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16 Tricks to Make Your iPhone Faster

Feb 29, 2024 • Filed to: Data Wipe Solutions • Proven solutions

Trick 1: Turning off background refresh option

The background app refresh option is used to refresh all the apps on your phone from time to time. But not all apps are required to be refreshed, and it also slows down the phone's speed. We can limit this option to selected apps like email, etc. To do so following steps are required:

  • >Go to Settings
  • >Click on General
  • >Click on Background App Refresh
  • >Then off the Apps you do not want to refresh

background app refresh

Trick 2: Turning off the automatic download

During surfing the net or when our internet connection is on usually, there are chances that some apps get downloaded automatically, which slows down the system's working. So we need to turn this feature off as follows:

  • >Settings
  • >Click on iTunes & App Store
  • >Disable the Automatic Downloads option

disable automatic downloads

Trick 3: Closing the Background Apps

After using iPhone, multiple apps are not open but remain on standby to help in navigation and various tasks, somehow using the system's power. To close them, we need to do the following:

  • >Double clicking the Home button- Recently used apps will show up
  • >Swipe left or right to close them

close background apps

Trick 4: Clean up your iPhone

Sometimes using iPhone continuously creates some junk files that make the phone slow and reduce the device's performance. You can go to this post to find more iPhone cleaners to clean up your iPhone regularly..

Note: The Data Eraser feature can easily clean phone data. It will erase the Apple ID from your iPhone. If you'd like to remove your Apple account after you forgot the Apple ID password, it's recommended to use Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS).

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Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS)

Clear Useless Files and Speed Up iOS Devices

  • Delete App caches, logs, cookies without hassle.
  • Wipe useless temp files, system junk files, etc.
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iphone cleaner

Trick 5: Free your iPhone memory

Gradually with the usage of the phone, lots of memory gets stored dragging the speed of iPhone. Getting rid of it is quite simple:

  • >Unlock the iPhone
  • >Hold the Power Button
  • >Screen with message “slide to power off appears”
  • Neither clicks on it nor cancel
  • >Pressing and holding the Home Button for some seconds
  • This will bring you back to home screen

Following these simple steps will make your phone free of extra memory that is RAM.

power off iphone

Trick 6: Reallocating the Memory

If you found that the working capacity of your phone is slowing down then the performance of iPhone can be increased by applying Battery Doctor App. It helps in reallocating the memory to the optimum level.

Reallocating the Memory

Trick 7: Do not allow your phone to set on automatic setting

Being kept in automatic mode, the phone will ask whether to connect to the nearby Wi-Fi network that will slow the speed. So you need to turn that feature off. For that:

  • >Settings
  • >Click on Wi-Fi
  • >Toggle off ‘Ask to Join Networks’

ask to join networks

Trick 8: Disallowing location service for some apps

Besides weather app or Maps, location service is not required by other apps. Keeping it accessible to other apps increases the battery consumption and reduces the speed of the phone. So, for doing that you need to follow:

  • >Click on Settings
  • >Privacy tab
  • >Click on Location Services
  • >Turn off the location services for those apps which do not require the GPS

location service

Trick 9: Compress pictures

Many times we do not want to delete images. So there is a solution for that. You can compress images to a smaller size, saving a lot of the space and increasing processing.

a. By compressing photo library

Settings>Photos and Camera>Optimise iPhone Storage

b. By Photo Compressor software

We can compress the photos using software like Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) .

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Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS)

Compress iPhone Photos without Quality Loss

  • Compress photos losslessly to release 75% of photo space.
  • Export photos to computer for backup and free up storage on iOS devices.
  • Delete App caches, logs, cookies without hassle.
  • Simple, click-through, process.
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

compress photos

Trick 10: Deleting Unnecessary stuff

Our phone is usually loaded with so many unnecessary stuff like images and videos circulated through WhatsApp, Facebook etc.. These stuffs occupy the space and consume the battery and reduce the working capacity of the phone. So we need to delete them.

  • >Click on Photos App
  • >Click on Photos
  • >Touch and Hold videos and photos you want to delete
  • >At top right there is bin, click on bin to delete them

delete unnecessary stuff

Trick 11: Reduce Transparency feature

In the below picture we can see how transparency works

Reduce Transparency feature

Transparency is ok in a certain context, but sometimes it reduces the device's readability and consumes the system's power. So to reduce the transparency and blur feature following steps are required.

  • >Settings
  • >General
  • >Accessibility
  • >Click on Increase Contrast
  • >Click on Reduce Transparency Button

reduce transparency

Trick 12: Keep on updating the software

Updating the software will make your phone ready and fix any bug problem if present, which is unknowingly slowing down the phone's speed. Follow these steps:

  • >Settings
  • >Click on General
  • >Click on Software Update

update ios

Trick 13: Delete the Apps, not in use

In our iPhone, there are a number of apps that you do not use and they acquire large space thus making processing of phone slow. So the time has arrived to delete such apps, not in use. To do so need to follow:

  • >Click and hold the icon of App
  • >Click on x sign
  • >Click on Delete to confirm

delete unused apps

Trick 14: Enabling AutoFill option

While visiting websites, there are many occasions when we have to fill some data repeatedly that is eating a large amount of time like web forms. We have the solution for that. A feature called as AutoFill will automatically suggest the data as per previously entered details. For that:

  • >Visit Settings
  • >Safari
  • >AutoFill


Trick 15: Reduce motion animation features

Applying motion feature changes the background of the iPhone when you change the location of your phone. But this animation technique uses the processing power of phone thus slowing the speed. To come out of this feature we need to go:

  • >Settings
  • >General
  • >Click on Accessibility
  • >Click on reduce motion option

reduce motion

Trick 16: Restarting the iPhone

It is necessary to restart the iPhone from time to time to release the unnecessary hidden RAM and open apps. Which in due course of time occupy the space and reduce the speed of the iPhone.

For restarting iPhone we need to press and hold the sleep/wake button till it turned off. Then repeat holding and pressing the button to restart.

In this article, we came across some ideas to make your interaction with your iPhone more easy and fast. That will save your time as well as increase the output and processing power of your iPhone. Hope this article helped you in knowing how to make iPhone faster.

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