTunes. AirDrop is a feature available on Apple devices that allows users to quickly and easily share files nearby Apple devices. It uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transfer data across the devices. You can follow these steps to copy photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes:

Step 1: Go to Photos on your Mac and select the images you want to send. After selecting them, click the "Share" button from the toolbar and choose AirDrop.

select the airdrop option

Step 2: On the next window, all nearby devices with AirDrop enabled will appear. Ensure your targeted iPhone has AirDrop activated with visibility set to “Everyone.” Now, select the targeted person to initiate the transfer process.

select your iphone

Step 3: Lastly, move to the iPhone and “Accept” the incoming AirDrop from the Mac. By default, photos received through AirDrop are placed in the “Imports” album of the Photos app.

accept the incoming photo


  • It is an inbuilt and wireless method to transfer files like photos, videos, and documents between Apple devices.
  • The transfer process using AirDrop is completely secure, as files are encrypted when being transferred.


  • AirDrop is only available on Apple Devices like iPhones, iPad, and Macs.

Part 5: Transfer Photos From PC and iPhone Without iTunes by Third-Party Software

The best way to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes is through professional third-party software. When looking for a reliable and secure phone transfer tool, Wondershare Dr.Fone is the recommended choice. Using it, you can transfer all phone data from phone to computer. The transfer process is also swift and easy to run.

Dr.Fone provides all the solutions regarding data transfer for your iPhone. You can transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android, iPhone to PC/Mac, and vice versa. Moreover, it doesn’t require your iPhone to be factory reset when transferring data. You can use the following process to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes using Dr.Fone:

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone and Connect Your iPhone

After installing Dr.Fone on your PC, connect the iPhone and select “Trust” in the “Trust This Computer” prompt. Once Dr.Fone detects and loads the iPhone, click “Quick Transfer” from the main screen.

launch the quick transfer tool

Step 2: Drag and Drop the Targeted Photos

Now, choose the targeted photos using the drag-and-drop method or the “Select Files” button. Now it will ask you for the app where you want to transfer photos; here, select “Photos.”

select the photos app

Step 3: Complete the Photos Transfer to iPhone

Once you have selected "Photos," the transfer process will start. The time will depend on the number of photos. When completed, you can unplug the iPhone.

adding photos to iphone

Part 6: Transfer Photos From PC and iPhone Without iTunes by Email

Lastly, you can also use email to send and download photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes. It is a great choice when you need to send a couple of files across far-away devices. As long as you have an email account, you can use this method. To transfer photos from PC and iPhone without iTunes via email, you can use these steps:

Step 1: Launch the web browser on your computer and log into your email. Here, use the “Compose” button to create a new email and click the “Attachment” button to select and upload your targeted photos.

attach the required videos

Step 2: Once the pictures are attached, add the targeted email address and send the mail. On the iPhone, access the incoming email through the Mail app and save the images by tapping their names.

save the emailed photo


  • It is an easy and quick-to-use method to send files when being away from the targeted device.
  • You do not need to install any software or applications to use this method.


  • The attachment size is very limited, with a maximum limit of up to 25MB.
safe Downloadsafe & secure


To conclude this article, transferring photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes, while challenging, is not a tough task. As long as you have the right tool, you can send photos from PC to iPhone and vice versa without any issues. Wondershare Dr.Fone is the best phone transfer tool to move photos and other data between iPhone and a computer.

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