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Sep 26, 2023 • Filed to: Backup & Restore Data • Proven solutions

Have you ever thought of transferring your mobile’s data to your PC with the purpose of taking a backup for future? We are sure you have! As per the growing need of smartphones in our hand, we all, at a point, come in a situation where we are concerned about our data. We dearly keep it safe and take every possible effort for it. Also, when the space the data eats, gets fulfilled, we look for a way to transfer it. If you are one of those, then we have brought you a solution. You will get to know about Mobilesync – a transfer and backup app. We will also share the best alternative to it too. So, let us get to the details now!

Part 1: What is Mobilesync?

For Android:

MobileSync is designed for automated file transfer over Wi-Fi connection between Windows PC and Android devices. It is comparatively a new feature which enables one to capture photos and videos and transfer them automatically in the Wi-Fi range. Both the PC and mobile phone should be connected to a local Wi-Fi network.

It consists of MobileSync Station for Windows PC and MobileSync App for Android devices. It supports fast file transfer and automated file synchronization and back up functions. It makes life much easier.

mobilesync for android

For iPhone:

If we talk about iOS devices, Mobilesync folder is basically a folder where iTunes stores the backup of your device. In other words, when you ever take backup of your device with the help of Mac, you can find the backup in the Mobilesync folder on Mac. It actually takes up space as the backup you took earlier don’t get overwritten or deleted when you backup new device or new data. Not to mention, if you sync multiple devices, the file can get pretty huge.

Part 2: How Mobilesync works?


Let us see how MobileSync can be used. The first step is to configure MobileSync Station in Windows PC. The station ID should be noted and a password should be entered. Again, password should be re-entered in order to confirm it. Go back to the main screen and click on start button, the MobileSync Station is ready to be connected to the MobileSync App. Now, enter a device friendly name and the same password. Now press the start button. Once, all the settings are done and a new mobile device entry will be created in the Windows version. The main features of the MobileSync Station and MobileSync App are:

how mobilesync works on android
    • Sending Files from Android to Windows by Android Share Menu - The files can be sent through Android share menu. Select a photo and press share, it should open share menu. Now, press MobileSync App icon and the transfer will immediately start, when status is within range. When the transfer is done, that particular photo can be viewed in MobileSync Station.
send files by android share menu
    • Sending Files from Windows to Android - In the main screen of MobileSync Station, click add files, select files to send list and the transfer will immediately start when status is within range. You can then open the Files Explorer to select the file to be transferred. Right click on the selected file(s) and choose Mobilesync Station. Choose the target device from the list. Once transferred, the mobile app will show a notification and one can open the received file in the Android phone (in gallery or any such associated application).
send files from win to android
    • Watch Folders in MobileSync App - When some specific file types are created in watch folder, MobileSync App will automatically place these files to send list and it will be transferred to MobileSync Station in Windows PC, once connected. All these new photos taken in the android device will be put in the send list and transferred automatically to the PC over the Wi-Fi connection. In the MobileSync App, enter the settings page and press the MobileSync folder icon and enter watch folder set up page. One can add as many folders one wants inside the watch folder. Press add to manually set folders in android device.

Auto scan option will help in searching and adding multimedia folders as watch folders in the running device. When auto scan button is being selected, some major folders will be displayed. Deselect the unnecessary folder inside the watch folder.

watch folders in mobilesync app
    • Sending Texts from Android to Windows - By using the send text option, quick text data transfer can be done. If someone wants to open a long mobile URL on the Windows PC, then select send quick text below the settings option, and enter the text and press ok. The text can be viewed in the MobileSync Station.
sending texts from android to win
    • Sending Text from Windows to Android - By just entering the send text button and putting the text inside the text box and pressing send. The mobile app will show a notification and the text can be opened in the mobile.

By setting it up once, this Windows/Android file transfer tool is ready to be used. Files can be easily transferred using drag and drop option in MobileSync Station in Windows and MobileSync App in Android. No USB cable connection is needed for any kind of transfer. This saves a lot of time and makes life smooth and easy.

