How to Delete History on iPhone

Why it's important to delete history on iPhone ?

Deleting the history of your iPhone is important if you are someone who really cares about your privacy. If you are the type that gives people your iPhone often and don't want them to see the history of your usage, then deleting the history on your iPhone should be even more important to you. Another reason could be if you want to sell your iPhone or give it away or maybe donate it to someone, then as well you would want to clear all the history of your iPhone to protect your privacy or just to empty the data of your iPhone.

One click to clear browser history and other history on iPhone

Even if you completely erase the browser history or other history on your iPhone, there are still traces of it that can be recovered using certain software. These types of software will deep-search your iPhone and recover lost data. The best way to completely clear the browser history and other history on your iPhone is to use dr.fone - iOS Private Data Eraser instead. dr.fone - iOS Private Data Eraser is the number one privacy protection tool for your iPhone and other iOS devices. It is a great tool to wipe out everything from iPhone and other iOS devices with just one click. It supports every user data on your device from contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, account info, passwords and other personal data stored on your device, and It is helpful in completely erasing the data on your iOS device to prevent identity theft when selling your device or donating. After using dr.fone - iOS Private Data Eraser to erase your data on your iPhone, no other software or technology will be able to recover the data deleted. It makes your iPhone behave as if it is brand new.

dr.fone - iOS Private Data Eraser

Easily Wipe Your Personal Data from Your Device

  • Simple, click-through, process.
  • You select which data you want to erase.
  • Your data is permanently deleted.
  • Nobody can ever recover and view your private data.
Available on: Windows Mac
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How to use this iOS Private Data Eraser to clear all history on your iPhone

There are different histories available on the iPhone. The major ones are the browser history, call history and messages. Regardless of the history type, dr.fone - iOS Private Data Eraser erases all of them without leaving any trace.

Step 1: Download and install dr.fone - iOS Private Data Eraser by clicking the links above.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone and start the program.

Step 3: Choose "More Tools" and then "iOS Private Data Eraser".

Step 4: Click "Start Scan" to let the program scan your iPhone first. It will scan out all your private data and display them for your preview and selection.

Step 5: Wait for the dr.fone - iOS Private Data Eraser to automatically analyze and scan the data present on your device.

Step 5: After the scanning is complete, your private data will be listed towards the left side of the program's window by categories. Check the "Safari Bookmark" and click the "Erase from the Device" button at the bottom of the window to permanently delete your Safari traces.

In the next window, you will be prompted to type the word "delete" to permanently delete the selected data from your iPhone. Type delete and click the "Erase now" button to delete permanently and erase your call history fully.

After the browser history has been deleted, you will get a "Successfully Erased" message as seen in the picture below.

To erase other histories like the call history, messages, etc., simply select the call history tab or messages tab at the left side of the window instead of Safari history this time and click the erase button to erase them.

After the history has been successfully erased, it will be permanently deleted from your phone and can never be recovered.

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