Backup Your Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks From Cydia

The importance of a backup cannot be overstated. We all know this which is why every iPhone or iPad user certainly has a few iTunes and iCloud backups available for their device. If you have a jailbroken device, you can just as easily backup all your iOS tweaks and keep them safely to restore later should you need to.

It is not uncommon that you find yourself in a situation where you may need to restore from this backup. You never know when your device might crash or freeze up. This article will help you avoid disaster in these situations by giving you a complete guide to back-up your jailbroken device.

Part 1: How to Backup Jailbreak Apps with dr.fone

In order to backup jailbreak apps, you can try to use dr.fone - iOS Data Backup & Restore, a powerful and easy-to-use program enable you to easily backup you iPhone app and its data. Besides, you can also backup your iPhone text messages, contacts, photos, Facebook messages and many other data.

dr.fone - iOS Data Backup & Restore

Backup Jailbreak Apps Turns Flexible.

  • One click to backup the whole iOS device to your computer.
  • Allow to preview and restore any item from the backup to a device.
  • Export what you want from the backup to your computer.
  • No data loss on devices during the restore.
  • Selectively backup and restore any data you want.
  • Supported iPhone SE/6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus/5s/5c/5/4/4s that run iOS 9.3/8/7/6/5/4
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10 or Mac 10.11.
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

Steps to backup jailbreak apps with dr.fone

Step 1. Select "iOS Data Backup & Restore"

Download and install dr.fone. Then launch the program and connect your device to your PC or Mac. At this moment, dr.fone will automatically detect your device model.

start to backup jailbreak apps

Step 2. Select App Files to Backup

From the below window, you can select "App Photos", "App Video" and "App Document" to let dr.fone backup these app data.

select file types to backup jailbreak apps

Then dr.fone will be scanning your device.

backup jailbreak apps with Dr Fone

Step 3. Preview and Export App Backup Files

After the scanning process finished, you can preview the app backup data. Jusc choose what you want and click "Export to PC" to export your jailbreak app data.

backup export and print notes on iPhone and iPad

Note: With dr.fone, you can finish jailbreak apps backup easily and fastly. Especially, you can preview and selectively backup the jailbreak apps data. So maybe you can click the below button to free download dr.fone and backup your jailbreak apps.

Part 2: How to Backup Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks

To backup jailbroken apps and tweaks you will need a separate backup system. You cannot utilize iTunes for this purpose since it will not backup data on a jailbroken device.

The best backup tool for jailbroken device is PkgBackup which can be downloaded from Cydia. You will have to pay $9.99 for this tool but it's well worth the cost as it is effective and also very easy to use. Here's how to use it.

Steps to backup jailbreak appsand Tweaks

Step 1: Purchase PkgBackup within Cydia and then install the tweak.

Step 2: It will appear on your home screen as an app icon. It is very important that you reboot your device before opening the app as many users have had issues when they tried to open the app immediately after installing it.

step 1 to backup jailbreak app     step 2 to backup jailbreak app

Step 3: Open the app. You may get a message that says "Scanning of Packages and applications disabled." If you get this message, you need to head to the device's settings and go to PkgBackup and then enable the Cydia packages for Backup.

step 3 to backup jailbreak app

Step 4: Go to PkgBackup and then Tap on Settings. Here you get to choose how you want to save the backup. Select your choice.

step 4 to backup jailbreak app

Step 5: Then go to the home screen of the app and then tap on "Backup" and then tap on the smaller "Backup Button."(The orange one).

backup jailbreak app completed

Tap yes to continue and then enter a title and description for the backup so you can easily find it when you need to. The app will begin to back-up your tweaks, all you have to do is wait for the process to complete.

Part 3: How to Restore the Backup you just Created

A lot of things can happen to make you lose your jailbreak tweaks. Having a backup like the one we just created in part 1 above will help you get everything back, all you have to do is restore the backup. Here's how to do this:

If a factory reset caused you to lose all your jailbreak tweaks, you may need to re-jailbreak your device. After jailbreaking the device open up Cydia and reinstall PkgBackup. Within the app, Tap "Restore".

backup jailbreak app

The app will automatically load a default backup which is usually the most recent one. Tap on the "Restore" button to complete the process. Reboot your device and all your tweaks will appear.

A Backup for your Tweaks can be a real lifesaver considering how the number of things that can go wrong with a jailbroken device. With a credible backup, you can easily restore your device to its original status. This method is ideal if you have a lot of tweaks because then you can justify PkgBackup's $9.99 price tag. Although we are pretty sure anyone with a jailbroken device may want this app.

They're downloading

dr.fone - Backup&Restore (iOS)

dr.fone - Backup&Restore (iOS)

Backup data on your iOS devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device.

dr.fone - Transfer (iOS)

dr.fone - Transfer (iOS)

Transfer contacts, SMS, photos, music, video, and more between your iOS devices and computers.

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