    • Another advantage is that, single MobileSync Station running in Windows can connect to multiple MobileSync Apps running in different Android devices. MobileSync App is a free app and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
mobilesync app


As we mentioned above, iTunes saves the backup of your device like iPad or iPhone. And it is stored as Apple’s “Mobilesync folder”. It simply keeps many copies of your data and therefore at times you are required to clean the old backups. You can simply do this by launching the iTunes. Head to “iTunes” menu and click “Preferences” followed by “Devices”. Now you can choose the device backup. Delete the unused backup. You will be able to get more space now.

apple’s mobilesync folder

Part 3: Backup without mobilesync? How?

If users don’t have access to MobileSync or don’t want to use it, another viable option is Dr.Fone – Phone Backup. This tool is designed for both Android and iOS. This data backup and restore allows to easily back up almost any types of data like call history, calendar, videos, messages, gallery, contacts, etc. Moreover, this allows restoring data to any Android/Apple devices easily. Once the device is connected, the program will automatically backup data on the Android phone. Here are some features of this tool that you must know.

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

  • It is the most user-friendly tool to backup and it is not time-consuming as well
  • Offers free backup facility
  • You can restore data to different phones
  • Furthermore, the new back up file won’t overwrite the old one.
  • If one is switching from iOS to Android, Dr.Fone – Phone backup helps in restoring iCloud/iTunes backup to the new Android device easily.

Let us now understand the tutorials to backup your device and how you can restore them with the help of this wonderful tool.

1. Backup Android Phone

Step 1: Begin with downloading Dr.Fone – Phone Backup (Android) on your PC. Install and launch it. Once launched successfully, select “Phone Backup”.

click phone backup

Step 2: Then connect the Android phone to the PC using USB. The USB debugging mode should be enabled. Then press “OK”. Then click the “backup” to start it.

click the backup to start

Step 3: After connecting the Android phone, select the file types for backup. Then click the “Backup” to start it. It will take a few minutes to complete the process. After the backup is done, the backup file can be viewed.

backup file can be viewed

2. Restoring the Backup (Android)

Step 1: Launch the program on the PC and then select “phone backup”. Then the phone should be connected to the PC using USB.

Then click the “Restore from backup files” option on the left side, all the android backup files will be displayed. Select the backup file and then click “View”.

restoring the backup android

Step 2: Each file can be previewed. Click on the ones you need and then hit on “Restore to Device” and get them restored to the Android phone. While the process is going on, it is recommended not to disconnect the phone.

each file can be previewed

3. Backup iOS phone

Dr.Fone - Backup Phone (iOS) makes it easy for the users to backup and restore.

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Step 1: First launch it on the PC, then select “Phone backup” option from the list.

backup ios phone

Step 2: Then with the help of the cable, connect the iPhone/iPad to the PC. Dr.Fone supports to backup data types including privacy and social app data. Click “Backup” option witnessed on the screen.

click backup option

Step 3: Choose the files you want to backup. Once selected, click on “Backup” button given at the bottom of the screen.

click on backup button

Step 4: The program will begin to take backup of the selected files. After the backup is completed, click on the “View Backup History” in order to view all the iOS device backup history. Then export them to the PC.

4. Restore backup to the PC

Step 1: After launching the tool, connect the Apple device to the PC. Then click “Restore”.

restore backup to the pc

Step 2: It will offer to view the backup history. Then click the backup file and click “Next” on the bottom of the program.

click next on the button

Step 3: Click on view, the backup files will be displayed. Select the files to proceed. Dr.Fone supports all kinds of including contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc. All these files can be restored to the Apple device and all of them can be exported to the PC. Select the files and click on “Restore to Device”. It will take a few minutes, after that all the files can be viewed on the Apple device. If these files need to be exported to the PC, click on “export to PC”.

click export to pc


MobileSync software is specially designed to manage Android phones wirelessly within local network. It supports faster file transfer, notification mirroring and recent file management. Advanced watch folders and sync folders automatically synchronize files and backup functionalities. Also, app data apple computer mobilesync backup is made by iTunes for iOS users.

Dr.Fone – Phone Backup on the other hand solve challenges which users face in backing up data. It is designed to manage everything with ease and supports both Android and iOS. The backup program works perfectly and the backup can be previewed which makes it stand out. Thus, we can say, that without MobileSync, data can still be restored but how? The answer is Dr.Fone – Phone Backup.

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staff Editor

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