4 Hassle-Free Ways for Samsung Mobile Software Update

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Technology is fast paced and keeps on changing. This directly impacts on phones that have become dynamic in nature. The reason for mobile phones combating to beat the older version is via update. Before you march on to upgrade your Samsung phone, it is crucial for you to check whether updates are available for your Samsung phone or not. Here is the complete information about figuring out the same for the desired models, phones and OS.

Part 1: Samsung software update using the phone itself

Many a times, users encounter update on their device. There are cases where others get dismayed as they do not happen to fetch any update. This can be due to unexpected installation crashes, phone switching off abruptly and updates not being available. Don’t fret in such cases, as there are other methods useful for performing Samsung software or firmware update (which we’ll catch up in the upcoming session). But in case, you’re one of the luckiest ones who has received the notification for the update on your Samsung phones, use the following steps in the said order.

  1. If there is a pop on your main screen, “Download” option right away.
  2. Note: You must keep in mind several points before processing update on your device. The prime factor that should be fulfilled is that Wi-Fi is enabled on your device and keep good amount storage free as the new update can be bulky too.

  3. Now, select the suitable update duration. As, the process of update can span up to 10 min. Opt for any option between “Later”, “Install Overnight” or “Install Now”. 
  4. galaxy update

Part 2: One click to do Samsung software update with PC

The world of technology is full of complexities, managing it can pose to be irksome for any un-pro or novice. And, if you’re struggling to upgrade your Samsung phone to the latest version, Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) is the ultimate option for you. It is flared to automatically figure out the update on your Samsung firmware as well as help out in flashing the phone if needed. The best part of Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) is it’s compatibility with almost all the Samsung devices, running in lower versions or higher, different carriers or countries! 

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Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

One-click tool to detect the latest Samsung software for updates and issue fixing

  • This powerful tool has the highest success rate in repairing/flashing Samsung devices.
  • Fixes Black screen of death, Stuck in Boot loop, System download failure or app crashes in just 1-click.
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface that lays each functionality nicely.
  • fone – Repair (Android) uses secured execution techniques to ensure no bricking of device.
  • Users can clear their doubts and queries from their 24 hours helpline.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

Tutorial to update Samsung software

Now that you’re well versed with the nitty-gritty of Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android), we will now understand how to execute Samsung system update on your mobile.

Step 1: Install Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

Start by installing and launching Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) on your native PC. Meanwhile, use a genuine USB cable to connect your PC with the Samsung phone. On the program interface, tap on “System Repair” option.

samsung software update with pc

Step 2: Select Android Repair mode

On the following screen, opt for the “Android Repair” option placed in the left side of interface. Then, hit on the “Start” button to get started with repairing/flashing process.

samsung android update by selecting Repair

Step 3: Key-in Essential Details

Next, you need to punch in the device specific information in the respective fields. Hit the checkbox besides the warning followed by tapping on “Next”. Confirm your actions and proceed.

enter samsung info for latest samsung update

Step 4: Boot up in Download mode and download firmware

Simply, follow the on-screen instructions to boot your Samsung phone into the Download mode. Right after that, tap “Next” on the program interface to download software update package.

samsung galaxy update
 in download mode

Step 5: Proceed with flashing firmware

Once the tool gets hold of the firmware package, you’ll notice Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) commences repairing operations automatically. Simultaneously, it will software update your Samsung device too.

update samsung android version

Part 3: Samsung software update using Odin

Odin is not a standalone software but a product of Samsung used for flashing the firmware images to Samsung phones and tablets. It is a free of cost software that can manage numerous processes like updating Samsung firmware, rooting, flashing, installing custom ROM etc. However, if you aren’t really a tech-freak, this method may pose to be troublesome. As, it is really very lengthy and the procedure is quite complex too. Still, if you wish to work with Odin to update Samsung software, follow the steps right below:

Disclaimer: Users need to ensure to download the latest software. Or else, may not function properly on your device.  

  1. First things first, download Samsung USB driver and Stock ROM (supported with your Samsung phone) on your PC. If you view the file in the zip folder, ensure to extract it on your computer.
  2. Carefully, switch off your device and ensure to boot the phone in download mode. Perform the following steps-
    • Together hold the “Volume Down”, “Home” as well as the “Power” keys.
    • If the phone is vibrated, release the “Power” key but do not lose your fingers on “Volume Down” key and “Home” key.
    update samsung firmware with odin - step 1
  3. You’ll view “Warning Yellow Triangle”, hold “Volume Up” key to proceed further with the operations.
  4. update samsung firmware with odin - step 2
  5. Now, proceed to downloading and extracting “Odin” on your PC. Just, execute “Odin3” application and establish connection of your device with the PC respectively. 
  6. Just allow Odin to automatically recognize device and reflects “Added” messages at the lower left panel.
  7. Once the device is unearthed by Odin, click on “AP” or “PDA” button and then import the extracted “.md5” file (Stock ROM file).
  8. update samsung firmware with odin - step 3
  9. Flash your Samsung phone by tapping “Start” button. If the “Green Pass Message” appears on the screen, remove USB cable from your phone (device will be restarted).
  10. update samsung firmware with odin - step 4
  11. The Samsung phone will be entangled at the boot loop. Ensure to enable the Stock Recovery mode by using the steps below:
    • Together press and hold the “Volume up”, “Home” and “Power” keys.
    • After you feel phone vibrates, lose fingers from “Power” key and continue to press the “Volume up” and “Home” key.
  12. In the Recovery Mode, click on the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option. Ensure to restart device when cache is removed.
  13. update samsung firmware with odin - step 5

Part 4: Samsung software update using Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch is a useful transferring tool that is primarily focused on transferring media files, folders and several other contents from one smart phone to other. Besides, performing transferring easily, it can easily maintain the backup of your device and restore the Samsung smartphone, tablet. Hence, Samsung Smart is multi-functional tool. Here is the complete guide on how to update Samsung Android version using Samsung’s Smart Switch.

  1. First of all, visit Samsung Smart Switch website and download it on your native PC. Run the application on your PC.
  2. samsung update with smart switch step 1
  3. Now, head on to establish firm connection of your device and PC with a USB cable.
  4. Past some moments, Smart Switch will recognize your phone and show various options. If there is a software update available for your phone, press the blue “Update” icon.
  5. samsung update with smart switch step 2
  6. The following update will first be downloaded to your PC and then over your Samsung phone. It will direct phone to be restarted again.

Bonus tip: Tutorial to check for firmware updates on Samsung

  1. Start with, swiping down the home screen to visit the Notification Panel.
  2. Tap on cogwheel icon, i.e. “Settings” located in the upper right corner.
  3. Now, scroll down in Settings and perform the following steps for respective models:
    • Latest phones/tablets versions: Opt for “Software Update” option and then proceed with downloading updates on your own. Optionally, use “Download and Install” option to check for the available updates.
    • samsung software update
    • Previous devices/tablets models: Pick the “About Device” option followed by “Software Updates” and then manually download updates to see whether the updates are there or not.
    • OS 4.4 & 5: These versions will have a separate set of options, tap on “MORE” > surf and select “About Device” > press “Software Update” and then click on “Update Now”.

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